Forever My Love #31


Lee pulled at the weed. “Come on.”

Damn thing planned on staying and infesting the rest of his garden. Stupid thing. He’d started gardening even more after Antonio died. He often sought solace in the rich soil and the smell of flowers. Nature soothed him.

He didn’t know what to do about Trent. Despite an attraction to the sheriff he knew it wasn’t going anywhere. His heart still remained with his husband. His eyes watered and he wiped his eyes with the back of his hand.

Antonio hadn’t tried to contact him recently. He wondered if that damn angel had done something to him. “It doesn’t really matter,” he whispered. Even if he could talk to him Antonio was still dead.

Exhaustion urged him to sit on a patch of grass. He pulled off his gloves and threw them on the ground. Great sobs ripped from him. He was so fucking lonely but not for just anyone, for his Antonio.

Strong arms wrapped around him. “Shh, my love. It’s all right I’m here,” a deep voice soothed him as the warm body rocked him back and forth.

Lee relaxed against the man, saying sweet nothings. Closing his eyes he could pretend it was Antonio. Twin sensations of being loved and protected eased his soul.

A soft kiss pressed to the top of his head continued his fantasy. He took a deep breath inhaling the man’s scent. Lee’s heartbeat sped up. “Release me.”

The arms around him tightened for a bit before releasing him.

Lee scooted forward, away from the comforting embrace only to spin around and look at his visitor.

“Who are you?” Nothing about the man looked familiar.

God he’s gorgeous.

Black, hair, blue eyes and the face structure of a model stirred Lee’s libido. Unlike his mild attraction to the sheriff this wild and sudden pull toward a complete stranger stole Lee’s breath.

“I’m Norm. I’m sorry to intrude but I heard someone crying.” The adoration shining in Norm’s blue eyes made him catch his breath.

Lee wiped his cheeks. His face burned as he tore his gaze away. “I didn’t mean to bother anyone.”

“No, never.” Norm grabbed Lee’s hands. “I was only worried about you. You seemed so upset. Anything I can do?”

A broken laugh burst out of him. “Can you bring my dead husband back to life?”

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