Seducing Rain Out Now!

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This is the fourth and last book of this unseries series. They include Wooing Master Jones, Considering Carlyle, and Mastering Will.


Two stubborn men try to find love, balance and the path to escape a killer’s hold…

Rainier Lemmon had taken one picture too many. After accidentally capturing a shooting on film, he finds himself in danger and needing a place to hide out.

Greg Carter has wanted Rain back ever since their one and only weekend together. But when Rain returns, it’s meant to be only temporary.

Can Greg seduce Rain into staying longer? Possibly forever.


Chapter One

Greg Carter walked through his club. Music vibrated the floorboards masking the groans and gasps from club members as they gave into passion. People seeking privacy slinked in and out of the rooms lining the back walls.

Bored. Greg could admit it if only to himself that his club had lost some of its appeal. His general manager took care of the day-to-day stuff and after years of hiring and firing until he had the right combination of employees, he now had a great staff he trusted to do their jobs. He’d recently expanded and added a nightclub for the non-BDSM crowd. Even the rush of money from that venture didn’t dent his boredom. The challenge had faded from his life as soon as the club had opened and proven to be a success.

Shoving his hands into his pockets he scanned the crowd for potential problems. Everything appeared peaceful. Damn it. A hollow ache twisted his heart but Greg refused to acknowledge the pain as anything other than restlessness. It had nothing to do with a stubborn, beautiful sub that refused to stick around or return Greg’s phone calls. He’d moved on to sending random texts, but received the same results.

Snarky, gorgeous Rain with his defensive gray eyes and high pain threshold had given Greg one of the best weekends of his life, then disappeared. Over the past few weeks Greg had called Rain several times but when his messages weren’t returned he’d stopped. If Rain wanted Greg he knew where to find him. Unfortunately when Rain left Greg’s townhouse without a backward glance he took Greg’s libido with him. Even standing in a sea of gorgeous and willing twinks Greg’s cock didn’t even twitch. Now, nothing. Fuck.

He pulled his phone out of his pocket and sent another text to Rain with little hope. What had he done wrong? Rain had left smiling and relaxed even if no promises had crossed either of their lips.

He spotted his brother and headed toward his table. The boy Greg had watched over his entire life had transformed into a grown man with a thriving art career and a devoted lover of his own. Every struggle in Greg’s life had been worth seeing his brother happy.

“How’s it going, bro?” Stephen grinned up at Greg from Victor Jones’s lap. An ever-present sketchbook lay across his knees and he clutched a pencil in his right hand.

Victor nodded in greeting but Greg could tell every millimeter of his attention was focused on Stephen, as it should be. Greg had struggled with their relationship at first, not wanting his brother to get involved with the older and much more experienced Dom. Now, Greg couldn’t imagine his brother without Victor; they were two halves of a matched set.

“Everything’s great. How about you?” Stephen appeared happy but his brother tended to have an easygoing outlook on life. Luckily Victor protected Stephen with the zeal of a hungry guard dog watching over a plate of steak. Examining his brother’s face, Greg spotted nothing but joy. Good, one less person he wanted to kill.

“I’m taking care of him,” Victor said. The Dom met his gaze with an amused one of his own as if he could read Greg’s mind and knew even now he was still on trial.

Greg nodded. “Good.”

From conversations with Stephen the only complaint his brother had involved Victor’s reluctance to introduce Stephen to deeper forms of submission. Stephen longed to enjoy Victor’s expertise with a whip. Victor still refused. Greg tried to keep out of their business but he had encouraged Stephen to talk to his lover.

Relationships were too much fucking work. He subdued the little voice in his head whispering that Rain would be worth the effort. Scowling, he gagged the nagging voice and tied it up in a St. Andrew’s cross in the corner of his mind.

“Have you heard from Rain?” Stephen’s compassionate gaze prodded Greg, urging him to spill his secrets. Greg resisted the temptation. He’d been the one to perfect the look, after all.

“No. I think we’re over. He’s ignoring me right now.” He played it off as unimportant. For anyone else it would’ve worked but Stephen knew Greg better than anyone on the planet.

“He’ll come around. If he doesn’t I’ll talk to him.” Stephen stated, confidence filling his tone.

Greg laughed. He’d love to be a fly on the wall for that conversation. Skittish, cautious Rain chatting with Stephen who never met an obstacle he couldn’t overcome with sheer perseverance. Hell, he’d sell tickets. “I’ll keep that in mind, but I’m not going to chase someone who doesn’t want me.”

If Rain refused to be caught Greg would have to admit defeat.

“Just because he’s not calling you back doesn’t mean he’s not interested. Maybe he’s a complex guy. Don’t give up on him yet. He could still come around,” Stephen urged.

“Maybe.” Greg patted Stephen on the shoulder, refusing to grab that bit of false hope. “See you later. You two should come have dinner with me next week.”

He hadn’t missed the tightening of Victor’s grip. The Dom still worried Greg would try to separate them. Greg didn’t know what to do to allay Victor’s fears. He might have tried to keep them apart at the beginning but he could see how his brother thrived in Victor’s care. All he’d ever wanted was his brother to be happy.

Stephen grinned. “I’ll call you and we’ll find a time.”

Greg met Victor’s gaze. Victor nodded his agreement. He had no doubt Stephen had the Dom wrapped around his little submissive finger but he didn’t want to cause a fight between the pair. “Great, see you soon.”

Leaving the happy couple, Greg continued searching the crowd. It struck him that his gaze always stopped at slim brunets. He might have convinced his head that pursuing Rain was a big mistake but his heart still liked the idea.

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  1. It’s not out on Amazon UK yet 😦

    Plus it took a while to find Considering Carlyle because Amazon UK had it under Considering Carlysle (note the added s!)

    Sometimes I really wonder about Amazon.

    1. It won’t be out with Amazon for a while. Are publishes it so they keep it ARe exclusive for a while.

      1. Amber, Do you know how long “awhile” is? A few days? A few weeks? Months, or years? I’ve just finished Wooing Master Jones (yes I was/am a bit behind), so I can hold out for Greg’s books for a little “while”. Thanks!

    1. Amber, no worries. I know the author is normally the last to know when their books are available, etc. I’ll keep my eye out. I’ll keep checking back & try to remember to let you know when I found it. I just purchased a few of your other books to me busy! 🙂

  2. Hi I can’t wait to read this but I was wondering if you were going to put it on amazon? I have all the rest on my kindle so I would really like the full set on it. Thank you for writing such great books.

    1. This an an ARe published book so it will be probably a month or so before it is on Amazon. I think you can buy the kindle version at Are but if you want to wait I’ll be sure to let people know when it comes out on Amazon.

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