Tuesday Teaser!

This is the second one on this manuscript.

first blurb

Once again banging on the door woke me from a deep sleep. Still sleepy I stumbled down the hall and whipped open the door. Carl Johnson stood on my doorstep holding a box of my favorite donuts and a paper tray containing two cups of coffee.

“Morning, I thought I’d come by and apologize for abandoning you last night.”

“That’s sweet.” I didn’t know what to say. Carl had never shown a considerate side before. I didn’t know how to take it.

“I thought so.” He grinned at me smugly.

“Come on in.” I stepped back and motioned him inside.

He walked past me and set the food in the kitchen. “Come here.” He pulled me closer and kissed me gently. I returned the kiss and leaned into his hard body a moment before stepping back. He might spend the day behind a desk but he worked out to keep his body trim. I appreciated his efforts even if I hadn’t sampled all his wares yet.

“Hey darling, did you want me to make coffee,” Hunter’s growly voice made me close my eyes with annoyance.

“I-I didn’t know you had company. I guess I should’ve called first.” The flash of pain in Carl’s eyes changed to fury when Hunter sauntered into the room wearing only a pair of boxers.

“I’m not company,” Hunter wrapped an arm around my waist as if we were long lost lovers.

I nudged him away with a not so friendly elbow placement. “He’s not company he’s a friend staying over in the spare room.”

Hunter nodded. “Which was very lonely after you left the bed.”

I could’ve kicked him. It didn’t matter that I’d slept divinely in Hunter’s arms. He knew as well as I did that there was nothing between us. I didn’t know why he was trying to ruin my relationship.

“This is Hunter, Hunter this is Carl the guy I was telling you about last night.”

Carl relaxed at those words.

Hunter tensed. I could practically feel his animosity grow. “Why don’t you go get dressed Hunter. I’m sure you have to be at work soon.”

He shook his head. “No, I got the next two days off for my injuries.”

Carl swept a gaze across him. “You look perfectly healthy to me.”

I elbowed Hunter again. “Concussion that’s why Jade is looking after me.”

Relief swept through me until Hunter gripped my shoulder. “Jade and I have been friends for years.”

“A year,” I corrected. “Carl’s right why don’t you go get dressed.”

I glared at him willing him to leave alone with Carl who I was sure would quickly be pushed into the category of men I used to date after he ditched my ass.

Hunter had the gall to kiss my cheek. Tingles went down my spine from the contact.

I kept my gaze on Carl as Hunter walked away. “He’s straight.”

“He didn’t look that straight when he was eyeing you like the first cup of coffee of the morning.”

I laughed. “You don’t have to worry about Hunter.”

“Hmm.” Carl handed over my coffee.

I took a sip of the hot liquid humming my contentment. I loved coffee. There was something about the bitter bean that made my morning perfect.

Carl handed over my donut a big sugary beast with custard filling. I sucked at the tip tonguing out the cream filling with a moan.

“Holy crap.” Hunter’s voice had me looking up. I licked the cream off of my lips. His piercing gaze stared at me like he’d never seen me before.

“What’s wrong?”

Carl stroked a hand down my back. I turned back to him. Carl cupped my cheeks and kissed me, a hard claiming kiss. I opened my mouth and let him inside. It was a pleasant kiss but not spectacular. A warm body slid across my back. “You don’t mind if I make my own coffee do you?”

I gasped as Hunters erection brushed across my ass. I quickly broke the kiss and took my coffee and donut with me.

“Well, I just came to bring you coffee and donuts. I’ll see you later Jade.”

Hunter’s snort had me frowning. “What?”

“He didn’t come to bring you coffee he came for a booty call. He ditches you last night and wants to make up for that sex he didn’t get.”

Carl blushed as my eyes got wide. “Did you come for a booty call?”

“Now love I missed you last night.” He moved and I saw a mark on his neck. Grabbing his collar I yanked it down. A hickey glowed luridly.

“You must not have missed me that much.”

Carl jerked back. “We never agreed to be exclusive.”

Disappointment churned my stomach. “No we didn’t but I won’t be lied to. Get out.”

“Now Jade, darling.”

“He said get out.” Hunter was there getting into Carl’s face. With at least an inch of height and twenty pounds of muscle more than Carl, Hunter’s cold expression had Carl stepping back.

“Fine, I’ll call you later,” Carl pointed at me.

“Don’t bother.” I couldn’t stand liars. My father had spent my childhood lying to my mother about working, about other women, about everything until she grabbed me and rebuilt her life away from his influence.

The door slammed behind him.

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  1. Now I really want to read this one once its finished. You really know how to tease us fans with these short snippets.

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