Torturous Tuesday Teasers

It’s that time of the week again where I tempt you with upcoming books that have no publication date. Enjoy *evil grin*

Please remember these are unedited.


Ryker woke in stages. Awareness came to him slowly. He’d never been a jump out of bed kind of riser.

His body ached and his neck throbbed.

The body beside him lay still as the daylight turned his vampire lover into a statue. A sigh escaped him as he climbed out of bed. He’d miss this place. For the first time he’d been accepted even if they didn’t know why.

With a last wistful glance at the man on the bed he slid out of bed and pulled on his clothes. His faded jeans, soft and malleable, could’ve been scratchy thorns as unwelcome as they were against his skin.

Heart aching he yanked his T-shirt over his head. He didn’t want to go. In fact every instinct screamed at him to stay. Heath would be furious when he woke and found Ryker gone.

A note.

He should leave a message. What did you say to a guy you fell in love with and then left? He had no doubt his spot in Heath’s bed would quickly be filled. Too many others were lined up to be the next plaything of the vampire leader. Most were surprised that Ryder had lasted the three months he had.

Not the least was Ryker. When he’d come to the vampire ball as a lark he hadn’t expected the leader of the coven to take a shine to him. However one look in Heath’s dark eyes and Ryker had known he’d have to stay a while.

Unfortunately all good things had to come to an end. Searching the room he didn’t find any paper or pens. He’d check Heath’s office.

Opening the door he came to a screeching halt. Heath’s head of security stood in the hallway his arms folded over his chest and a disapproving expression on his face. “Can I help you with something?”

Ryker nodded. “I need a pen and paper.”

“Why?” The soldier didn’t move an inch.

“So I can write a goodbye note.” Ryker didn’t say anything else. He didn’t need to explain himself to Delmont. The man had hated him since day one. Ryker figured the man had aspirations to be Heath’s lover.

“You’re leaving?” Surprise crossed Delmont’s face. Ryker figured not too many things shocked the hardened soldier.


“Not before he wakes up.” Delmont’s firm tone told Ryker the bodyguard wouldn’t change his mind.

“Listen, I appreciate you being all protective of your employer but I really need to go.”

The tremors were building. It wouldn’t be long before he couldn’t control himself any more. It would be best if he were far away before he lost it completely. Too many people got hurt when he had an episode.

“He’s not going to understand you leaving,” Delmont said.

“Which is why I want to leave a note. I don’t want him to think I ditched him. I’ll come back if he still wants me but we both know he’s got a line of people willing to give him whatever he needs.” Ryker knew he wasn’t important in the scheme of things. “Fuck it. He’ll barely notice I’m gone.”

He shoved past Delmont. For a brief, hopeful moment he thought he’d escape without further instance but he should’ve known better. Delmont grabbed his arm and Ryker lost control.

Ryker’s magic flared bright and hot. Delmont flew across the room and slammed against the wall. The soldier crumpled onto the floor in a heap. Ryker quickly scanned Delmont relieved when he found the man uninjured except a slight bump on the head.

“Crap.” This was why he needed to get away. After bleeding off some magic he could return or he could’ve before he attacked Delmont. Now his return was cut off. Regret sliced him sharper than any knife.

Blinking back tears he headed for the front door. He could get away now. No one would care enough to stop him.

Chapter One

Six Months Later


Ryker slugged back his shot and beckoned the bartender for another. It had been months and he still longed for Heath. Surely he should’ve recovered from the vampire by now. Sometime he swore he still felt phantom bites on his neck. Not to mention the dreams.

Fuck, the dreams had him waking up in a cold sweat with cum decorating his stomach. How could he be so fucking scared and turned on at the same time?

“Can I buy you a drink?”

“No.” Ryker didn’t even look up to answer. He didn’t want to talk to anyone or to fuck anyone. He wanted Heath. Too bad he’d never go back.

“I found him.”

Those words had Ryker turning to look. “Crap.” Delmont stood beside him his green eyes narrowing as he assessed Ryker.

“You look like shit.”

“Fuck you, man.” Ryker didn’t have to take that crap. He could look in the mirror. He knew how bad he looked.

“No thanks. Heath would have my ass and not in a good way,” Delmont replied.

“Heath’s here?” Ryker snapped his head around to search the bar.

“No, he’s at home.”

Ryker relaxed. Good as long as he didn’t see his ex-lover he’d be fine. “What are you doing here?”

“Fetching you.”

“Why?” Ryker tossed back another shot and the world went blurry for a moment before regaining its colourful haze. The auras around him flickered and glowed. Delmont had a pretty aura for such a bad ass.

“Because Heath is pining without you.”

Ryker choked on his whiskey. “Fuck man you almost had me snorting my drink. That burns. He’s a vampire they don’t pine. They grab the next person in line.”

There wasn’t a shortage of people standing in line to be a vampire snack. Ryker had only gone along with Heath because the guy was hot.

“Usually I’d agree but he’s definitely pining.

“Why?” None of it made any sense. He’d never heard of a vampire wanting anything more than the meal in front of them.

“He thinks you’re his mate,” Delmont’s tone indicated his opinion of that idea.

“You think he’s wrong?”

“I’m not paid to think. I’m paid to collect you one way or another. Don’t try any of your fucking tricks either. I’m more than happy to take you to him bleeding. Hell, he might even like that.” Delmont’s grin sent a wave of unease through Ryker.

“I didn’t mean to zap you, man. You should’ve have grabbed me like that. Self-preservation and all that. No hard feelings.”

“Maybe not for you but I’m holding a grudge. The only way to make it up to me is for you to get your drunk ass off of that stool.”

“Is there a problem Ryker?” The bartender leant forward. Ryker knew the guy would try to intervene if he thought Ryker was having an issue with another customer. He’d become close to Dean over the past few months.

“Mind your own business.” Delmont snarled. He flashed his canines sending the bartender scurrying backwards.

“Great job, asshole,” Ryker said. “Now he knows there’s a demon in his bar.”

Delmont shrugged. “He was going to know soon anyway when I opened a portal and shoved you through it. Not much can knock a demon on its ass. Whatever mojo you’ve got you’d best keep it under control. If you hurt Heath I will rip your head off your shoulders and give it to the werewolf cubs as a ball.”

“That’s just sick, man.” Ryker curled his lip in disgust of Delmont’s imagery. He could easily see the demon doing something like that too.

Delmont grinned. “So you can see why coming with me would be in your best interests.”

Ryker sighed. “You won’t go without me?” he checked.

“No. I promised Heath I’d bring you back. Come now and I won’t kick your ass.”

“Fine but I’m still not sure why he’s looking for me.”

“Because apparently you’re his one and only,” Delmont said dryly.

Ryker was still laughing when Delmont opened a portal and shoved him through. His amusement died when he reappeared standing on the carpet before his lover. Heath sat on his throne. However, this wasn’t the healthy in charge man he’d left behind. The vampire’s skin had a sallow tint and his skin hung on his bones.

“What the fuck happened to you?” Ryker blurted out. “Don’t they take care of you?”

He glared at the crowd assembled around them. After flashing them all a glare he rushed over and dropped to his knees before the vampire.

“You’re here!” Heath’s voice, whispery soft gave Ryker chills. Where had the robust, rich tones gone?

“I’m here.” He stroked Heath’s knee. “What do I need to do?”

“Feed me!” Heath replied.

Ryker climbed onto Heath’s lap ignoring the crowd around them. He’d do anything to get the vampire back to his healthy self. He didn’t like seeing the man he’d cared about so sick. He didn’t know what was wrong but he’d get to the bottom of this and make sure it didn’t happen again.

“I offer myself freely. Take what you need.” He’d barely tilted his head back and exposed his throat when Heath struck. Fangs sank into Ryker’s neck. He jolted beneath the lightening bolt that coursed through his body.

Whispers surrounded him but he didn’t concentrate on any. He drifted as Heath drank from him. He knew the vampire probably would end up taking too much blood but he didn’t have it in him to deny Heath anything.

“Enough sire, you’ll kill him,” Delmont said.

The world swirled around Ryker losing its sharp edges to the sparkly world around him. He was losing consciousness but he didn’t care because he was back where he belonged.

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