Forever My Love #36

I had a long day and getting over a cold so it’s short today. I’ll try for a longer one on Friday.


Lee watched the pair leave with more than a little envy. Memories of his early days with Antonio flashed through his head. He remembered when they couldn’t keep their hands off each other, a passion that barely faded over the years.

He locked up after Trent and Ike made their absent minded goodbyes too wrapped up with each other to look away for long.

Brushing bits of grass of his jeans, Lee headed for church. Despite his grandmother’s insistence Lee tended to avoid places of worship. He’d had too many priests and pastors scream he deserved to go to hell for who he loved to be comfortable spending too much time there. However he had a beef with an angel and he refused to stop him.

There were two churches in town, a new shiny version that could hold the entire town along with any possible visitors and an old clapboard version. Lee headed to the older one. The smaller church was listed in the town register as a historical building and kept in perfect condition. They still used it for meetings but no one worshiped there any more. Lee planned to correct that. He hoped the history of the older church helped him contact the angel.

If only he had a flaming sword.

He wasn’t surprised to find the front door unlocked, they rarely locked public town buildings until after dark. Stepping into the town he sneezed. The church ladies must not have visited it in a while.

The cool interior soothed some of his fiery anger but not his determination. He headed directly to the altar long stripped of any ornamentation and kneeled on the wooden altar. Sunlight streamed through the stained glass windows leaving trails of color streaking the walls.

“Michael, archangel of assholeness bring me back my man!” Lee shouted.

Nothing happened.

Lee growled. “I mean it, Michael.”

A crackle of lightening lit the interior of the church. When Lee’s eyes cleared and a tall winged man stood before him.

“Archangel of Assholeness.” The angel laughed. “You must know my brother.”

“Who are you?” Lee stood to face the angel on his feet, not that it made much of a difference since the angel still towered above him.

“I’m Chamuel, the archangel of pure love. Your heart called to me. Why are you seeking Michael?”

“Because he stole my husband.”

Chamuel rubbed his hairless chin. “Tell me more. This is right up my alley.”

11 thoughts on “Forever My Love #36

  1. Oh boy I see trouble in Michael’s future lol can’t wait to see what Chamuel has in mind.

  2. Ok which book is Forever My Love? If not available when will it be available! You write some awesomely hot books!!! I thank you
    For being a fantastic author!!!

    1. It is just currently a blog story 🙂

      If you type Forever My Love in the blog search engine all the previous parts will come up.

  3. Looks like another incredible Amber Kell book!!!! I hope you feel better soon Sugar. There is nothing like feeling you have to get some work done and feel like shit! Take your time and get better first. Your fans will patiently wait for you to feel human again!!!!!!

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