Moon Pack Monday

Jager grimaced at the stain on his shirt. That’ll teach him to wrestle with a tiger shifter right before a date with his lover.

“Sorry Jag,” Dare’s apologetic smile swept away Jager’s anger.

“I shouldn’t have said your Jello shots were too watery.”

That comment had led to a food fight and Jager’s damaged shirt.

“Well I guess they were since I could toss them at you.” Dare grinned.

Jager laughed. Even covered in cherry and lime food coloring he couldn’t hold his annoyance with the tiger shifter. Dare’s easy-going nature made him a hard man to hold a grudge against. His brother Ryder didn’t have the same calm temperament.

“What’s going on here?” Ryder’s voice thundered across the empty bar as if on cue. Things didn’t improve when the large tiger shifter skidded on one of the more solid globs of gelatin.

“Sorry love. We were testing out if Dare’s shots had hardened.”

Dare’s helpless giggles had Ryder sending his brother a disgusted look.

Jager slid his hand down Ryder’s arm. “I’ll run upstairs and change before we go out. It won’t take long. Maybe you can come help me.”

Ryder scowled and folded his arms over his chest. Some people might be fooled by the stern expression and bulging muscles but not Jager. He stepped up to his mate and pressed his stained chest against the large tiger shifter. “You could come help me change.”

He turned on his heel and headed for the elevators. A low growl behind him made him smile. He didn’t turn around. Ryder would follow. His tiger shifter always followed. Leaving his pack was possibly the best decision Jager had ever made. It had certainly led to him finding his heart.

He’d barely made it to their apartment and unlocked the door before Ryder pushed him inside. “Strip.”
Jager spun around, slowly unbuttoning each pearly button one by one. He made a show of revealing patches of skin in a slow display.

Ryder sat on the couch and motioned for Jager to continue stripping. “This is better than going out.”

“Don’t think this means you don’t have to take me to dinner.” Jager had been anticipating a night on the town with Ryder all week. He’d been busy working for the past ten days straight and needed time with his mate.

After a bit of persuasion from his favorite designers Jager had agreed to do a few more modeling shoots. Although he no longer had to bring in money to support his old pack he liked to feel useful. When he wasn’t modeling he did guard duty. For both positions his tiger shifter followed him around like his personal bodyguard.

“I’ll take you out after I fuck you over the couch.” Ryder’s eyes glowed, the inner tiger prowling behind the human façade and ready to claim its mate.

“Promises, promises.” Ryder continued to pull off his clothes. He’d stripped off his shirt then straddled his lover’s thick thighs. “It’s only my shirt that was damaged, my love.”

A loud ripping noise preceded Ryder tossing the scraps of Jager’s pants onto the floor. “Oops.”

Jager gasped. “I liked those.”

“You can get more.” Ryder’s indifference to Jager’s clothing just made him love him more. His mate didn’t care if Jager was pressed perfect or if his hair was styled in the latest fashion Ryder cared for the man beneath the polish.

“I can.” Jager had many designer friends, they all were more than happy for Jager to wear their clothes.

“Good.” Ryder nuzzled Jager’s neck, nipping at the tender flesh.

Jager groaned then gave himself up to his mate’s desires.

Maybe they could go out tomorrow night instead.

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  1. Thanks so much, makes my Tuesday morning (it is 7.30 am in the UK), Lorraine

  2. Oh wow… cant wait for this book. Love them two. Now i want to reread from Attracting anthony till Markingg Mikel. But i should say my man declan. Love the moon pack. 🙂

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