Blog Story – #2

Here is Part 2, please only continue reading if you’re over the age of 18. Also remember this is unedited. Enjoy!

Hell, it would be worth walking through that room of strangers naked if he got to claim the man beneath him.


A possessive part of Vin snarled its ownership of the man on the bed.


One word but it held all the anticipation in the universe. Vin could barely put syllables together to form a word.

“Table,” was his reply. But what a voice. A soft Irish accent ghosted across the word leaving behind a lilt that had bedroom sex stamped across it in bloody red ink.

Unwilling to leave the warmth of the body beneath him Vin held out his hand. The side table drawer opened and a small metallic tube flew from its wooden containment and directly into Vin’s hand.

Vin kissed the blond again. He wanted to ask his name and find out everything from how he liked his eggs to whether he preferred top or bottom but right now he needed inside the man beneath him more than anything he’d ever wanted in his life.

His hands shook as he opened the cap and smeared lube across his fingers in a messy splat.

Unable to care about tidiness at that moment Vin carefully prepared his new lover.

“Fuck me, now!”

“Condom?” He couldn’t sense anything else in the drawer.


“Oh, right.” Vin pulled away to meet the vampire’s eyes. “Don’t bite without warning okay?”

The vampire nodded.

Vin didn’t even want to imagine what his magic would do in retaliation for an unexpected assault.

“Fuck me.”

“Bossy.” Vin scolded. Lining up his cock he sank into the vampire’s body. A jolt went through him. It was as if he’d come home.

“Mate,” the vampire whispered.

“Mine!” Vin growled. He felt more possessive than a werewolf at a new moon mating ceremony. No one could take his man from him without dire consequences.

A wide smile crossed the vampire’s face. His fangs flashed. “Move!”

Sliding his arms beneath the vampire’s thighs, Vin lifted up his legs and proceeded to show every bit of ability he had. Although he’d not had a lot of years of experience in pleasing a lover, Vin had fine-tuned the skills he had. He planned to show the man beneath him every trick he’d learned.

Unfortunately his new lover had different ideas. Vin yelped as with a surge of muscle, the vampire flipped them over. With a throttlehold on his magic, Vin held back the surge of power that would’ve sent the vampire across the room. When surprised Vin was at his worst magically speaking.

“I need to set the pace,” the vampire said, a trace of apology in his soft voice.

Since he clamped his ass around Vin’s shaft while he spoke Vin couldn’t find any fault in his logic. He could barely form a thought.

“You are very powerful my sweet, I’m going to enjoy our association,” he purred.

Association? Anger burned through Vin. With a growl Vin sank his fingers back into the vampire’s hair and yanked him closer.

“You can call it whatever you want as long as you know you’re mine,” Vin vowed.

Kisses melted into more kisses. Vin gasped against the vampire’s mouth when he tightened around him. With the vampire’s thigh muscles and this amazing ass it took little time before Vin was gasping out his release.

“Need to bite!” the vampire warned.

Vin tilted his head, giving his unspoken permission. Before another second passed the vampire struck. Fangs sliced through Vin’s neck. A sharp prick followed by a slow sucking feeling send languid pleasure through Vin’s body. Without a touch the vampire’s body convulsed and his seed warmed Vin’s stomach. Vin sighed.

The world turned sparkly around the edges. Before Vin lost consciousness he wrapped his right hand around the vampire’s shoulder. “Mine,” he pledged.

Vin’s hand burned as sensation tingled from his fingers and seared the flesh beneath his touch.

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  1. Don’t want more teasers when is the book due for release and what is the name of the book ?

  2. Well, introductions will have to wait a bit longer I guess. The repercussions of this little scene should be interesting and fun.

  3. Loving this already. My favourite line so far is ‘ He felt more possessive than a werewolf at a new moon mating ceremony.’ So evocative and so very Amber!

  4. WHEW !!! I want to read a WHOLE book about these two. Soooo good made me weak at the knees

  5. Wow, need more and soon! This story is great, I can’t wait for the finished book.

  6. Just fantastic….eagerly awaiting the next installment thanks again for your great work 🙂

  7. Excellent. Love the installment. I think they just claimed each other. Vin did at least. Should be interesting to see where Amber takes it. 🙂

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