Moon Pack Monday


Calvin ran the scrap of fine sandpaper over the wolf engraving. Mikel had ordered a clothing cabinet with Inno in wolf form carved on the front. He had offered Mikel a discount because he was part of Alesandro’s clan but he’d refused. Vampires didn’t really group together like wolves they had looser communities.

With Alesandro out of town on business Calvin gladly picked up the extra work. Alesandro had gifted Calvin with an amazing workshop last Christmas and he’d launched a full-scale carpenter business. His sister handled the client billing and he was considering hiring another worker to help keep up with his orders.

“When are you going to let him bite you?” a female voice asked.

“I’m not ready.” He didn’t look up from his work to answer his sister.

“Come on Calvin, you’re aging by the second,” Cindy scolded.

Calvin laughed. “I think I can hold out for a while yet.”

Cindy grabbed a folding chair then plopped down beside him. “Tell me Cal, why don’t you want to be a vampire? You get cool perks like living for eternity with your lover and drinking blood.”

“Well that does sound tempting.” He set down his sandpaper since his sister showed no sign of leaving. “What if he changes his mind?”

“Who Alesandro? The man who had an entire workshop constructed because you said you wished you had more space?”

Calvin shrugged. “He could. What if I’m just a phase?”

“You are the only phase that will last for the rest of life,” Alesandro’s rich voice rolled across the workshop. “I had no idea you were doubting me, my beloved.”

“I’ve got to go do something.” Cindy rushed off without another word.

“Coward!” Calvin shouted after her.

She giggled as she slammed the door closed.

Alesandro wrapped an arm around Calvin and pulled him close. “You aren’t a fad for me, you are everything. I only get one perfect mate and you’re it for me.”

No matter how many times Calvin heard the words, he couldn’t banish the self doubt. “No one has ever wanted me like you do,” he confessed.

“That doesn’t make our love less true.” Alesandro kissed Calvin on each cheek then his forehead then finally on his mouth. Calvin allowed Alesandro to take control of the kiss, cuddling up to his lover.

When they broke apart he couldn’t deny the love in Alesandro’s eyes.

“If I could hypnotize you to believe me I would.” Alesandro said. “I love you my sweet human. As soon as you are ready I’m going to convert you to stay with me forever.”

“Soon.” He refused to set a date but he still wished to give his lover hope.

“I won’t give up until you’re completely mine,” Alesandro vowed.

“Good. I don’t want you to.” Calvin might not be ready yet but one day he would be. “Why don’t we go home and you can show me how much you missed me.”

Alesandro grinned. “That’s a great idea.”

“ I thought you’d like that.” Calvin wrapped an arm around his lover. One day soon he’d let Alesandro convert him. His birthday was coming up in a few months. He liked the symmetry of being reborn on his birthday.

He’d share that idea with Alesandro later right now he had other plans.

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  1. Sweet. I love getting a peek into the after story. I hope you’ll gather all these shorts into a book form someday.

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