Forever My Love #37

I have hesitated to finish this book. I’m still trying to decide how it is going to end. It will be revised heavily in the future.

* * * *

In halting words and a lot of tears Lee spilled his heart out to the angel.

“That bastard!” Chamuel raged. Thunder shook the stained glass windows.

Lee watched wide-eyed as the angel’s wings flared out. “Are you okay?”

“Michael has been interfering with love!” Anger pulsed from the angel’s white wings turned red at the tips.

Lee took a step back from the celestial being. He didn’t know what kind of powers Chamuel might have but he didn’t plan on being caught in the crossfire. “What are you going to do?”

Chamuel fluttered his wings. “What you requested human, get your lover back.”

Lee watched the angel disappear. He sank down on a pew. “I hope I didn’t make a mistake.” He didn’t want to start an angelic war.

Closing his eyes he rested his head against the wood and prayed.

“Going over my head?” A hard voice had him jumping to his feet.


“How dare you contact Chamuel!”

“How dare you steal my husband!” He’d run out of patience days ago. Even an archangel wouldn’t stop him from getting Antonio back.

“You really think you are up to fighting me human?”

Michael’s scorn should’ve burned him where he stood.

“Yes.” Lee shook as he confronted the celestial being. He’d never been one to embrace fighting but he’d do anything for Antonio.

Michael crossed his muscular arms. “You do know I can destroy you.”

“Can you? Aren’t there rules about killing mortals?” He didn’t know whatever laws angels had to follow but he’d bet one of them included not killing innocent humans.

“No he can’t.” Chamuel agreed, appearing beside Michael. “Now give him back his soul mate.”

“Soul mate,” Michael scoffed. “What nonsense.”

Chamuel fluffed his wings making him appear larger than the archangel beside him. “You don’t want to go against me old one. You might be one of the original angels but I have power of my own.”

“Antonio will make me a good companion.” Michael said.

“No, he is mine!” Lee wouldn’t give Antonio up.

“Lee is right. Antonio belongs to him,” Chamuel said.

“Then he can fight me for him.” Michael tilted his chin up.

Lee squeezed his eyes tight to hold back the tears. “I don’t need to fight you. He belongs to me.”

“Are you afraid he won’t choose you?” Michael jeered.

Lee laughed. “No. I’m worried if he chooses me you will try to make us both suffer for the rest of our lives.”

“You have a good point.” Michael scratched his cheek. “What do you think would be a good solution?”

“For you to stop being an ass.” A deep voice had Lee spinning around.

His husband stood in the church aisle wearing a stranger’s skin. Lee would still know Antonio’s soul anywhere. Racing between the pews he jumped into Antonio’s arms.

Antonio squeezed him tight. “I missed you, beloved.”

“I missed you too.” Lee sobbed against Antonio’s shoulder. “I missed you so much.”

10 thoughts on “Forever My Love #37

  1. I would have purchased this book. That’s an amazing scene!!!. Continue changing up your scenes and breathing new life to romance.

  2. Wow, so many way this could go. I see the start of another series. Michael is an ass and the bad guy here, and yet, why do I kind of feel sorry for Michael? He’s a lonely ass.

  3. YAY!!!! Lee got his man, I bet it will be strange seeing Antonio in a different skin, but having his soul mate back will make the adjustment so much easier

  4. Oh and yeah a series with Trent and Ike, and maybe another for Ike’s oldest brother, the name escapes me at the moment

  5. Antonio’s new body is still involved in drug dealing and betraying the local alpha. That will need to get resolved before he can live peacefully with Lee. I felt kind of sorry for Michael earlier in the story, but not so much recently.

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