Let’s Pretend it’s Monday

It’s been a busy week, you know like every other week. I’ve been horrible at keeping up with my blog lately.

* * * *

A sleek, glossy raven flew into the cave. It landed on a pile of jewels, cawed then fished out a ruby.

“Don’t think because you’re my mate you can take all my prettiest jewels.” Rhaegar scolded.

“He doesn’t think it. He knows it.” Blake strolled up to him, bare-chested and carrying a coffee mug. Steam trailed upwards. Following Rhaegar’s gaze Blake handed the cup over.

“Thanks, mate.” They both watched as the raven ignored then and continued to rifle through Rhaegar’s shiniest gems.

“You do know he’s going to ignore you.” Blake held out his arm. The black, feathered head popped up. A minute later the bird flapped its wings and flew over to Blake landing on his arm. The raven tilted its head and examined Blake with an intelligent gaze.

Rhaegar leaned over to meet the crow’s gaze. “Our new bed came in.”

The bird hopped down. A few minutes later the bird transformed into a beautiful man with dark hair and matching eyes.

“There you are.” Blake wrapped his arms around Leif. “You are a very pretty bird but I prefer the human version.”

Leif tilted his head up for his kiss.

Rhaegar watched his mate’s kiss. While they were occupied he ran his hands down their bare backs taking the chill of their skin. His mates were sweet but didn’t have a dragon’s inner fire to keep them warm.

Leif stepped away from Blake and leapt into Rhaegar’s arms. He grinned up at Rhaegar. “You have the prettiest rubies.”

Rhaegar kissed Leif on the nose. “It’s like being mated to a little dragon,” he grumbled. “At least Blake won’t take my hoard.”

Blake grinned. “I don’t know. I can probably hock a bunch of this stuff and life like a king.”

Rhaegar spit a cloud of smoke at his mate.

Blake coughed, waving his hand to clear the air. “That was mean.”

Leif laughed. “You did have it coming.”

Blake kissed Rhaegar’s cheek. “Grumpy dragon.”

“Where’s the bed?” Leif slid to his feet.

Rhaegar took one hand and Blake too the other. Between them they led Leif into the adjoining cavern.

“Oh! It’s gorgeous.” In the middle of the room stood a round bed with crows and wolves engraved on all sides.

“There aren’t any dragons.” Leif crouched down to examine it from all sides. “There should be dragons.”

Rhaegar smiled. “Little bird, you and Blake gave up everything to live in a cave with me here. I think that is enough dragon.”

Blake threw himself onto the bed. “You’re right Leif, this bed is missing a dragon.”

Leif joined Blake on the bed, snuggling up to his side. He held out his arms and made grabby hands. “Come here dragon. Let’s fix this oversight.”

Rhaegar grinned and stripped off his clothes. “Anything for my mates.”

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  1. Damn I thought it was Monday guess I missed a day or two. Oh well now it make a fresh start to a new week HA!

  2. will forgive you are late because that was really sweet, I love these little reminder of the gang, plz keep them coming

  3. Thanks so much Amber, I so loved this little tale. Please keep writing Moonpack stories for us all.

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