Moon Pack Monday

Henry stirred the batter watching the chocolate turn a glossy brown. He sprinkled more chocolate chips inside. Dakota never had too much chocolate. Since discovering chocolate Dakota had been enthralled with the treat.

Tilting the bowl he poured the batter into two cake pans then shook them lightly until they were even. He opened the oven door then slid them both inside. Turning the timer he set it on top of the stove.

“Morning Henry,” Dakota entered the kitchen.

“Good morning.” He never tired of watching Dakota walk up to him. His mate’s icy blue eyes warmed when his gaze met Henry’s.

Dakota walked up to him and wrapped a hand around the back of Henry’s neck and brought him down for a kiss. Henry allowed Dakota to pull him down and moaned against his lover’s lips.

When they broke apart Henry had to take a few breaths before he speak. “Did you sleep well?”

“I did. I always sleep well next to you.” Dakota slipped onto a kitchen stool next to the high counter. “What’s for breakfast this morning?”

“Blueberry muffins. Scrambled eggs, bacon and fruit.”

“Sounds good. Want any help.”

“No, I got it.” Henry grinned.

“You always take such good care of me.” Dakota said. He wiggled on the stool.

“I try. You are the most important member of the pack to me,” Henry opened his second oven and pulled out the muffins. He set one on a plate for Dakota to eat before turning back to the stove. “Here, I’ll start the eggs.”

“I’m glad.”

Henry looked away from the stove when Dakota didn’t say any more

“Glad about what?”

Dakota’s fierce gaze pinned Henry in place. “Glad I have you. I like the pack but I need you to be happy.”

Henry’s cheeks burned. He turned his attention back to the stove and cracked three eggs into a bowl. “I need you too.”

A growl behind him had him turning. Dakota’s eyes glowed.

“What’s that smell?”

“I made you a birthday cake.”

Dakota tilted his head. “I don’t know my birthday. Wolves don’t track those kinds of things.”

“That’s why I’m assigning today as your birthday. I’m making you a cake and I’ve got a present for you later.”

Dakota put his hands on the table and leapt over the surface to land in front of Henry. “I don’t need a birthday. I have you.”

Henry wrapped his hands around Dakota’s hips. “Does that mean you don’t want the cake?”

Dakota shook his head. “It would be petty of me to reject all your hard work. I’ll choke down a few pieces for you.”

“You are so good to me.” Henry kissed his mate. “Now go sit down before I burn your eggs.”

Dakota kissed his cheek before walking back to his seat. Henry’s went back to the eggs, his heart almost aching with love. His life just kept getting better.

9 thoughts on “Moon Pack Monday

  1. lol. Choke down the pieces indeed.

    Ah, this makes me want to read the whole series all over again (you know, because I wasn’t already thinking about doing that…)

  2. Henry and Dakota are lovely, wounded souls who found strength and love and meaning in one another. One of my favourite pairings – thanks Amber for re-visiting them.

  3. Awe, I adore Henry and Dakota, they’re my favorite couple next to Silver and Anthony. So sweet! Thank you!

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