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  1. I don’t really have a favorite. If someone is willing to buy me flowers, I will take whatever I get and be incredibly happy!

  2. Tulips! They show up in flower shops around Calentines every year and they scream ” SPRING IS COMING” and in Canada…. That is so important. A bouquet of Tulips makes me smile… Always !

  3. I love Tulips. My husband knows that I would much prefer a bouquet of Tulips then any other flower. Before we lost our house we grew tulips along the fence in the back yard. There are so many types and colors of Tulips

  4. Daddy’s birthday was on Valentine’s Day and he always loved carnations and he said red brought out the color of my eyes so I would have to say Red carnations. I really miss him.

  5. Carnations from my love. They last forever as long you care for the flowers-you take care of your love the same way.

  6. I hold a fondness for gardenias because they are my grandmother’s favorite but I would be happy just to receive any flowers.

  7. Daffodil’s. Love them. I’m used to seeing them as the first flowers of spring.
    Happy Valentines Day Amber!!

  8. I only ever bought flowers for my Nana and she loved Carnations. So i put some on her grave every year now.

  9. I like flowers that aren’t grown in greenhouses, would much prefer flowers that have been grown in my own garden to be picked and given to me, as I am very much a nature lover.

  10. Snow drops. I like that they are tough enough that the come up even if the snow is still on the ground. Also one of the flowers that represents my birthday month.

  11. My favorite flower would be a white rose. I think the red ones are overrated on valentines day. I know red means love but there is something about the white rose that puts the red ones to shame.

  12. well right now I’m into orchids and they have to be different like purple or may be blue not the regular colors that you see everywhere

  13. I love brightly colored carnations because the last a long time, they dye their water a cool color and the a bright and cheerful in the doldrums of winter. Oh, and they usually don’t cost and artificial arm and a leg.

  14. I love tulips… they always cheer me up that and you can get them all in differnt colous! Love the yellow red and purple one ooh and the pink… Who am i kidding any colour would do!

  15. I love multicolored Tulips they make me feel young and happy. I like how they are so vibrant and yet they are kind of closed of and proud and noticeable. So much beauty and yet not a pocket buster. I once dated a guy who knew they were my favorite flower and he still kept buying me expensive flower. I dumped him because it felt like it was all about him and not about us. I love how the petals feel on my lips.

  16. definitely lilacs – our house on the east coast was surrounded by them but you can only find them in Southern California for about twenty seconds

  17. Tulips; I bought a bouquet of red and white ones for Valentines to celebrate with my family. Tulips are beautiful, they exist in many, many colors and they are a piece of my birth country (The Netherlands).

  18. I would have to say any flower at all. I’ve never received any so I can’t really say anything, but I would prefer something out of the box.

  19. I would have to say any flower at all. I’ve never received any so I can’t really say anything, but I would prefer something out of the box. Maybe a white rose?

  20. Lilacs, but they flower for only a few weeks in spring. The most amazing scent though. Better than roses.

  21. A yellow flower. My husband gave me my first flower & it was a yellow rose then after that yellow different flowers.

  22. My favorite flowers to receive are daffodils planted in a basket. They look and smell lovely and after they are done blooming they can be replanted for the next year.

  23. Perhaps I’m the only one who will say this here? But, I don’t celebrate it. I just moved my parents here today. Before then? I lived alone.
    Still, my favorite flower to buy for myself? Peace Rose
    taina1959 @ yahoo.com

  24. I’m a gardener but I don’t like roses that much or cut flowers. I’d rather have a live gift of flowers that can be planted. This time of year is good for forced bulbs, crocus, even lilies.

  25. While I am happy to receive any flower or houseplant, I love gerber daisies, they are so colorful and hardy and last a long time.

  26. I love lilacs they look cool and smell great plus you can get them in potted plant form. So can have as long as the bush and there are so many colors to choose from.

  27. On Valentine’s Day, my husband and I buy each other stuff that we can plant in the ground or in planters. Maybe some token flowers, but a lot of them don’t survive in the desert. So lots of herbs. One year he gave me a chocolate mint plant for Valentines, that was cute. The most floral thing I got this year was a Mexican honeysuckle plant (hummingbirds and butterflies like it), because our other one died. We can’t have plants or flowers in the house because the cats will eat them.

  28. I don’t know the formal name, but I love the roses that have a yellow interior with a peach or orange edge to them. πŸ™‚

  29. I love any flowers given with love. But my first flower given to me was from my father was a silver sterling rose (purple/silver color). So that has a special place in my heart.

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