Moon Pack Monday!

Anthony twisted his ring around his finger. The two shifters guarding his office door smiled at him when he turned in their direction.

“I don’t need babysitters.” No matter how many times he said it, Silver still insisted he had guards.

“We know.” Inno replied. ‘But shooting lightning in the middle of a skyscraper isn’t a good idea.”

Anthony rolled his eyes. Silver hadn’t even sent tough guards he’d sent Inno, a baker who considered it a crime against humanity, if he burnt cookies and Gabe who usually had twin bodyguard mates of his own.

“Where are your mates?”

“Downstairs,” Gabe replied.

Inno grinned. “Asleep.”

They giggled!

Anthony sighed.

“Are you going to get married?” Inno eyed Anthony with a hopeful expression.

“Why would we?” In the eyes of the shifter world they were already married and to humans Anthony’s ring had them referring to Silver as his husband. A wedding wouldn’t change anything.

Inno shrugged. “It would be fun to make a wedding cake.”

“Don’t you get orders at your store?” Inno had taken over his sister’s bakery and had it open on the weekend only. The rest of the time he baked for the Moon pack.

“Sometimes but I’ve never made a shifter wedding cake. I could make sugar wolves.” Excitement lit his eyes.

Gabe smiled. “Really? That’s awesome.”

“Why did Silver pick you two?”

“Everyone else was busy. He figured we could at least call our mates if we got into trouble.” Inno said.

“Why? Don’t you think we can do it? We’re still wolves you know and Gabe is learning some fighting skills
from his mates.”

“No. I’m sure you’ll be fine.” No one had ever attacked his office. He didn’t bother to mention he had human security guards to stop anyone from coming upstairs who wasn’t supposed to.

“Still, think of the cake.” Inno nodded.

“You could get married.” Anthony hid his smile. He’d love to see the expression on Inno’s mate. Mikel tended to do whatever Inno wanted but he didn’t know his stance on marriage.

“I’m not going to make my own wedding cake!” Inno’s outraged expression made him laugh.
Silver walked through the doorway while they were chatting. “What’s going on?”

“Inno has wedding cakes on the mind.” Anthony stood and accepted his mate’s kiss. He lost track of time with Silver’s lips on his.

Silver ended their embrace by nipping his bottom lip. “Who’s getting married?”

“No one. Inno just wants to make a cake.” Anthony kissed Silver on the cheek.

“Ah. Well you two can go. Gabe your mates are going to wear a hole in Anthony’s lobby carpet. Inno, Mikel called and said he’s on the way.”

Anthony’s guards left him with waves and smiles. He waited until they left.

“Why were they really here?”

“Mikel wants Inno to feel more like part of the pack and the twins wanted Gabe to feel independent.”

“So their mates requested their presence.” Anthony shook his head. “You’re such a softy.”

“I can understand someone wanting their mate to be happy.” Silver wrapped his arms around Anthony. “I’d do anything for mine.”

Anthony kissed his mate. When they broke apart both of them were both breathing heavy. “How about you take me home and show me how much you want me to be happy.”

Silver grinned. “How about you teleport us and I can get started quicker?”

“Mm, you have the best ideas.” Anthony wrapped his arms around his mate and sent them home.

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  1. Amber, I just love these little pieces. Thanks for writing this. How long do we have to wait for the next Moonpack book?

    1. I’m not sure. I keep trying to get it done but other things keep getting in the way. LOL

  2. Oh yay, I absolutely love Silver and Anthony, my favorite Moon Pack couple! Thank you so much, can’t wait until next week and the next Moon Pack book.

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