Blog Story – Part 3

Here is part 3 of the unnamed blog story. Please remember that it is unedited. Enjoy!


A soft sigh filled his ears as his new vampire lover collapsed against Vin’s chest. Silky hair slid across his flesh leaving a trail of comfort. With his arms wrapped around his lover Vin muttered a quick cleaning spell before he tumbled into sleep.

Lorendo woke to a dark room with the heat of a warm body. Rubbing his cheek against the smooth chest beneath him he savoured the scent of sex in the air. The boy smelled delicious. No two ways about it. He’d never had anyone taste as wonderful as the wizard who whisked him away to his suite and proceeded to give him one of the hottest nights in his three hundred years.

His skin itched, the spot on his right shoulder hot like a burn. Curious Loren tried to slid out of bed. His partner reached for him, pulling him back to his side with a soft murmur. Even in his sleep he rearranged Loren’s body so they were at the perfect cuddling position.

He should object. As the leader of the North American vampires, Loren always had control.

Except now.

The kid had walked in with his hawk brown hair, pinned Loren with his aquamarine eyes and declared in front of the entire council that Loren belonged to him. Fuck. Now here he lay in the arms of a demanding kid who turned his world inside out and upside down. He’d never bottomed so willingly for anyone before and he still didn’t know the boy’s name. He suspected his lover, hell his mate, was Jessie’s friend, Vininzia but he didn’t know. How much of a slut did it make him not really care about his mate’s name as long as he stayed in Loren’s bed?

There would be repercussions but Loren wouldn’t let him go. This boy. His mate.

He’d disband the coven before he gave him up. Loren wrapped tightly around Vin willing to stand against the world to keep him safe.

A soft knock at the door had him lifting his head. He tried to scent the intruder but all he could smell was the man beneath him.


Vin lifted a hand and the bedroom door drifted open.

“You okay Master Lorendo?” Mark, his second in command, walked cautiously into the room.

He sniffed the air in disapproval. Taking in the sight of them together his mouth dropped open in shock. “You disappeared. We were worried.”

“My mate needed me.” Loren raised an eyebrow at his lieutenant. He wouldn’t be ashamed. His mate needed, Loren provided.

“You just met him. He hasn’t formally petitioned for your hand or followed any of our rules. He just walked in and claimed you.”

Loren could tell that Mark’s love of order ate away at him. His right hand man didn’t like things not falling into place.

Vininzia pulled Loren closer until most of his body was wrapped in the human’s body.

“Mine,” Vin whispered loud enough for both vampires to hear.

“Maybe so but you still need to fill out paperwork,” Mark insisted.

Loren noticed Mark looked everywhere but at the bed. A strange shyness for a man who had to have seen everything.

“Is there a problem?” Best address things head on. Issues that festered only grew in size.

“I…” Mark rubbed the back of his neck. “I don’t understand how you can be so sure he’s the one.”

Loren rubbed his cheek against Vin’s shoulder. “I just do.”

“They will want to talk to him,” Mark warned.

Loren didn’t need to ask who “they “ were. The council. He might be in charge of the board but coming from one of the oldest families the council often thought they should have some say in who mated with who. They didn’t and Loren would happily remind them of the restriction of their power if they tried.

He didn’t know where things might go with Vin but he wasn’t giving him up…ever.

“They can want all they want. They’ll be disappointed. Vin needs his sleep.” He wouldn’t wake his lover for anything. He knew how much humans valued their sleep even magical ones.

“He can be woken,” Mark scolded.


19 thoughts on “Blog Story – Part 3

  1. This looks fantastic! I can’t wait until it’s out!! Thanks for the preview Amber!!
    I hope you’re having a good time over the “pond” from here! Enjoy yourself!!!

  2. amber just a query, whats happening to your other story, I joined half way through it, it was about a guy who lost his love and this angel interfered so they coundnt get back together, but this other angel came and helped him, will it ever come out as a book, cos I really loved this story it was a classic love story and had me rooting for them to get together . thank you

    1. Hi Lorraine,

      I discontinued that one because I lost my way. I’m going to have to completely revamp it. I had too many loose ends to wrap together. I’ll let you know when I get it all finished 🙂

  3. (Catching up)
    Yum. Way to start with a bang! Nice and switch you too.

    PS: I followed the link to a ‘choose the next blog story’ post you did back in 2011. “Trials of Tam” was ultimately chosen (on of my faves, btw), but did you ever do “The King’s Choice”?
    It sounded intriguing, like all your stuff, but food & magic… Double yum!

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