Moon Pack Monday


Here’s the limo scene you asked for!


Gabe climbed into the limo his mates eyed him with twin expressions of concern.

“Why did you come here without us?” Vien asked.

Gabe ignored the question and kneeled on the limo floor in between the twins. “I came because I wished to get you something special to signify our mating. I know the fae don’t wear mating rings so I thought this might be a good compromise. Among shifters they know we are bonded but if we go to live among the fae, your people might not understand our connection.”

Vien cupped Gabe’s cheek. “It doesn’t matter what anyone else believes. Our hearts know we belong to you.”

Viell nodded his agreement. “There is no one who can lure us from our beloved wolf.” The fae carded his fingers through Gabe’s hair, a tender motion he did often.

Struggling to keep focus, Gabe handed one box to each of his mates not wanting to present one before the other. Luckily the jeweler had put small stickers on the back indicating which color went to which mate. “I would like you to each wear these to represent our mating.” Gabe examined the limo floor afraid of seeing rejection in his lovers’ eyes.

“Hey,” Vien slid his fingers beneath Gabe’s chin. “We will wear anything you want. Hell, we’ll get tattoos embedded in our flesh if it will make you more secure. Anything you need, that’s what mates provide.”

Gabe blinked back tears as he turned to Viell.

“What my brother said is true even though I’m not a big fan of needles.” Viell grinned. “You are our soul, sweet Gabe and we will do anything for you.”

“Thank you. Please open your boxes.”

Vien and Viell exchanged looks then opened the jewelry boxes in one synchronized motion.

The scent of surprise then joy filled the limo.

“It is beautiful,” Viell said, lifting his necklace out of the case. The blue gemstone glowed in the dark limousine with an inner light. “I’ve never seen a protection amulet with so much energy before.”

“I donated a drop of my blood to seal the spell,” Gabe explained. “The jeweler said it would further bond it to us.”

Vien set his on the seat before grabbing Gabe and dragging him onto his lap. “It is a wondrous and considerate gift.” Vien fisted Gabe’s hair and planted a searing kiss on his lips until he’d grew hard and began humping against his mate, striving for more friction.

When Vien finally lifted his mouth, Gabe panted for air. “You’re welcome.”

A predatory grin slid across Vien’s face reflecting the hunger in his eyes. “We will make sure you feel completely thanked when we get home.”

“We’ll have to think of a proper way to mark our mate,” Viell said. “Something magical that will stay with him when he shifts.”

“You don’t have to.” Gabe slid off his tempting mate’s lap to sit on the opposite bench seat. “I didn’t give them to you to get something in return.”

His inner wolf enjoyed the sight of the twins putting on his necklaces. Their territory was now properly marked.

“We know, Gabe,” Viell said, holding out his hand. “Come sit between us. We don’t like you so far away.”

Gabe gave up the tiny battle. No good ever came of distance between mates. He allowed them to fuss and cuddle with him as they brainstormed over what to get him. Apparently he wasn’t the only on who wanted to thoroughly mark his mate before they ventured into the world of the fae.

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  1. Wonderful tidbit. I love the necklaces and the way they reacted. Hope to see what the twins come up with.

    1. These are snippets based on characters in the Moon Pack series. They aren’t part of a book. This trio is part of Getting Gabe

  2. Aww. I think it’s the little phrases that please me the most.
    Like “marking his territory”. 😍

    1. Oops, I meant, “Their territory was now properly marked.”
      Well, I hope you know what I mean. Those snippets just give me me the “Aww’s”

  3. This is one of the best series. You keep making these  I will keep contributions to Lego fund coming.. Lol

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