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Book three in the Mercenary Love Series

After spending years defending his country, will Jonathan lose the battle over his heart?

When Jonathan Stevens meets Kai Stromwell, it’s attraction at first sight, but can a brief sizzle turn into a lasting fire? A series of events leads Jonathan to believe someone is trying to kill Kai. The question is who? With no obvious motives the most he can do is stick close to the handsome man and stay alert. Keeping Kai safe becomes the focus of his life while he fights his own personal demons.

Kai Stromwell has worked hard to build up his fortune. Upon meeting Jonathan he wonders if maybe there is more to life than long hours at the office. When attempts on his life become more and more aggressive, he turns to his new love for answers. Depending on someone has never been easy, but he would give up his millions if he could spend the rest of his life teasing Jonathan.




With his makeshift breakfast sandwich in one hand, Jonathan left the building and headed for the crosswalk. His head hurt as the bright sun assaulted his eyes. Still walking, he slipped his sunglasses out of his pocket and slid them on.

He sighed at the instant relief. If only all of life’s problems were so easily fixed.

A small crowd of people had already gathered on the corner to wait for the light. Rush hour always had the sidewalks packed with people in suits rushing to their offices. The idea of spending all day confined in one space made Jonathan shudder. He did, however, like a man in a suit. Something about an elegant man all dressed up made Jonathan want to muss him.

Engrossed in his own thoughts, it took Jonathan a minute to notice the guy standing beside him. Once he spotted him, Jonathan couldn’t look away.


The tall, slim man had dark hair, professionally styled in layers, and wore a brown suit tailored to fit a well-proportioned body. Bright green eyes scanned Jonathan up and down as if he were one of Callum’s featured dishes and he couldn’t wait to dig in. Jonathan appreciated that the man stood only a few inches shorter than his own six-foot-four frame. He wasn’t one of those guys who wanted a smaller lover to cuddle. He preferred a strong man who could hold his own.

“Good morning, handsome,” the stranger said. His rich baritone voice rolled through Jonathan like a physical touch.

“Good morning.” Jonathan didn’t consider himself ugly, but the man beside him hit an eleven on a scale of one to five. Handsome without being too pretty.

Jonathan took a bite of his omelette sandwich so he wouldn’t drool.

The light changed and they both stepped off the curve. Jonathan’s eyes strayed back to the dark-haired man beside him instead of paying attention to the crowd. People tended to move out of his way by instinct, not wanting to be trampled by Jonathan’s big feet. Sometimes he felt like the monster in one of those old time horror movies where the people fled in terror from the large creature stomping through the city.

Only because his eyes were already trained on the stranger did he see the car barrelling towards them.

Moving on instinct, Jonathan dropped his breakfast and grabbed the guy’s arm. With a strong grip, he yanked them both to safety. The SUV’s tyres squealed as the driver bulldozed through the pack of pedestrians. Unfortunately the vehicle’s angle didn’t allow Jonathan to get a licence plate number before it raced away.

With an experienced eye, Jonathan evaluated the damage. He and the man he’d grabbed had escaped harm. However, not all the pedestrians were so lucky. No one appeared seriously injured, but a big guy in a business suit and shiny shoes had been clipped and lay on the street. His briefcase had slid across the asphalt, popped open, and the wind blowing his papers across the universe. Jonathan hoped he had extra copies.

A few women were crying from shock and several others stood on the sidewalk looking around as if waiting for the vehicle to return.

With his nerves surprisingly steady, Jonathan reached into his pocket to call the police. Once he reached an operator, he reported the incident in cool, even tones while he checked on the injured. Only one person’s wounds looked serious enough to probably require stitches, though several others had scrapes from falling on the rough road or sidewalk. Jonathan hung up after he’d given his location. They didn’t need him to stay on the phone tying up the line. Surveying the damage, Jonathan knew it could’ve been much worse. He hoped this day didn’t end with another string of nightmares.

“You saved my life,” a now-familiar, deep voice said.

Distracted by the wounded, Jonathan hadn’t seen anyone walk up behind him. He turned. The beautiful man he’d noticed before was standing on the sidewalk regarding him with an awed expression. Jonathan’s heart raced, no doubt still on edge from the jolt of adrenaline he’d received while escaping the path of the SUV.

Although he knew he’d pulled the man to safety, an odd compulsion gripped Jonathan to verify that the stranger had completely escaped injury. Stepping closer, he carefully examined the man from head to toe.

A wide smile crossed the stranger’s face. “I’m unhurt, thanks to you.”

“I’m glad I was there.” Jonathan didn’t want to even imagine the amount of damage the SUV would’ve caused if it had hit the other man going at full speed.

“You saved my life,” he repeated.

Jonathan clenched his fists to hide the trembling in his hands. To imagine this beautiful man’s life snuffed out made him queasy. He took a slow breath to balance out his churning stomach.

“It was probably a drunk driver,” Jonathan said dismissively. He didn’t know that for sure, but he didn’t want to cause panic among people already stressed from the incident. He didn’t know if anyone else was listening to their conversation and hearing that a psycho in a SUV had tried to end their lives probably wouldn’t go over very well.

The vehicle had appeared to be aiming at the man beside him, but barring a confession from the driver, Jonathan couldn’t prove anything. So far this hadn’t turned out to be a very good day.

“I’m Kai Stromwell.” The gorgeous guy held out his hand to Jonathan.

Well, there was one good part of his morning—the man standing in front of him. If Jonathan had ever collected any good karma in his life, he considered it completely paid back at that very moment.

“Jonathan Stevens, nice to meet you.” He shook hands with Kai and bit his lip to hold back a gasp as a jolt of sizzling attraction surged through him. The burst of electricity danced through his body and settled down below. Hell, he’d had full orgasms with less satisfaction than that one gentle touch.

“You feel it too, don’t you?” Kai asked, his eyes lit with excitement. Kai stepped closer and Jonathan barely resisted the urge to rub his body all over a guy he’d just met.

Jonathan nodded. He’d be an idiot if he didn’t admit it and at least pursue a date. That much attraction deserved exploration. They didn’t have to commit to a lifelong relationship. Right now Jonathan would settle for getting laid. Kai’s expression indicated that he might be open to that sort of proposition.

Before he could make any sort of arrangement, they were interrupted.

“Excuse me, but did either of you witness the hit and run?” a uniformed cop asked.

They both nodded.

The cops separated Jonathan and Kai to get their statements. Afterwards, Jonathan lost track of his new friend. Disappointment hit him as he realised he’d probably lost his one chance to get Kai’s phone number. Usually he’d think a man like that was out of his league, but the sexual magnetism zipping between them had told a different story.


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  1. Loved this Series!!!!!! Wish Dave’s story could have a HEA just as a side piece of course.

  2. I agree with Bobbi. Dave rocks and I loved his interactions with Callum and the guys. Especially how he teased and taught Jonathan.

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