Moon Pack Mondays

Okay I know it’s technically Tuesday and its not the one I said I would write last week but Parker was feeling bossy so he got a chance.

* * * *

Elliott kneeled on the floor waiting for his lover.

The sound of the door opening and closing reached him but he didn’t break his stance.

“Hmm, someone’s been looking at websites again,” a deep voice said. Elliott didn’t look up.

Parker’s strong fingers tilted Elliott’s chin up. “How is my beautiful mate this evening?”

“I’m well.” His day had been hectic but he had balanced the budget and everything had worked out in the end.

Parker stroked Elliott’s neck. Elliott shivered when his mate brushed across the lightning mark that the alpha mate left on his skin. Ever since Anthony had branded him with a lightning bolt that bit of his skin was super sensitive. Parker took advantage of that every minute he could.

“As much as I love coming home to find you naked and kneeling I think I prefer you tied to our bed.” Parker held out his hand for Elliott.

Elliott let his mate help him stand. “I thought I’d surprise you.”

Parker wrapped his fingers around the back of Elliott’s neck and lifted him for a kiss. Elliott melted into his lover’s embrace. Every time Parker touched him he fell a little more in love.

“I appreciate the effort.” Parker ran his hand across Elliott’s head. “But then I always appreciate you.”

“Yes you do.” Not a day went by when Elliott didn’t feel Parker’s love. Waking up beside his mate was like living a dream. No matter how bad his day, returning home to his mate made it all worthwhile.

“I brought you a present.” Parker pulled a long jewelry box out of his pocket then dropped to one knee before holding out the box.

Elliott accepted the box with shaking fingers. He took a deep breath then opened it. A shimmering necklace formed of thick gold links lay inside a blue velvet bed.

“It’s beautiful.”

“Elliott, my beloved mate I would be honored if you would publicly acknowledge our bond by wearing my mating necklace.”

Elliot blinked back tears. He pulled the beautiful chain out of the box and dropped the packaging on the floor. “I’d be honored.”

Parker stood. “May I put it on you?”

Elliott nodded. A few tears escaped down his cheeks. “Yes, please.”

Accepting the necklace from Elliott, Parker slipped the chain around Elliott’s throat and attached the clasp. “There. You are all set. Everyone will know you’re mine.”

“Everyone knew that anyway.” Parker had made sure everyone in the pack knew Elliott belonged to him.

Parker grinned, his eyes flashing gold for a second. “But now you are marked as mine.”

“Hmm and how will I mark you back?” There was no denying Parker’s strength attracted the attention of other shifters.

Parker groaned. “I hate to give up teasing Silver, but in the summer we will exchange rings.”

“Will we now?” Elliott raised an eyebrow at his mate.

“What? The mating necklace was the important thing. The rings are just to keep away any pesky humans who might think they have a chance with you.”

Elliott laughed at Parker’s put upon expression.

“I love you, my mate.”

Parker kissed Elliott, a slow slide of lips together. When he lifted his mouth, Parker’s eyes glowed with desire. “I want to show you the new knots I learned.”

“I knew it was a mistake to let you go to that fancy body tying thing.”

“It’s an art form.” Parker frowned at Elliott. “Don’t pretend you don’t enjoy it.”

Elliott grinned. “I never said that.”

“Good.” Parker slid his fingers through Elliott’s and dragged him to the bedroom to show off his new skills.

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  1. I think I’m going to start reading the series again before I read Mikel’s. The weather is horrid and perfect to stay inside with a good read and a cup of hot tea (with a shot of brandy in it). Moon Pack is one of my all time favorite series.

  2. Really good to get little glimpses into the couples that turn up less often like Elliott and Parker and Henry and Dakota. I also enjoyed the little appearance of Calvin and Alessandro in Mikel – Thanks Amber.

  3. I have a request or suggestion for a moon pack Monday. Although neither of them are weres I would like to see a short on Alesandro and Calvin. With mention of Darian’s crush on Cindy, did he act on it and what was Calvin’s reaction.

    Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2015 08:50:15 +0000 To:

    1. LOL since they are in the Moon Pack series they count. I’ll take this under advisement. I have a couple other requests first. 🙂

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