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Cardiff is the capital and largest city in Wales and the tenth largest city in the United Kingdom (Wikipedia).

My first visit to Cardiff was a short one, just to the University for an open day for my daughter. That day I was more interested in finding a parking space than looking around me. But a while back I revisited Cardiff and I fell in love with the city in a single day.

Cardiff is quieter than London, smaller for sure! The day we visited there was a Rugby game (England / Wales) and there were thousands of visitors descending on the city, focusing in on restaurants and also the beautiful Millennium Stadium. But this didn’t start until late afternoon so the morning was spent wondering the shops and doing Christmas shopping.

Cardiff central itself sprawls this way and that, and it seems every time you turn a corner there is a new street with shops, or a small parade linking roads. The parades are narrow and full of shops like arts and crafts, painting, cafes and small boutiques – the kind of small streets that you can spend a lazy time visiting with regular stops for a cup of tea! When we visited it was geared up for Christmas shopping, the castle all lit up and decorations in all the shops.

I have always had this idea of a prince and a bodyguard and the idea probably stems back to Prince William and his time at Edinburgh. He must have had bodyguards, but he always said he wanted his time to be low key. Prince Lucien is the kind of prince who just wants to blend in and having a bodyguard is more of a hindrance, although completely necessary.

Where to set my university was a no brainer. Given my daughter is now at Cardiff Uni I had a ready supply of detail and you can never sniff at that! I describe Cardiff in the book, as I see it, and if you ever get a chance to go visit you should. It’s gorgeous and has so much history at every turn!

Which UK city would you like to visit?


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Max and The Prince – Bodyguards Inc, book 3

Book 1 – Bodyguard To A Sex God

Book 2 – The Ex Factor

Bodyguard Max Connery is used to being mistaken for being younger than he is.

Being carded every time he buys a beer is usual. Even though he’s just turned twenty eight and has two tours in Afghanistan as a pilot under his belt.

When a threat is made on the life of a prince attending University in the UK, Max is the perfect choice to blend in with students and to keep Prince Lucien safe. Even if it means joining the swim team to be by his side.

But, when death visits the University, abruptly this job is a long way past keeping the prince happy and safe. Instead Max has to keep Lucien alive.

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About RJ

RJ Scott has been writing since age six, when she was made to stay in at lunchtime for an infraction involving cookies. She was told to write a story and two sides of paper about a trapped princess later, a lover of writing was born.

As an avid reader herself, she can be found reading anything from thrillers to sci-fi to horror. However, her first real true love will always be the world of romance where she takes cowboys, bodyguards, firemen and billionaires (to name a few) and writes dramatic and romantic stories of love and passion between these men.

With over seventy titles to her name and counting, she is the author of the award winning book, The Christmas Throwaway. She is also known for the Texas series charting the lives of Riley and Jack, and the Sanctuary series following the work of the Sanctuary Foundation and the people it protects.

Her goal is to write stories with a heart of romance, a troubled road to reach happiness, and most importantly, that hint of a happily ever after.






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Unedited Excerpt

The first swimmer dived in at the whistle and CU pulled ahead as Kev set a good pace, the changeover was slick, the second in the team clean into the water, and time slowed so Lucien could see every single moment of Max. The tension in his muscles, the readiness in his taught tight figure, the soft bounce of his knees, the way his blond hair fell over his forehead. He was probably so pissed that he was even swimming today, his big bad bodyguard desire to protect undermined by Billy’s pesky torn tendon.

In his head Lucien counted the strokes as the second came closer and when he touched the side Max entered the water with barely a splash, diving and traveling the longest way under water before coming to the surface and settling into a strong breast stroke. He wasn’t the fastest, but he was strong and determined and as part of the team they bought home the win.

Lucien could only hope he’d do the same in his own race. And he thanked the heavens he was down this end of the pool when Max lifted himself out. The sight of that blond hair and the water running from Max’s slim strong body was enough to drive Lucien mad.

And there it went again. Time to grab his towel and hide his burgeoning erection…

“You’re up next,” Kev said next to him. That was enough of a shock to get Lucien out of his self destructive head space. He’d stared for so long he’d missed the woman’s race. He’d probably been standing there with a dumb ass expression on his face.

So much for self respect.


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19 thoughts on “Welcome RJ Scott!

  1. Looking forward to read this next book in the series. On my tbr list.
    Have been to many lovely cities in UK but still not been to Norwich, so that one is high on my list of places to go.

  2. Definitely would love to visit Cardiff! I love Torchwood and Doctor Who and would enjoy seeing some of the places where both have been filmed.

    Just got my copy of this much anticipated book and looking forward to diving in!

  3. Halfway through Max, loving it! Visiting the whole of the British Isle is on my bucket list. Maybe next year I’ll (gasp, sob) give up (wailing commences) GRL for EuroPride instead (Amsterdam, imagine the trouble we could get into)

  4. I live in Cardiff and totally agree about the place. Having lived in many places (and visited many more) I still find Cardiff to be the nicest place to live, with maybe Aberystwyth, Cambridge vicinity or Dorchester vicinity coming a close second.

  5. I loved the book. This is a great series. I would love to tour all of the UK, but especially I would like to see the original Stonehenge. I have been to the replica at Mary’s Hill, WA. It was incredible, so, the original would be even better.

  6. Yay! I love this series! So excited to read this one! Honestly, I should live to visit London. Once never been across the Atlantic so I feel London would be a good place to start.

  7. I want to see all of UK, but I remember playing in band, the Hebrides Overture and have wanted to see the Hebrides since then.

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