Happy Father’s Day!


It’s Father’s Day in America so I thought I’d have a contest.

Share a happy childhood memory and enter to win a $25 GC from the e-bookstore of your choice! There will be 4 winners chosen next Friday!

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  1. My older brothers and I playing ‘the family’ (together with a few teddy bears). I was the mum who cooked they were the kids who ate. LOL, I was 3.

  2. My dad let me drive the last block home when I was 10. I was too scared to pull in the driveway and stopped in the middle of the street. I thought I was hot stuff. Mom never found out:)

  3. My Dad was a very laid back man. Not a lot bothered him or made him mad. He was always there when we needed him and once on my way from home back to college, my car broke down. When he came to look at it and we determined it was not worth fixing (like 2 months before graduation) he just gave me his truck. Not only was he easy going, he could be very generous.

  4. Wherever we were stationed Dad would take us to new restaurants and introduce us to new foods and experiences. I remember that most from our travels around the world.

  5. We used to take roadtrips every summer when I was a kid. I remember the sense of adventure. Dad drove the car, there was no rigid schedule, and we travelled all over the country on those trips.

  6. It’s Fathers Day here as well today, I’ve been to the cemetery to visit with him. When I was young in the 60’s my dad didn’t like to drive far for holidays ( he was a proper home body) anywhoo we were travelling to the Lake District about 200 miles. We had a car radio ( posh at the time) and Young Girl by The Union Gap was very popular also still my favourite summer song to this day. It played about every 30 mins throughout the trip, everyone but myself was fed up of hearing it by the time we got there, I can still hear my dad moaning ” not this again! ” lol.

  7. I remember when i was class 3, we were 19 in our class and i was the 13th during mid term exams, i was sad and cried when i reached home.Dad sat me down and asked why i was crying, told him why and said it was hard i cant do it.he looked me in the eyes and said’my princess there is no such thing in the vocaburary as,its hard i cant do it.everything is possible if you work hard enough.’ He smilled and took me to get ice cream.
    now if there is a point i want to give up, i just say there is no such thing as i cant do it.i thank my dad for that piece of advice till now.He was the best,always will be.

  8. For much of my youth my dad worked out in construction camps and so the best memories were when he was home for the weekend. Wrestling with dad and my tow other sisters was great……….lol…

  9. I was raised by a single dad who was awesome, so this was difficult. I think my best childhood memory would be of sitting on his lap on a Saturday night with each of us reading our own books. It was always Solid Gold Saturday Night playing classic rock on the radio. I get misty eyed just thinking about it.

  10. I always loved my Dad’s peanut butter cookies. They were burnt “just right” around the edges.lol
    He’s been gone almost 22 years now and I still miss those cookies. He would have been 77 on July 2. It’s so hard to imagine him that age. He was always so lively and full of sh*t!

  11. I remember growing up in a family that celebrate things like Fathers Day together.We would pack up and go to my Aunt house for a cook out. I can remember my mom making the potato salad and how much fun it was to just sit back and be. To see my parents and Aunt’s and Uncle all sitting around ad playing with my cousins and the uncles . It’s a wonderful Happy memory!!

  12. My favorite would be going on an overseas trip just the two of us. We really learned a lot more about each other in such close proximity and without distractions.

  13. My sisters are a lot older than me, so when I was young they had left home and had kids of their own. We used to visit one sister on a Saturday night, and I remember on numerous occasions my Dad saying on the way home at 1 or 2 o’clock in the morning, lets go visit my other sister. We used to wake her up and my brother-in-law used to make hot bread and butter. I remember falling asleep on their lounge room floor many times. We also used to go on lots of picnics up into the mountains and play cricket and football with my Dad, brother-in-laws and my nieces and nephews. Fun times. πŸ™‚

  14. I don’t have one specific memory but I always loved when my father used to take me, my sister and brother to the luna park.

  15. I remember when I was little, my Dad and I would go camping on the land he owned,sleeping in tents. We’d always go to the clear lake and play and stuff. We would ride around looking at things. One year we thought a bear was chasing us.

  16. I remember my dad teaching me to drive his truck at about age 10. It was so much fun.

  17. Growing up my dad worked a lot so we always looked forward to vacations. We would get in the car and drive 4 to 6 hours to get to my grandmothers house. We’d sing songs in the car and spend time just being a family.

  18. My grandfather was my father figure growing up and I remember watching him make furniture and work on other woodworking projects before he’d always take a nap in his recliner in front of the wood stove in the basement. He doesn’t work on many projects nowadays, but he still takes the naps. Lol

  19. My last fishing trip with my dad, I was seven months pregnant with my daughter. I thought the guy at the boat rental place was going to have a heart attack, he kept asking me if I was sure I wasn’t going to have the baby out on the lake. I miss fishing trips with my dad.

  20. Fathers day for me was the day I was adopted and had a man to be my dad. He chose to be my dad even tho I was already a teenager. There were four of us adopted that day. Sadly we lost him to cancer two years ago next month.

  21. I remember making a big snowman with my dad when I was about 5 years old. And then we went for a walk and watched hares playing in the snow.

  22. A happy childhood memory for me would be one of my fav uncle. He used to sneak away with me into the garden and we’d pretend to be visiting another world. I miss him every day but I’m so glad for all the great times we had that missing him never makes me sad.

  23. My dad is no longer with us, but my happiest childhood memory is sitting on the bank of a lake with my dad teaching me how to fish. I really miss those days.

  24. I remember that dad & I used to hide and scare each other. My sisters too. We also used to swarm dad when he got home from work and grab his legs and clamor for his attention. With 3 of us under the age of 6, it was hard to keep up with who was there & who wasn’t. One day, I snuck into my dad’s closet and waited for him to come upstairs to change clothes. It felt like hours, though it was probably 5-10 minutes. When he opened the door I jumped out and screamed and he fell back on the bed grabbing his chest. He swears that is when his cyst started growing on his heart! ( he had a cyst that grew on his heart and had to be removed when I was 14 or 15- so about 10 years later)


  25. I loved when my dad would take me out early on a Sunday morning to teach me how to drive. It was time that I got him to myself with no one else around and we talked about everything, no matter how big or small. Then we would stop at McDonald’s for Hotcakes and sausage so the time didn’t end so quickly. Those are some of the best times.

  26. My father worked a lot… That’s why I could hardly see him during the week. But weekends were different. He used to stay around, gardening and working on the car in the garage. But there were the very special weekends, when he would go fishing and take me with him. We spent hours by the river near our place (I do not remember the name, you see, we moved some years later), and I would be picking up flowers or reading fairy tales while he fished silently. They are really good memories πŸ˜‰

  27. My father took me and my sister hunting for “snipes” when we went camping at my favorite place in the world. I was about 5 and we were in the Adirondacks. As we searched he snuck up behind us and scared us and I jumped so high I almost hit a branch. I loved it though and it was one of my favorite memories. As we got older we took every new person who went camping with us hunting, it’s become a tradition to this day.

  28. My Dad and I would after church sit in front of the TV and discuss the game. My mom would comment that I was the son my dad always wanted.

  29. My happiest memory from childhood is when me and my family was going on vacation. My mom, dad, two younger sisters, and myself were all in a little car on our way to St. Louis. My sisters and me argued the whole way. My mom and dad were so happy to see the hotel. We spent the whole weekend at Six Flags and the children’s science museum. We had so much fun together. Now we don’t get to do that so much.

  30. The happiest childhood memory I have of my dad and I have lots but it was when he was baptized when I was 9. My dad was a great man but he was an alcoholic but he was a functioning one, he worked everyday, loved his wife and kids. He jumped the pew in front of us in church to get to the alter, people left church to go home to get their cameras. It was a wonderful night.

  31. My mom was a divorcee with 3 kids and when I was 6 she married my dad and he adopted us. It’s a silly memory but less than a year later I wanted to go to the movies one day to see Benji wIith some neighborhood friends so I rushed home to break into my piggy bank to get money for the movie. My dad asked me what I was doing and I told him and to this day I remember him giving me the strangest look, then he sat me down, pulled out his wallet and gave me money for the movie. He told me that I was his daughter now and it was his place to make sure I had everything I needed. It probably didn’t really happen that way but that’s how I remember it.

    I lost my dad a few years ago but to this day I know that even though he was far from perfect, I was truly blessed to have him for a dad.

  32. My dad worked a lot when I was younger, but he always wanted to know what was going on in my life. Because of this, he came up with this ritual of once a week we would take a car ride to nowhere in particular and we would catch up on what happened that week. We would tell stories and share events and laugh and cry together in the car. I miss him everyday and wish I could have some of those moments back.

  33. Best memory was on the weekend my dad would play songs from the 50s and have us all sing with him

  34. My parents had me young so when my two were toddlers Dad was only about 50. My best memory was my dad climbing his mango tree at his house so he could help my daughter and young son up the tree so they could see the ducks on the canal in the back yard. Dad has been gone 3 years now. I miss him but I remember the big smiles the three of them had up in the silly mango tree.

  35. Handing my Daddy nails so he could makeover the garage into a double. This meant I got to be up on the ladder with him for hours.

  36. My best Dad memory was his last Christmas, he was so sick and tired from his illness; yet he rallied to play his part in our family Christmas Eve traditions, and give his grandchildren a wonderful memory. When I look at the pictures of him reading the Night Before Christmas, I see a loving strong man surrounded by his 4 grandchildren. Who then went on to drive them around to see the lights and hurry home when they saw Santa’s sleigh in the night sky.

  37. Dad wearing the cowboy boots I got him (he’d always wanted a pair but us kids came first and he has big feet) at my wedding.

  38. When I was younger I was allergic to cats and dogs so for my sixteenth birthday my dad got me my first pet. A hedgehog made out of a pinecone. When he asked what I was going to name it, I replied Harry. He laughed cuz that was his middle name which he hated.

  39. A moment? How about 62 years of moments. My dad could never be replicated. He was the greatest.

  40. I was a daddy’s girl so it’s really hard to pick just one thing. He was always there for me whenever I needed him. He’s been gone a little over 3 years and I miss him very much.

  41. when I was a little girl I was in the girl scouts and we had a father/daughter dance. My dad was working a 12 hour shift so I went with my grandfather. When he got off work after 12 hours he took a quick shower and came to the dance to be with me. He was exhausted but I was his baby so he wasn’t going to miss it.

  42. I can’t say I have positive memories. He was a very strict, very jealous man, to the point that no boy could look at us. We (sisters and I) used to say that he used his psychology (professor) outside of the home, never in. He’s the reason why at the age of 15 I tried to end it all.
    Now? He’s lying upstairs in a hospital bed (hospice) while I take care of him.

  43. Growing up, my family did not have a lot of money. One year, my dad surprised us by getting tickets to the Ringling Brothers circus. I can still remember being awed by the performers and thinking how great my dad was for taking all of us for what was a great night.

  44. Poppa had the cutest little dimple when he grinned. On the right hand side of his mouth. He taught my sister and I how to bowl, and was so proud of my first (and only) 279 point game. Taught us how to drive.

    He and I worked together for years. We thought alike, much to the dismay of my Mom and sister.

    Miss you Poppa.

  45. I can’t remember how old I was probably pre to early teen years, I had already seen all three Star Wars movies at the time, but friend had the first book and I had read it and sent it with my dad to return it and the friend didn’t have the second two so on the way home my dad stopped at the book store and bought me not just Empire Strikes back and Return of the Jedi but got me Star Wars as well just so I would have the set, I was so excited when he gave them to me I was jumping up and down screaming. Yes I was an avid reader when was young as well. It is a memory I will have and cherish forever. It is the little things in life you remember.

  46. A favorite memory would be of my dad taking my sister and I horseback riding when I was in middle and high school. It was a great time with my dad and sister and a wonderful memory.

  47. After a day at the beach, my dad use to bring my siblings and I out to get burgers and fries. Those were the best times.

  48. My dad was a dairy farmer. So we had fields, cows, and tractors to play on, but a favorite memory is when it snowed a foot on the Oregon coast in the 70s and Dad took a big barn door down and hooked it up to the tractor and took all of us kids out in the field riding on that door having the time of our lives while he sang single lines from songs he knew.

  49. Happiest father’s day was when my father took us to an amusement park when I was 10. It was my brother’s and I first time ever being in one and we had so much fun that day. That’s a memory I’ll always cherish.

  50. When I was growing up we where alway doing stuff together all the time from working the horses playing sport going to the races you name it we all ways did it together and still do

  51. My dad is awesome, he is always there for me. I can depend on my dad to always have my back, and to catch me if I start to fall. You do not always appreciate the things your parents do when you are a child, However, as a parent with grown children of her own I appreciate my dad more every day. My dad was in the army for 28 years, and when he was away for what ever reason, or for how ever long. When he got home he would make sure he spent a little bit of time with each of us kids, I have 5 brothers and sisters, to see what was going on in our life; It did not matter what it was he would listen to us, and make sure we knew we were important to him, and what we were going through was important also. He tells us if I am not there for the little things, then how do you trust me for the big things. I am truly blessed to have my dad in my life.

  52. My favorite memory with my father took place over one winter when I was somewhere around 10 or 11. We lived in Illinois and were having good snow that year. Over winter break, I would wake up early with my Dad and we would sit in front of the fire together and read for a bit before he had to get ready for work.

  53. One of the earliest memories of my father was going into my parent’s bedroom early in the morning. We would play ‘airplane’ with my belly on my Dad’s feet while Mom just laughed. 😊

  54. Hmm.. mine would be when my dad took all to enchanted forest . We all had so much fun.

  55. My daddy taught me to shoot a gun. We still go skeet shooting together on occasion.

  56. I have a couple..here are the most important ones…My dad worked for the Forest Service and had to go away often fighting fires. He went to California among other places. Sometimes he’d have to go to a conference somewhere that taught them about the newest equipment that was available , how to use it etc. It never failed when he cam home he would have a stack of books for me. I think my love of reading was reinforced by him doing that. A month before my wedding in 1987, there was a huge forest fire that he HAD to be at. We were worried he wouldn’t be able to make it to the wedding but I knew what he did was important so I was resigned for the very real possibility that he wouldn’t be able to come home for it. Three days before the wedding he surprised us by coming home! His co workers talked to their boss and said he needed to let my dad come home, they’d cover for him. That was so awesome of them. Twenty eight years later and just thinking about what they did so I could have my dad walk me down the isle still makes me tear up.

  57. A favorite memory would be making snow ice cream for the first time and having a patient dad direct u through it, even though he is exhausted from working all day. He never lost his temper during that long snow ice cream training.

  58. Spending days, before I started school, watching old movies with my grandfather and having him tell me about his time in the Artic Circle. I still miss him every day and wish I could have just one of those days back so I could tape him and watch it over and over.

  59. Mine would be going to kiethley and worth valley railway to go and ride on the steam trains. I still love riding on them even though am now a grown up.

  60. My dad and I had an annual summer tradition. We lived in southern California and would drive up to the furthest point in California to a town called Trinity every summer while I lived at home. We would rent a cabin and enjoy the get-away with my step-mom and sister. There was a stream just a few yards from “our” cabin and my dad would take me (I was the only one who enjoyed it) and we would river fish for fresh rainbow trout πŸ™‚ We seemed to always catch something and BBQ it that night for dinner. He taught me how to worm or egg the line, drop it near the rocks where the water was flowing down, and remove the fish from the hook. He also taught me how to prepare the fish for cooking; the gross but fun part! My step-mom and sister wouldn’t go near it! Anyway, I always have a special place in my heart for those times and keep those memories for when I visit with my dad and know we won’t have those adventures anymore. His Parkinson’s is and has been pretty bad for a while now but he is still the same daddy inside. Thanks for the chance!

  61. My dad took my sister and I on a camping/canoeing trip. I’m not big on the outdoors, but I still remeber this trip as being fun. Rarely did we get to do trips that weren’t family destination oriented.

  62. Going trucking with my dad. We eacg got to take a day off school, get up super early, have a trucker-sized lunch with thermos. Go to the bathroom in the woods, have coffee and lunch with the truckers and other kids. It was great, got home really late, dirty and tired. But what a memory. Plus we got to talk on the cb radio, how cool was that!

  63. I didn’t have a dad for most of my childhood, until my mother married my step dad when I was 11. We aren’t as close as I’d wished we were, but at the same time he’s always been there for me and we care about each other. Even though he’s a great guy, in the end, my happiest memory is the millions of memories I have of my mother. She never let me feel like I was lacking because I didn’t have a traditional dad. So it might be a bit unconventional, but for father’s day I celebrate my step dad and my mother, who taught me to be independent and happy in life.

  64. My dad helped me play softball. I was the catcher and he practiced with me so I got better. He never missed a game and even coached my team when he could. He has always been supportive even when he knew I was making a mistake. He stood by me and picked me up when I fell and told me I would do better next time. He taught me to stand on my own, protect what is mine and the difference between right and wrong.

  65. Hmm…happy childhood memory. I can’t think of just one. For the most part it was all good. I guess the best one is when Dad brought home the first Macintosh computer (dates me) when I was a kid. It opened a world to me, and I haven’t looked back since. Computers and technology are what I make my living with and allows me to work from home. I’d say that’s a pretty good memory that led to my love of technology. πŸ˜‰

  66. I don’t remember much about my Dad. I remember khaki pants, white tee shirt, and black shoes. It was unusual because of my age then and is dear to me because I have so few. I was still in a crib so I must have been about a year old. I had a nightmare it was a train with smoke and was going to run over me. My Mom picked me up out of the crib and laid me between her and my Dad. He hugged me and I started going to sleep maybe I was already asleep cause I saw a little bird hop from the end of the bed settle on my Dads chest. I was safe protected.

  67. My favorite memory is working on my dad’s milk route for two summers. Meeting all his customers and just spending the day with him.

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