Forever My Love #34

The shifter’s gaze pinned on Trent left Lee free to stand up and back away. He didn’t want the wolf man to think he was trying to steal his mate. Lee had enough problems of his own without being accused of stealing men he didn’t truly want. He might have entertained the idea of dating Trent but with his husband coming back to him he had to find a way to retrieve Antonio from the angel.

Sneaky Michael.

Lee walked around looking for any other signs but only one feather remained.

Trent eyed the slim wolf man. “You’re the one I hit with my car. Did you escape all right the other day?” He tried to keep his eyes on the man’s face but his gaze dipped down to survey the toned body and swiftly hardening cock. Damn the man was a beautiful beast.

“Yes, I’m Ike.”


“Nice to meet you,” Trent said. “Did you want to come inside? I’m sure Lee will loan you some clothes.”

Ike shifted his gaze over to Lee than back to Trent.

“Lee, You’ll let Ike borrow some sweats right?” he called over his shoulder almost afraid to take his eyes off the beautiful shifter.

“Hmm, oh sure. Ike come on inside. You won’t hurt my dogs will you?” Lee asked.

“No.” Ike grinned. “I like dogs. They’re like little yappy children.”

Lee snorted. “Okay, then. Come on inside we’re about the same size.”

The three men walked into Lee’s house. Immediately the dogs ran up to him to show their bellies and get pets from Lee.

Trent grinned as Ike humored them with a friendly yip.

“I’ll be right back,” Lee said walking past them.

Before Trent could respond, Ike shoved him against the wall. For a little guy he definitely had super strength. Must be the shifter thing. “What are you doing?”

Ike’s eyes glowed a weird gold for a moment. “Nothing.” He scooted to his tiptoes and sniffed along Trent’s neck. “You smell so good mate.”

Trent groaned and tilted his head back to allow Ike to do whatever he wanted. His cock pressed against his zipper trying to get closer to Ike.

“Mmm, I want to bite you and claim you,” Ike growled.

“I can come back,” Lee said, humor in his voice.

Ike stepped back and Trent held back the whimper. He didn’t know if he believed in mates but he did know he wished to drag Ike to his bed.

“Thanks,” Ike said accepting the sweat pants Lee held out.

“You’re welcome,” Lee said.

Ike slipped them on hiding his gorgeous ass from Trent’s interested gaze.

Lee nudged him. “Perv.”

A laugh escaped Trent. “Maybe.” He didn’t understand this insane attraction to a guy he barely knew. Maybe there was some truth to the mates thing.

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