Moon Pack Monday!


Dillon glared at Thomas. “If this doesn’t work I’m telling him it was all your idea.”

“He’ll love it. He’s been trying to get us closer together, right?” Thomas asked.

Dillon nodded. Their mate kept trying to get them to interact. Even though they were all mates Dillon and Thomas tended to keep their attention focused on Ben.

“These pants chafe.”

“Leather sometimes does that.” Thomas looked Dillon up and down. “Your ass looks amazing in those pants.”

Dillon rolled his eyes. “You should be wearing them. You’d look like a cover model for a biker magazine or something.”

No matter his differences with Thomas, no one could deny his second mate’s beauty. Thomas’s wide shoulders and stunning face turned more than a few heads. Dillon often gave a low constant growl when he followed his mates through the club. Too many unmated shifters thought they had a chance at one of his men.

Thomas ran his fingers through Dillon’s hair. “I might be living out a bit of my own fantasy.” He placed a soft kiss on Dillon’s mouth. A surge of lust poured through him. He tried to reach out but the cuffs held him back. He growled his disapproval.

Thomas broke the kiss, grinning.

“I can’t believe you talked me into this.” Dillon sulked.

“Baby, I’ve been dying to have you cuffed to the bed.”

“Baby?” Dillon raised an eyebrow. “Ben is baby.”

Thomas tilted his head. “True. How about stud.”

Dillon laughed. “What has gotten into you?”

Thomas straddled Dillon’s hips. “I’ve been thinking.”

“What about?” Dillon instinctively tugged at the cuffs, wanting to touch.

“Easy love,” Thomas rubbed at Dillon’s wrists. “You’ll rub your skin raw and Ben will be displeased.”

“He will.” Ben didn’t like it when either of them was injured. When Thomas had been scratched fighting mutants last week Ben had become unglued.

His heart sped up when Thomas said the word love. They weren’t usually affectionate toward each other.


Thomas kissed Dillon again. “Yes, love. I love you, mate.”

Dillon’s tension eased. “I love you too.”

“About time.” Ben said.

Dillon turned his head to see Ben entering the bedroom, his tie dangling from his fingers. “Hi,” he said, his cheeks burning.

“Now this is a sight I’m happy to come home to,” Ben said.

Thomas held out his hand. “I snagged us a hot wolf to share,” Thomas teased.

“Nice job. I hope it isn’t a catch and release program,” Ben said, kicking off his shoes then climbing onto the bed to join them.

Thomas stroked a hand down Dillon’s bare chest. “Nope we’re keeping this one.”

Ben grinned. “Excellent.

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  1. What a tease – how lovely to see these 3 interact. We didn’t see much of them in the later Moon Pack books, Thanks

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