Tuesday Teaser!

Enjoy! Please remember that teasers may be unedited! More blog story coming tomorrow!


I wouldn’t look at the kid directly. Yes, that was the perfect solution. I could ignore the sparkle if I didn’t see it. In the midst of this long, tedious meeting I couldn’t tear my eyes off one beguiling young man. Between smiles and nibbles on his bottom lip, his face constantly changed into a surprising variety of expressions. I couldn’t contain my fascination. Every once in a while I heard a clicking noise. I suspected he had a tongue stud. I fantasized about the little bit of metal sliding across the tip of my cock. I’d never had that experience before and I was eager to explore. I wiggled in my seat discreetly trying to make room for the erection trying to spring out of my pants.

Damn, I needed to focus or I’d blow this deal and Hanna would claw my eyes out.

Brokering a new contract while thinking with my cock wasn’t the best approach. I’d never been influenced by my body before to make a business decision I wouldn’t start now. I flicked another look over at the man before a sharp pain had me flashing a glare over at my partner.

Hanna raised one eyebrow at me. “Focus,” she hissed, more like a serpent than a bird.

How could I pay attention when all my focus became shattered with a single glimpse of his sapphire eyes? The crow inside me tilted its head and approved the quick almost birdlike movements of the man’s hand and the sparkle of a diamond in his right ear.

I acquired many gems in the course of my long life, never before had I wished to add a human to their ranks. Almost like a dragon hoard I itched to collect him and keep him among my glittering jewels, tucked away where no one could touch him.

“Do you have any questions Mr. Varis?” the presenter asked. His silky voice slid up my spine like a whisper of fine fabric.

I curled my fingers to resist the urge to touch. Inappropriate urges swirled through me. A slight smile lifted the edges of his mouth and pulled my mind from business and into the dream world of brushing soft lips together and biting the plush bits of flesh between my teeth.

A sharp foot kicked me under the table…again.


I knew Hanna had worn her pointiest shoes on purpose. Never again would I say yes when she wanted to take a trip to Italy. I hope she’d had enough visits for a while because I certainly wouldn’t be approving any more. Next time she wanted to go she’d have to travel on her own dime or fly there beneath her own winged power. Pleased with my plans of petty vengeance I suppressed my urge to pounce and hoped the lust surging through my body didn’t rumble in my voice.

“Answer the dear boy, Krister. Did you like his presentation or not?” Hanna bared her teeth at me in a facsimile of a smile. I glared back at her but I knew she wouldn’t budge. She never backed down from a confrontation even a mild one. She’d become a crow before me and had the experience of millennia to perfect her cold stare.

Reluctantly I met the eyes of the presenter. I’d never seen a man who shone before, almost like a pretty bit of platinum. His silver-blond hair glowed under the dim conference lights, his eyes gleamed like jewels and the diamond earring pierced through his right ear drew my eyes like a homing beacon. I wanted to lick him and taste his skin across my tongue. Would he be musky and warm with a hint of cinnamon or cool and crisp like a good apple?

My crow instincts cawed in protest when I didn’t immediately snatch up the pretty human and take him back to my nest. Granted my nest was a penthouse apartment with a really big bed, but I could work with that.

Another kick snapped me out of his mesmerizing gaze.

“Stop that,” I snapped. Next time I got the chance I would burn those damn boots.

“Can I answer any questions for you sir?” Teagan’s voice pulled my attention away from my evil partner.

I’d be certain to throttle her later.


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  1. All I can say is that you and Amber are evil for torturing us like this. I want more and sooner rather than later.

  2. Meanie butt, meanie butt, meanie butt! And that is so good. I want the story now 😦

  3. Yep….it’s final….you are a torturer par excellance….but in a good way Thanks for the share.

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