Moon Pack Monday


Gabe snuck around the corner. Safe. No sight of his lovers, maybe he could make it out of the building. Trying to sneak out on his overprotective fae mates could be his biggest challenge yet.

The elevator dinged, scaring him toward the stairwell, heart pounding.

He closed the door quietly behind him and waited a minute to see if anyone followed. Nothing. Smiling he rushed down the stairs only to come to a halt when Dare blocked the exit.

“Where are you going Gabe?” Dare looked behind him. “And where are your mates?”

Gabe growled.

Dare folded his arms across his chest. “Are you trying to intimidate me?”

“No. I’m trying to get out of here without the twins. How am I going to buy them a birthday gift if they won’t let me out of their sight?”

“Ooh shopping. I’ll take you.”

“Really?” His mates couldn’t object if he took a large tiger shifter with him.

“Sure. How about we leave and you can text them from the car.” Dare grinned.

Gabe started to follow Dare through the doorway only to come up short. “What about Steven? Won’t he be upset you left?”

Steven worried almost as much as the twins.

“Naw, I’ll tell him I’m with you.” Dare grinned as if he had the best plan ever.

“Good idea.”

They snuck out through the kitchen ignoring Henry’s narrow-eyed gaze and made it to Dare’s car without any incident.

Dare waited until they were both buckled in before he asked. “Where are we going?”

“Wilson’s Jewelers on Fifth.”

“Ooh are you getting your men something sparkly?”

Gabe smiled. “Sort of. Leif’s dragon mate gave me some stones to use for protective medallions.”

“Awesome, that’s a great gift,” Dare praised.

“You think so?” Gabe asked. Dare’s enthusiasm cheered him.

“I do. Now text your mates. Why don’t you text mine too while you’re at it,” Dare said in a casual voice.

“Coward.” Gabe muttered as he tapped out a message to the twins then one to Steven.

“You know it,” Dare replied in a cheerful tone.

Gabe gave Dare directions to the jewelry store. He barely waited for the car to come to a stop before he jumped out and headed for the store.

“Wait,” Dare said running after him. “If anything happens to you your mates will skin me.”

Gabe slowed because his mates were good with blades and Dare made a good point.

The shop owner grinned when Gabe entered the store. “Gabe, you made it.”

“I did, Mr Wilson are they ready?” He ignored the buzzing of his phone. No doubt the twins were trying to get back to him.

“I have them right here.” The jeweler reached beneath the counter and pulled out two rectangular boxes. One by one Mr. Wilson lifted the box lids.

“Ooh those are pretty,” Dare said.

“I placed the protection spells on them and activated the stones,” Wilson said.

Gabe grinned. His fae men would be safe when they ran around helping out the king. He couldn’t tell them not to be the king’s men but he could watch over them from afar. “The gems glowed against the red velvet background. Each dangling from a silver chain and short enough they wouldn’t catch on things.

“What kind of gems are those?” Dare asked.

“I don’t remember their proper name but the fae use them for protection and to enhance their powers.” Gabe admired the clear stones with red and blue streaks shining through them. “Vien’s is the red one and Viell is the blue.”

“You really love them don’t you?” Dare asked.

Gabe smiled. “Yeah.” Sometimes his heart ached from the amount of love he had for his mates.

“Everything good?” Wilson asked.

Gabe nodded. “Wrap them up. I’ve got a birthday dinner to plan.”

“See anything you want kitty?” Steven said walking up behind them.

Gabe looked around.

“They’re in the limo. I figured if you were trying to come here alone you didn’t want them here. They couldn’t stay away,” Steven offered an apologetic smile.

“That’s all right.” Gabe paid for the necklaces and took the bright paper bag Wilson had tucked them in. “Thanks Dare.”

“Anytime,” Dare said, snuggling into his mate’s embrace.

Gabe left the store and headed to the limo where his mates waited. Maybe they could start the celebration a little early.

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