Throwback Thursday!


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Tam’s genius IQ has let him have his way in most everything in life. That all comes to a halt when his family petitions to join a new pack and the Alpha’s price of admission is a chance to call Tam his own.

Tam is willing to play by the Alpha’s rules, but he won’t be pushed. Valko has some strong opinions about who’s in charge. And it’s not Tam.

Not about to roll over and show his belly for any man, Tam soon learns he might be the smartest person in the pack, but sometimes it’s the sneakiest wolf who wins in the end.



“Greetings, Mr. Larson.”

The man’s voice was smooth like good whiskey. Following the sound, Tam decided it matched its owner. A beautiful man, John Lesley had caramel hair and deep blue eyes.Tam took a deep whiff, a growl building in his throat as he detected the reason behind the other man’s good looks.

The receptionist fled and slammed the door behind her.

“You’re a vampire!” Tam’s hackles raised a bit, the wolf inside him readying for

Shifters and vamps didn’t make agreeable bedfellows, mostly because vampires
wanted to suck them dry. Apparently, wolf blood acted as an incredible aphrodisiac to

“And you’re a werewolf.” Lesley’s eyes glowed with pleasure. “They never mentioned that little fact. Amazing. Generally, your kind doesn’t have the patience to do such detailed work.”

“What can I say, I’m a freak among my kind,” Tam said dryly.

Fuck. A vampire. Do I really want to work for a vamp? The thought of working for a bloodsucker rattled around in his mind as he tried to see how he felt about this new development. His wolf growled a bit but didn’t immediately want to attack the other man.

Lesley stood and approached, every step slow and cautious, as if he worried Tam’s
wolf would snap its leash and attack.

“I’m not a rabid dog, I don’t attack without provocation.” Tam blithely ignored the
growling wolf inside him.

He liked to think of himself as an ambassador to wolf-kind. With his slim form and
mild manner, most people never even suspected his wolf half.

“I have to say from everything I’ve read about you, I was expecting someone completely different. I wanted your skills before, but now I simply won’t rest until I have you in my company.”

“Be prepared for disappointment.” Tam didn’t feel a keen urge to explain to his family why he’d taken leave of his senses and decided to work for a vampire.

They might have taken his sexuality in stride, but they wouldn’t appreciate him
working for the undead.

Tam’s phone rang.

The vampire laughed. “Please go ahead and answer.”

“Sorry about that.”

Tam reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone without taking his eyes off the
other man. He stabbed the connect button with an impatient gesture without checking the
readout. “Hello.”

Valko’s voice came across the line, cold and hard. “I heard a ridiculous rumor that you went to interview with John Lesley on your own. Tell me I heard wrong!”

“Nope, he’s right here,” Tam said in a calm voice.

The fury in Valko’s voice made the idea of working for a vampire start to grow in its

“Get the fuck out of there. He’s a vampire!” Valko shouted.

Pushing the disconnect button, he gave the vampire a wide smile. “My Alpha sends his regards.”

Lesley threw back his head and laughed. “Oh, my dear wolf, we are going to be the greatest of friends.”

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