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Everyone needs a little romance…


When artist Stephen Carter catches a glimpse of Master Jones on the security monitors of his brother’s BDSM club he’s entranced. A hastily drawn sketch manages to capture the Dom’s high cheekbones, square jaw, and hot, hard body. A body the quiet, reclusive Stephen would love to explore.


The subs who fall for Victor Jones always get hurt. He has no desire to enter into a committed relationship and no room in his life for romantic entanglements. But then the seasoned Dom starts to receive intriguing gifts from a secret admirer. When Victor discovers his admirer is Stephen, he decides maybe it’s time to try out something new, someone less experienced.


What will happen when Master Jones discovers that sometimes even he has to do a little wooing?


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Looking back at his drawing, Stephen couldn’t help saying as he looked at the monitor, “I wouldn’t mind if he ate me up.”

“I’d stay away from Master Jones if I were you. The man’s bad news.”

“He’s dangerous?” Stephen frowned; irrationally disappointed in a man he hadn’t even met.

“No. He’s the best Dom in town and he knows it. He breaks all the little subs‟ hearts because they all fall in love with Master Jones. He never takes the same sub more than once or twice and he’s never offered a contract to any of them. I’ve heard he’s never even gotten close to collaring anyone.”

Stephen shrugged off the warning. “Maybe he hasn’t met the right man.”

Ralph laughed, not unkindly. “Honey, you’re sweet, but don’t build any romantic dreams around Master Jones. Men who do that always get hurt.”

Stephen decided to ignore the negative bouncer. There was something about the Dom that called to him and Stephen always followed his heart. Absently, he worked in the shading and finished off the sketch. It was rather well done if he did say so himself. He put his initials at the bottom with a flourish.

Looking around he spotted a manila envelope he knew would fit his sketch without bending.

“Would you do me a favor, Ralph?” Stephen looked up, giving the bouncer the full benefit of his baby blue eyes.

A look that never failed to bend anyone to his will.

The bouncer looked nervous. “If I can and it doesn’t get me fired.”

“Would you give this to Master Jones? Don’t give him my name. Just tell him it’s from an admirer.”

Ralph laughed. “Aren’t you the little man of mystery? Give it here. I’ll get a real kick out of this.” He held out his hand and Stephen passed the envelope over.

Minutes later Stephen watched in anticipation as Ralph approached the table.


“Master Jones.”

Victor looked up to see one of the club’s bouncers standing above him.

“Is there a problem?”

The bouncer smiled. The man was a handsome devil but definitely not his type. He liked his men more slender and delicate.

“I was instructed to give this to you; it’s from an admirer.”

Victor accepted the envelope to the cooing and kisskiss noises of his companions. The bouncer immediately departed, making Victor wonder what he was hiding.

With a look around the table at his friends, Victor shrugged. Opening the envelope he pulled out a sheet of paper and stared.

Inside was a sketch of Victor so lifelike, despite being done in pencil, that he almost thought he’d be able to feel the bristles of the hair on his chin.

“Wow, I want one,” Carlyle said, leaning over to see the picture.

“Get your own admirer.” Victor scanned the room, trying to see if anyone was watching him or holding a pad of paper. The page was obviously torn from a sketchbook.

Everyone was looking at him, as usual, but there were no strangers and he was pretty certain he didn’t know anyone with this kind of skill.

“Let me see.” As the owner of several galleries, Lindi considered himself an art connoisseur. He let out a low whistle when he saw the sketch. “I wonder what this person could do with a little more time. This is obviously just a quick sketch. I’d love for whoever this is to sketch William.”

William was Lindi’s long-time sub.

Lindi tilted the picture down so his sub, sitting on the floor, could see it.

“What do you think, pet?”

“It’s very lifelike,” the sub agreed, giving his master a loving look.

“Don’t get it all wrinkled,” Victor snapped. He snatched it back. Oddly, he didn‟t want his friends to touch his gift. It felt too personal to share. Smoothing out invisible marks, Victor slid the picture back into its envelope.

“Anyone see where that bouncer went?”

His friends shook their head.

“Well, he’s a bouncer,” Carlyle said logically. “He’s probably by the front door or wherever there’s a scene.”

Victor snapped his fingers at a passing waiter. The server wore tight, white leather shorts, some interesting swirls of body paint and nothing else.

“I’m looking for a bouncer. The one with long brown hair, tattoos and an eyebrow piercing.”

“That’s Ralph. He’s gone for the night.”


Victor let the server go after placing an order for drinks.

“I guess you’ll have to ask him next time you come,” Carlyle said, not unsympathetically.

“Yeah. I guess so.” The evening had lost some of its glamour though. Now all he wanted to do was find out more about his insanely talented admirer.


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  2. Had to buy Wooing Master Jones after this and have finished it now – absolutely loved it – looking forward to Rain.

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