What’s Going on with the Blog Story?

Okay you are probably wondering what I did with the blog story. I’ve decided it’s too disorganized to finish how it is. I’m going to have to revamp the entire thing to tie up loose ends. Sorry but it needs a solid redo.

I’ll be starting a new one when I get back from RT in two weeks.

Thanks for your understanding!

Also I let my FB group know if you aren’t going to a conference and live in the US you can order a stress ball dragon for the cost of box and postage. You can order one here if you are interested. I will also be at RT, Euromeet, UK Meet, GRNW, & GRL to hand out dragons. *hugs all around*

4 thoughts on “What’s Going on with the Blog Story?

  1. I ordered one since I can’t get to RT as much as I would like to… Have fun & safe travels! Elaine

  2. amber are you talking about forever my love, if you are, are you turning it into a book,this story is truly wonderful and I have been following it and would really like them and me to get a hea , love all your stories, you have a wonderful talent, look forward to a new story

    1. Yes I’m talking about Forever My Love and it will be turned into a book…eventually LOL 🙂

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