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Scary mutants with an agenda kidnap Calvin’s sister. In return for getting her back Calvin is asked to bring Anthony the man he’s doing some carpentry work for to the mutant leader. Alesandro is a vampire consultant there to help Anthony with his hotel project. When the two meet sparks fly but will betrayal drive a wedge between two men fated to be together?



Alone with the vamp, Cal’s nerves trembled. He didn’t mind Anthony watching him, because he could feel his gaze was admiring, not offensive, but the vampire looked at him like he was Al’s next lunch.

With a vampire, that was a real possibility.

“Relax, handsome.” Alesandro’s voice was smoky, like good jazz. It made Cal want to wrap himself in the other man’s essence and stay a while. Only the knowledge he would soon betray the vampire’s friend kept him from jumping the handsome vamp.

Calvin snuck another look at Alesandro. Fuck, he could almost come from the sight of those gorgeous green eyes alone. Alesandro had that whole sexy vampire thing going, with short black hair lying shiny and smooth across his well-shaped head, large mesmerizing green eyes, and a tall, slim body that made everything in Calvin ache. However, it was the power pouring off the other man and engulfing him with pulsing desire that made him want to slam Alesandro against the wall and grind against the vampire until they both came. Images of different sexual positions possible in an enclosed area kept him hard and aching as he measured the space and calculated time for his projects. He hid his erection by turning his back to Alesandro and sketching rough estimates in his notebook. He wondered briefly if vampires could really read minds.

A low chuckle drew his attention back to Alesandro’s face.

“Is there something you’re trying to hide from me?” The vampire pinned him with a cool look. Calvin’s dick got harder beneath those stunning green eyes even as relief filled him. If the vampire couldn’t read his mind then Calvin wouldn’t have to worry about blocking his thoughts. He was still trying to figure out how to grab the blond from his cadre of bodyguards, and the clock was ticking.

He needed a little diversion.

“I’m sure there are all kinds of things I’m trying to hide from you,” he confessed. “Right now, it’s the condition of my cock.”

Leaning over, Calvin took a final measurement. If he wiggled a little more than necessary to distract the vamp, neither of them mentioned it. The heat flaring in Alesandro’s eyes when he glanced back should’ve set off the newly installed smoke detectors.

“Now that I know what Anthony is looking for, I can get the rest of these started tomorrow and finished by the end of next week. I’ll build up the bedframes so that the vampire beds will fully recess below and lock from the inside. I’ll also adjust them to fit a feather-top mattress so vampires can have comfort as well as safety. Anyone looking in the room will see an empty raised bed unless, of course, the vampire brings a human companion, in which case they can sleep in the upper bed without crushing the one below. The bed skirt will hide the lower compartment so it won’t be in view and Anthony mentioned only security-cleared maids will have access to the beds. The custom fireplace for the lobby will take a few weeks to carve, and the design he wants on the stairway could take up to a month. Do you think he’ll have a problem with that?”

Alessandro shrugged. “I’ll ask him tomorrow. What about the bar?”

Calvin straightened from his position crouched on the floor. “What about the bar?”

“Anthony wants wolves carved along the edge of the bar to represent his lover’s pack.”

“Cool. I can do wolves. In fact, if you get me pictures, I can even make it look like members of the pack.” Calvin first dreamed of being an artist before responsibility demanded he learn his grandfather’s woodworking skills. When the old man died, he’d left Calvin alone with his younger sister and a rich woodcarving heritage. Unfortunately, it was the only thing they inherited besides a small house and a set of kick ass carving tools. He pushed to the back of his mind the fact he wouldn’t be there to do the project, no matter how enticing. When he betrayed Anthony, he was certain the pack alpha would investigate very quickly. Once Silver found out that Calvin betrayed his mate, his chances of staying alive weren’t very good.

If only he could stay and work with Anthony. The thought of betraying the man who wanted to make a place for all para-kind ate at his gut. Not only was it a good project but the guy was really nice. From the first day, well, after the alpha’s death threat, everyone on staff treated him like he was one of the pack instead of an outside guy doing a little work. Unfortunately, with his sister’s life on the line, blood would win over friendship every time. He couldn’t afford to enjoy being one of the group, not when his sister could be going through torture while he enjoyed the job opportunity of a lifetime. He was pulled out of his grim thoughts by the vampire’s next words.

“Come, I’ll take you to the bar so you can get an idea of the scope of the job.”

Alesandro led him to the stairs, opening the door for Calvin to go through first. Other than a raised brow, the carpenter didn’t ask why they weren’t using the elevator. He knew vampires didn’t like enclosed spaces, except when they slept. He’d done his research before he accepted the job. Anthony was also offering windowless bedrooms for those who wanted a more airy environment, since there was always an exception to the rule. The man thought of everything.



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