Tuesday Teaser!

Warning I haven’t done much with this one and it only has a holding name of Otto. BWAHAHAHAHAHA *wipes tears*

Renate sat in his cell and contemplated his chances of survival. The iron bars were stronger than him even if he used his super strength. As one of the top agents at the bureau he normally carried some metal dissolving powder but he’d been lured in by the jewel-eyed dragon.

“Don’t take it too hard, my dear.” The black dragon grinned at him from the other side of the bars. “I did enjoy our time together. I just have other needs. Magical needs. If it helps I would’ve picked you up in a bar anyway.”

It did help but Renate would sit there all day before admitting any such nonsense. “I have to admit my feelings were hurt. I’d looked forward to a sexy night with a dragon. Sad that we never got our time together.” He affected a hurt look.

The dragon laughed. “I’m a bastard but not that much of one. Fucking you then kidnapping you is below even my standards.”

Renate scowled. “Who said you would be doing the fucking.”

Svinwar leaned his face close to the bars. “Because I’m at the top of the food chain.”

“But not necessarily the fuck chain. I’ve had a dragon or two in my life.”

Svinwar straightened. “Perhaps, but lesser dragons. Black dragons are always in charge.”

Renate nodded his head. “I haven’t been with a black dragon before. I have always thought you were the same.”

He stifled a laugh at the dragon’s angry expression.

“All dragons are not the same. Are all humans?”

Renate shrugged. “I wouldn’t know I’m not human.”

A small fluttering creature interrupted their conversation. “You must release Ren,” the tiny creature demanded.

Svinwar held out his hand for the pixie to land. “And why is that my friend?”

“Because he’s wanted by the guardian.”

“What is your guardian’s name?”

The pixie stamped his foot. “I cannot say but he’s asked for Ren’s release so you must release him.”

Svinwar threw back his head and laughed, a great booming sound. “You think I will give in to your guardian’s demand because he sent one pixie?”

The pixie’s wings fluttered, an angry buzzing sound. “I am just one of many. If you do not give in we will descend like a plague and you will be sorry you ever crossed us.”

The dragon grinned. “Do your best.”

Renate had never known pixie grins could be so frightening.

“I was hoping you’d say that. The guardian only said I had to behave if you agreed.”

The pixie vanished in a cloud of powdery dust. A shrieking alarm pierced the air. Ren clapped his hands over his ears. “What the hell is that?”

Svinwar lost his smile. Ren had never seen a dragon turn pale before. “That’s my treasury room alarm. Someone’s breached my vault.”

33 thoughts on “Tuesday Teaser!

  1. Lol gotta love devilish pixies. You are such a tease. Looking forward to hopefully reading the completed version in the near future?

  2. This is another of one that really sounds great how long do we have to wait for this one? Not long I hope.

  3. Tuesday Teasers are a definite hit.( in whiny voice)’But I want them DONE’. ( stops whiny voice).

  4. What book or series is this part of? I just came aware that a book I bought and read a while ago is a series for you but I didn’t know that. So, I am catching up on The Moon Pack. hehe

  5. At first I was a little confused, because Renate is a Girls Name here. But I can’t wait for the book to be published. Go Pixies!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I’m probably going to have to stop reading the teasers… they’re getting downright evil…. It’s not enough and I can’t get more yet. Plus there is no approximate release date…. EVIL

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