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Tiberius has met the man he wishes for his own, but Keir isn’t willing to be one of many. He plans to be the Alpha’s only.

Tiberius, Alpha of the Black Creek pack, is tired of being alone. When Keir, a new Beta joins the pack, Tiber is startled to learn he’s found his mate. Keir isn’t interested in becoming one of a couple of Alpha mates. He plans to be the one and only.

First, however, they need to defeat their enemies and weed out the ones who are trying to destroy them from within.



Focused on the smell instead of the ground, he tripped on a branch. Tiber stumbled forward a few steps only to come to a stop at the sight of an enormous red wolf lying in the shade. Tiber frowned at the blood on the beast’s muzzle and the wide bloody scratch bisecting the strange wolf’s side.

“Wow, he’s huge,” Connor whispered behind him.

“Yeah.” Tiber breathed in deeply. The amazing smell emitted from the wolf. “Why does he smell so good?”

“Good? I don’t smell anything. I mean he smells like a wolf, nothing special.”

Connor stepped forward. Tiber growled. “Don’t get close.”

“What’s wrong with you? Let me go first. He might attack.”

Tiber frowned at the Beta. “I think your shiny new sheriff badge is going to your head.”

“You’re too valuable to lose because you’re too stubborn to take precautions. If this were an Alpha fight I’d step aside, but this is police work.”

Tiber opened his mouth to argue, but hated that Connor might be right. Before he could object, the sheriff stepped forward, cutting in front of Tiber to examine the wolf first.

The animal’s eyes snapped open. It bared his teeth at Connor, an unfriendly curl of the lip. Tiber moved Connor out of the way, then dropped to his knees beside the growling beast.

“Shh, you’re scaring him,” Tiber scolded.

“Scaring him. He’s going to bite your face off and then I’ll have to tell the pack I let you get killed. That’s not a discussion I want to have with them.”

Tiber ignored the ranting sheriff and held out his hand, palm up toward the injured animal. The wolf sniffed at Tiber. Its growl turned to a low whine, all aggression gone.

“Do you think you can change back now? I need to talk to you as human.” He couldn’t exactly interview the wolf over why he had entered Tiber’s territory without following the proper channels. The human lurking inside the beast peered out at him.

The wolf struggled to get closer to Tiber as if it couldn’t handle the separation between them.

Tiber rewarded it with a scratch behind the ears.

“Hey, it’s all right. I just need you to shift so I can talk to you. You want to talk to me, don’t you?”

Tiber could’ve forced the shifter to change, but with the cut on the wolf’s side he couldn’t determine if it would be dangerous for him to turn human or not.

“I think we should take him to Josh. Your mate can let us know if it’s safe for him to change.”

“How do you think we can get him there?”

“I’ll carry him.”

Connor snorted. “He’s massive. You sure you don’t want me to help?”

The wolf snapped at Connor, its sharp white teeth aggressively displayed.

“I’m pretty sure he won’t let you help. Come on, boy.” Tiber hefted the injured wolf up in his arms and followed Connor slowly. He let out a sigh of relief when he spotted Connor’s extended cab truck at the end of the trail. Although the wolf wasn’t too heavy for him, he worried about causing more damage with his awkward carrying.

Tiber hardened his heart against the soft whimpers. He had to get the wolf to Josh to check out his wounds.

“Wait a second I’ll get the blanket.” Connor dragged a blanket out of the back of the truck and laid it across the upholstery.

Tiber set the wolf down, careful of the injury.

“Try to stay as still as possible.”

After warning the wolf, he slammed the back door shut, before climbing into the passenger seat.

He tapped his fingers along his thigh, silently urging Connor to speed up his driving.

“Hey, everything will be fine. The damage didn’t look that severe. We can have Josh patch him up, then we’ll question what he’s doing here. Don’t you guys have territory laws or something?”

“Yeah, he should’ve let me know he was coming through my pack lands. A common courtesy to whatever wolf owns the territory you are traveling through. He might have been on his way to see me when he ran into trouble, too. No point in assigning blame before we talk to him.”

Tiber hoped the wolf had come to join them. He was oddly reluctant to discipline the red wolf. He didn’t know if the shifter’s scent had muddled his thoughts, but he wanted only good things for the unknown shifter.

“You’re right, no point in speculating when he can tell us soon enough.”

Still, Tiber couldn’t stop the thoughts going through his head as he tried to decide what might have happened.

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