Tuesday Teaser!

Sorry I’ve been a bit off this month. I’m trying to get back into the habit of posting. I’ve not been posting my blog story because I really think it needs a complete overhaul. I’ll try and wrap it up in the next few weeks then rewrite it entirely later 🙂

I don’t remember if I”ve posted this or not. It’s from my tri-form mate series (Nope I don’t have any of them out yet) Do you hear my evil laughter?

This is unedited.


Dez spun through the crowd, sweat poured down his naked chest. His shirt had vanished beneath eager hands an hour ago and he hadn’t seen it since. He didn’t know how long he’d been dancing, but thirst drove him toward the bar. He could sense his brothers milling about the club’s perimeter. He could’ve told them not to bother but they wouldn’t deny mother.

His brothers didn’t dare leave Dez alone. If something were to happen to him while he was out clubbing their mother would blame his brothers, a benefit and hazard of being the baby of the family.

Swinging his hips, he shimmied his way to the bar. A few patrons turned to glare at him for cutting but one look and they all but pushed the others away to allow him in front. Dez winked at the bear shifter who shoved the others out of the way to make room.

The bartender grinned at Dez, his gaze slid across Dez’ eight pack abs. “What can I get for you pretty kitty?”

“A bottle of water.”

Dez dipped his fingers into his pocket for his change, tugging his pants to his hipbones and baring a strip of skin.

“Oh it’s on me beautiful,” the bartender said, sliding a bottle across the bar.

“Thanks,” Dez flashed a seductive look through his lashes. He snatched up the bottle then danced his way back to the middle of the crowd.

“He’d piss his pants if he knew your other self,” a deep voice rumbled behind him.

Dez spun around and grinned. “True brother dear, very true.”

His oldest brother Maton smiled back exposing rows of sharp teeth. Dez could see the dragon just beneath the surface pushing to come out. Even in a room full of shifters Maton was the top predator.

“You need to go?” Dez was enjoying himself but he’d leave in a second if his brother had any problems controlling his dragon. He might like to poke and prod his siblings but they were there for each other if needed.

Maton shook his head. “No you can stay another hour or so before I need to leave.”

“I could just leave with someone,” Dez eyed the crowd hopefully.

Maton snorted. “You could probably convince any of them to take you home but the morning after would suck and not in a good way.”

Dez’s shoulders slumped. “Yeah.”

“Hey,” Maton patted Dez’s back with a reassuring pat that would’ve realigned any other shifter’s spine. “You know if you wanted to hook up in the club we’d look the other way, we just can’t let them take you off the property.”

“I know.” Their mother would worry about his safety but frankly he just wanted one night sleeping in a lover’s arms. At this rate he’d turn the millennial mark and still not have had sex.

“Don’t give up hope. You’re still a baby. Maybe after a few more centuries we’ll find you a mate.”

Dez rolled his eyes. “Yeah, like I’d take advice from you. When’s the last time you’ve been laid.”

He danced back through the crowd before his brother could speak again. Maton meant the best but dragons didn’t understand romance. Maton was the only brother who was a single animal shifter. All the rest of them were a mix of different shifters. Maton was one hundred percent dragon.

Every hundred years their mother laid another egg with a different shifter. Once Maton’s father died their mother wouldn’t bond with another dragon. Apparently he hadn’t been a nice man and she refused to put herself into that situation again. Now that she’d passed her fertile stage Dez would always be her youngest.

He hadn’t told anyone but he’d be meeting his mate soon. The winds had whispered the news to him. He’d seen shadows in his dreams and portents followed him into his day. Dragons believed in the fates even if they didn’t believe in forever mates. Dez’ lion half smirked at the dragon inside him. Being a dual beast shifter gave him split personality. Most dual shifters went insane and had to be put down. Dragons were the strongest and one of the few creatures that could combine with others without losing their mind.

To other shifters Dez smelled like a lion, his dragon buried deep inside. Most people never learned of Dez’ dragon half. The larger beast only came out when Dez became angry. Being a dragon wasn’t a comfortable sensation, only the flying part made it worthwhile. The rest of it was a large angry beast with little civility.

Midway through the crowd, Dez froze.

What was that?

He scanned the crowd. Nothing. He took another deep breath. Past the stench of sweaty bodies lay the sweet smell of damp leaves and peppermint. Not a combination of scents that usually made him hard.

A low purr rolled up his throat.

“Hmm, come be my pretty kitty.” a bear shifter grabbed Dez and yanked him close.

A shudder of distaste rippled through him. “Maybe later.”

He slithered out of the stranger’s hold. The lion had his body rejecting the touch. When the bear reached for him again, Dez’ inner dragon flared, he could feel it pushing out.

“Whoa, my mistake!” The bear shifter raised his hands to indicate peace then quickly rushed away to be swallowed by the crowd.

Yep, his dragon half always scared away the unwanted. He wondered how his fully dragon mother lured men to her side. Dez’ dragon had always scared off other males not coaxed them closer. Maybe he’d ask her for dating advice.

Or not.

Still, something in the air appealed to both sides of Dez. The lion wanted to hunt it down and lick it while his dragon wanted to devour. From stories he’d heard from his lion father he would’ve thought it was his mate but dragons didn’t have mates. Ice slithered down his spine. He had to get out of there. He’d made a mistake in coming tonight. He wasn’t ready to meet his fate.

Dez motioned to his brothers. Their predetermined signal had them quickly closing rank. “What’s up?” Cort, Dez’ second oldest brother frowned, concern poured off of him. “Someone bugging you?”

“I-I think my mate is here. I need to go.”

Cort grabbed Dez’ arm. “You should go talk to him.”

Dez’ mouth dropped open. “Really? You want to explain to mom how I ran off with my mate? She’ll pop a scale.”

“You’ve always wanted a mate.” Cort didn’t let things go. He was the type to wear something into the ground with his heel then stomp on it a few more times to make sure it wouldn’t move again.

“I do but not at the cost of mother ripping off his head. You know she thinks I’m barely a step away from diapers.”

“True,” Cort agreed.

He didn’t speak again until they’d all assembled on the roof. They didn’t strictly need a spot to take off from but a little elevation helped.

“What’s true?” Manton stepped to his right blocking him from anyone else.

“That mother wouldn’t approve of a mate.”

Manton snorted. “Not unless he came with a treaty or a shiny jewel. Something she can’t resist.”

Cort shook his head. “Mom’s shiniest jewel is Dez. We’ve got to get him home.”

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  1. This is a great teaser. Tri-forms sound really cool. Will the be able to combine their forms like Chimeras as well as individual shapes?

  2. Amber – you are cruel – I hope all the brothers will get a mate at some stage….

  3. So very mean, so very mean. why not just stab us in the heart it would be a nicer death then making us wait for this story. How long do we have to wait oh evil genius?

  4. Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!! *throws self down on ground and chucks a tantrum like a 2 yr old* I want it NOW!!!

    you big meanie!! evil evil Amber!

  5. Wow this looks really cool! I love the idea of a mixed shifter family. I hope the wait isn’t too long! So good!

  6. I have really got to stop reading these…but I just can’t help it. This sounds REALLY good, can’t wait for it to come out!

  7. Oh I love it already. Can’t wait for it to come out, I’ll just have to sit and sulk till you publish it 😦 .

  8. OMG Amber! You are killing me here!!!! This looks fantastic. Can’t wait to buy this one and, hopefully, the whole series!!!!

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