The Changing Years!

outMy book with Allromanceebooks.com has been released. This is the story about a man who gets custody of his teenage son. The teen is going through his changing years where werewolf transformation is possible. Since his son is half human as is the primary character he has to come up with a way to deal with his son’s aggression. In this short story I delve into parenthood (pay special attention to the aggressive teen hormonal parts. I modeled that after my own teen! LOL!)

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Grant Thornlin poured over the paperwork before him. Shit, he had too much going on to deal with a human trying to get his kid into the pack school. Each time he added a new member it seemed to triple his number of headaches. If it were just the kids it would be one thing but the parents tended to be the ones that needed all the attention. Dealing with a new parent, much less a human one, could only lead to trouble. He’d only agreed to meet with Mr. McKellan because he couldn’t resist his curiosity. Half shifters were incredibly rare. Most shifter/human bondings ended in no children. It was difficult for shifters to get pregnant by their true mates, much less by someone not bound in the way of the shifter.

He hoped McKellan didn’t take the rejection too hard. Grant had taken over the principal’s office for this visit. He visited the school regularly to check up on younger pack mates. The principal Dan Sonlan and all of the teachers had taken the day off for some sort of in service training, allowing Grant to usurp his space. It was only him and a skeleton staff.

The phone buzzed.

He pushed the intercom button.

“Mr. McKellan is here for you sir,” Joyce, the school receptionist said. She’d been in that seat for twenty years and Grant didn’t think she’d ever taken a day off. He offered her a vacation day once and from her expression he might as well have offered to skin her wolf. The subject was never brought up again.

“Send him in.” He pushed the button to disconnect the call.

The door opened and Grant’s breathing stopped. It took him a few minutes to get it started again.


A slender man with dirty-blond hair and pale-blue eyes entered the room. Grant had never seen that color in a human before. His inner wolf howled its approval. Pushing the beast down, he fought for control. Never before had a man drawn his wolf’s attention. Sure he’d looked at a passing gorgeous man or woman but not like this. Not with the urge to pounce, mark and call a man his own.

“Hello, are you Alpha Thornlin?” His soft melodic voice rolled across Grant, stroking his inner wolf.

Would it be bad form to fuck him against the wall?

“Yes, you must be Mr. McKellan.” Grant cleared his throat then stood, grateful for his long suit jacket. If he’d dressed in more casual clothes his erection would’ve been visible. He walked around the desk and held out his hand. A roller coaster of nerves did loop de loops in his stomach.

“Nice to meet you.” McKellan slid his hand into Grant’s. Desire shot between the palms, a lightning bolt of need and want. A whimper threatened to come out but he beat it back into submission. Alphas didn’t make pitiful, needy noises like newly shifted wolves.

“Please have a seat.” He motioned to the chair opposite from him and quickly took his seat, mindful of the comforting barrier of the desk. The more things between them the less likely he’d take the innocent human to the floor and start humping him.

Crap, this isn’t good!

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  1. Already bought, read, and loved it! Please tell me you have more in mind for this pack!!! And maybe Shaun’s best friend?

    1. It was going to be just one book. Maybe in the future I might revisit the world. 🙂

  2. bought and loved it really hope you make another one lol and more about shaun gonna have to read it again now

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