Tuesday Teaser

Hmm…it’s difficult to decide what to tease fans with each week. Fun, but difficult.

I chose Keep Me, Claim Me the love story between a Demon Lord and an Alpha Werewolf. This is the first time they meet.

* * * *

Binan raced through the forest. The soothing pounding of the earth beneath his feet swept away his restlessness. He’d tired of listening his father debate with the other demons and shifters on the committee. He’d needed out of there. Boredom was Binan’s toughest enemy. When he became restless things often burst into flame. In his fifteenth year Binan had become more proficient at channeling his energy, but if he heard one more demon complain about the snacks served bad things were going to start happening.

Stress poured off of him as he ran. His lungs burned but he pushed on enjoying the sweat pooling at the base of his spine. He’d have to sneak in the back and shower before rejoining his family or his dad would get angry at Binan’s rumpled appearance.

Binan didn’t care.

A low growl then the sound of paws racing after him warned Binan he no longer ran the woods alone.

He means you no harm. The demon embedded on Binan’s right shoulder whispered into his mind.

Binan nodded, indicating he’d heard the demon. All across Binan’s body tiny red winged demons decorated his skin. The small creatures appeared with each burst of power a demon experienced. His older brother, Rif had three. Binan had twenty-seven and his magic kept growing. Even the elders barely had over a dozen. The level of a demon’s magic attracted the krill. The lower level demons fed on power, the higher the magic user the more krill. Binan used them as lookouts most of the time to avoid his father and other demons who thought to challenge him.

A large grey wolf appeared beside him. The beast’s tongue lolled out of its mouth. It offered a friendly yip.

“Hey there fella, wanna run with me?” It was a stupid question since the shifter had caught up but he didn’t know what else to say. Binan didn’t have a lot of experience with shifters. His father didn’t allow him to talk to others in case he said the wrong thing.

They ran in silence keeping pace with each other in surprisingly synchronized motions. Binan hadn’t known how much fun running with someone could be. None of his family were runners. Sometimes Binan wondered if he were another demon’s hatchling. He might resemble his father but personality wise they were nothing alike.

The crack of a gun had Binan sliding to a stop. Raising his hands he created an invisible screen around them completely covering them from all sides.

“I know you’d get bored soon.” Dayn stepped from the trees.

Binan’s mouth dropped open as he recognized his father’s top enforcer. “Dayn, what are you doing?”

“You think I’m going to let a fag be top demon around here? Your father might be blinded by his love for you but I’m going to stop it from happening. You’ll have to die.”

He’d known Dayn wasn’t fond of him but Binan hadn’t known the extent of Dayn’s distaste. Binan had always preferred men it was an open fact. He didn’t try to hide it. He also didn’t date anyone right now. “So you think you’ll just what? Shoot me and make it look like an accident?”

“Yeah,” Dayn’s eyes took on a manic light. “Maybe the poachers were shooting at your wolf friend and missed. You’re not that tough. I can take care of one little punk.”

There were reasons Binan didn’t show people his powers. He escaped most of the battles between younger demons because no one wanted to see his magic slamming them out of the ring. Somehow Dayn had taken this to mean he didn’t have any.

“I don’t want to kill you Dayn.”

The wolf beside him growled his disagreement.

“Think of the paperwork, wolfie,” Binan chided.

The wolf gave a chuffing laugh.

“Enough!” Dayn’s voice shook the ground. The demon had earth powers but little else.

Binan couldn’t let his confidence lead to his downfall. With a wave of his hand he transferred their protective field to circle around Dayn. With vicious intent he pulled the oxygen out of Dayn’s sphere.

“Can’t breathe,” Dayne gasped. He dropped his weapon and clawed at his throat.

Binan watched unmoved as the enforcer fell to the ground.

The wolf transformed into a tall dark-haired boy. He tilted his head as he watched Dayne whimper. “Hi.”


“I’m Jace Mallaine. I’m going to be alpha some day.”

“Binan Vienweir, I’m going to be the most powerful demon of my age.”

Jace nodded as if he’d expected no less. “My dad says never leave an enemy at your back.”

“That’s good advice. Wanna show me how to return to the fortress? I got a bit turned around.” Binan didn’t have the best sense of direction.

Jace shrugged. “Sure.”

The two boys turned their back on the dying man and walked away. “What’ll happen to his body?” Jace’s tone had a detached quality as if he didn’t really care but curiosity had him asking.

“The forest will take care of him. By the time they find him no one will know how he died.”

“Huh,” Jace eyed him with respect. “You’re kinda scary.”

Binan smiled. “Thanks.”

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  1. Mean. So very mean. How long do we have to wait for this one? Could it be really really really soon please.

  2. I like this torture . . . teaser alot. I hope that this story is coming out really soon. Since you’re a really nice lady, you won’t let the torture last too long. Will you? *flutters eyes innocently*

  3. Lovely, already like the dynamics between the two. Just a note Dayn changed to Dayne at the end.

  4. My first thought was ooooh I like this one but then I always think that about all your stories. I’m waiting how long for this one?

  5. Oh, that is SOOOOO unfair! These little snippets whet the appetite but then the waiting for more begins…!

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