Happy Birthday Jambrea!


Anthony rushed down the stairs. “Silver, have you seen Trin?”

Silver set down his pen. “No. Is he missing?”

“Not missing so much as I’m not sure where he is. It doesn’t help that he can flash from place to place.” Sometimes having a magically gifted child took more care than ten others.

“Did you hide his presents?”

“Yes, but he keeps sniffing them out.” Anthony threw himself onto Silver’s couch.

Silver stood and came over to join him. He sat down beside Anthony. “He’s a curious pup.”

“Which means it’s hard to keep secrets from him.” Anthony couldn’t stop smiling when he thought of Trin. He adored their child.

“Has Henry had a chance to finish the cake?” Silver wrapped an arm around Anthony and pulled him closer.

Anthony rested against his mate’s side, snuggling in close. “He let Trin pick the flavor and the icing.”

“And what are we in for?”

“Chocolate cake, chocolate pudding filling, with chocolate ganache as the icing. If we don’t all die of sugar poisoning I’ll consider it a successful day.”

Silver laughed. “He’s quite the character. I can’t believe he’s turning three.”

Anthony sighed. “He’s thirty in god years. Like puppy years but multiply by ten.”

“He’ll be running a pack before we know it.”

“Or the world.”

“Or the world,” Silver agreed.

“I feel old.” Anthony couldn’t explain the bone deep exhaustion chasing him lately.

“You just need a vacation. What do you say we go on a trip next month? Get away from all of our worries.”


Silver shrugged. “Does it matter?”

Anthony thought of all the possible locations they could run away to then shrugged. “I guess not.”

Trin flashed into the room and landed on Silver’s lap. “Daddy, daddy!”

“Hi Trin.” Silver grabbed his son before he fell to the ground.

Trin’s cheeks, chin, and a good portion of his shirt were covered in chocolate.

“You were supposed to wait until after dinner to have your cake,” Anthony scolded.

“But it was good.” Trin grinned, treating them to the sight of his chocolate coated teeth.

“Well you’ll have to wait for your presents.”

Trin’s lower lip slid out. “That’s what grandpa Zeus said.”

Anthony sighed. “Figured out where I hid them did you?”

Trin nodded. “But I promised grandpa I’d stop looking because he said you’d take them all back.”

Anthony wouldn’t but if that little lie stopped his son from getting into his presents he’d go along with it. “What are we going to serve everyone now that you’ve eaten the cake?”

“Henry made two.” He held up two sticky crumb covered fingers.

“Smart man,” Silver said.

Anthony agreed. They said it takes a village to raise a child. In Trin’s case it took a pack of wolves and a wily god. Still, Anthony wouldn’t change anything about his son. “Go play. I’ll call you when it’s time for dinner.”

“Okay. Grandpa said he’d take me to ride a Pegasus.”

Before they could say anything else, Trin vanished.

“We should probably be concerned about that.” Anthony noted the chocolate streak across Silver’s shirt and grinned.

Silver followed his gaze. “Damn, want to come upstairs and help me change.”

Anthony laughed. “Sure, you might want to shower too. Chocolate can be hard to get off.”

Silver stood and pulled Anthony up after him. “Sounds like a two man job.”

Anthony slid his arm through Silver’s. “I’ve always preferred it that way.”

With a move similar to his son’s, Anthony transported them to the bedroom.

11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Jambrea!

  1. Sounds like those two could use a little mates only time. Happy Birthday Jambrea!!

  2. I would love to read a full book about these two and their son.
    Happy Birthday Jambrea

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    Happy Birthday Jambrea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Happy birthday Jambrea, love this series. Can’t wait until the next one comes out

  5. Happy Birthday Jambrea!!! Just thinking about chocolate cake and frosting reminds me of my son’s first birthday I baked him a little cake all his own stripped him down to his diaper sat him in a plastic pool and gave him his cake the pictures were great. Fond memories love this series.

  6. Happy birthday! I love the Moon Pack, and this was a great way to celebrate.

  7. Absolutely love this one! So great how Trin is growing. I also adore the love felt between the whole family.

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