New Blog Story – Part 1

Here’s Part One of a new blog story, this is unedited and as of now nameless. Enjoy! -Sheri


“Vin, listen to me man. My uncle wants to thank you. Now he’s old world and there will be a lot of formalities. Just say yes sir and accept whatever he wants to give you.”

Vin raised an eyebrow at his friend. “He really freaks you out doesn’t he?”

The last time he’d seen Jessie this nervous they’d crashed a vampire sorority party. The girls had loved Vin, Jessie still growled at his less than excited reception.

Jessie licked his lip. “He’s just really important to the vamp world and I know sometimes you can’t help saying whatever is in your mind. Please, for me, hold back a little.”

He’d never seen Jessie this nervous before. Vin knew his friend had a point. He’d never been able to keep the words back. It came from living with an over controlling asshole for a father. He used his mouth as a weapon because his magic could kill. Vin hid behind his words because if he pent up his anger the release could be deadly.

“Okay, got it. I’ll try.”

He would but not too hard. Jess never really understood how powerful Vin’s magic ran through him. As a measure of their friendship Vin had never shown him.

Straightening up his shoulders, Vin nodded to Jessie. Like best friends they could face anything together.

“Master Lorendo will see you now.” The vampire lackey announced.

Vin wondered for a moment how many years lackiness lasted. After all if you were a servant as a vampire would you always be a servant? Surely hundreds of years waiting on someone else hand and foot was the vampire version of hell. Curious he wanted to ask but he didn’t have it in him.

As docilely as possible he allowed the vampire to lead them into a large room where dozens of people were milling around without apparent purpose or reason. Vin realized a meeting must’ve just broken up. It had the vibe of a post-meeting breakdown. Who knew vampires could have boring get-togethers too.

“There he is,” Jessie whispered. Vin could almost hear Jessie’s nerves strumming in the air. He never knew his friend to be afraid of anything. This uncle must be some kind of evil Dracula or something.

Did he want to meet this uncle? Maybe he could email his thanks. Vin turned to where Jessie pointed but after that all sounds outside of his own head were discounted. All the sights around him narrowed and faded from Vin’s head.


The blond man sitting in a chair at the head of the table had starred in Vin’s dreams for years. His. As if he were in one of his dreams or a waking trance Vin walked forward. Everyone and everything else in the room blurred around him as insignificant and unneeded, details that didn’t require his attention.

When he reached his goal he didn’t wait for the man to speak. He didn’t need words he knew what he wanted. Instead he climbed on to the chair and slid his legs on either side of the blond’s thighs.

“You’re mine,” Vin whispered. There couldn’t be any misunderstandings between them.

Vin plunged his fingers into his dream man’s thick, lush hair and pressed their lips together. At first the man didn’t respond, the lips beneath him remained lax until Vin thought he’d be jerked away. He lifted his mouth only to be yanked back. Fire burned through him as they kissed again.

The heat of their mouths pulled a moan from the man beneath him.

Fingers wrapped around Vin to pull him away yanked him closer. In Vin’s mind the image of the perfect bedroom flashed like a photo. Somehow he knew the room belonged to the man and was located somewhere in this building.


They needed a bed. Vin burned with need. His cock hardened with the contact to his dream man.

Focusing on the image Vin transported them there.

A soft whomp filled the air as they landed on the large mattress from Vin’s mind.

For once words weren’t needed even if the dream man watched Vin with wonder. Unable to stand the clothing between them Vin vanished them with a spell even though he didn’t know if he’d be able to retrieve them. He didn’t always do good getting things back after they vanished.


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  1. Oh boy oh boy love this new blog story already looking forward to the next installment.

  2. This sounds like a winner but of course everything you right is a winner can’t wait for more

  3. Oh. This one starts with a bang. Got to be the uncle. The aftermath will be interesting.

  4. Urrrrrrggggghhhhh, I love it, at least a head vampire should have plenty of clothes so he won’t mind the vanished ones lol.

  5. Thank you! You made me squee a little reading this. I look forwards to more in the story

  6. Looking good Amber, hot as hell, can’t wait for the next installment.
    Thanks, Lorraine

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