FB Chat for Euro Pride Con


I will be on the FB Chat for the Euro Pride Con today from 10:00-10:30pm Pacific time. I will chat and answer questions and give away prizes to anyone who happens to be awake and wants to participate.

The link is here

7 thoughts on “FB Chat for Euro Pride Con

  1. does the link go live at 10-10:30pm pacific time? I’m trying to visit the facebook page and it says the content is currently unavailable.

      1. Sorry a bit confused. It’s 1am EST time now (10pm PST) and it’s still not available am I wrong in assuming it’s suppose to happen tonight (the Jan 23rd for those in PST timezpne and Jan 24th for those EST)?

  2. It worked out fine I had some people visit. I should hold one on my FB page for fans. I will look into it 🙂

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