Blog Story – Part 4

Here is part 4 of the unnamed blog story. It is unedited. Enjoy!



Loren flashed a fang. “Go bother someone else, we’re sleeping.

Snuggling his lover close, Loren closed his eyes.

He wouldn’t give him up not for anything.

“You might want to get ready your explanation about how he marked you,” Mark warned.

Marked. He was marked.

Loren’s touched his neck. The burn mark sensitive to the touch. “He placed his hand on you and claimed you as his. Did you do the same?”

A true mating took a double bonding. “No. Not yet.” Loren traced the elegant lines of his lover’s chest faithfully.

“You can still get out of it then.”

Mark’s voice, filled with optimism made Loren’s hackles rise.

“No I can’t . He claimed me.” Loren knew if he didn’t return Vin’s claim the other man would remain unfulfilled until his dying day. He wouldn’t wish that to anyone.

Mark folded his arms across his chest. ‘You’re serious. You’re going to let an twenty-year old human claim you for the rest of his life. Are you mad? None of the coven will accept that. Accept him.”

“Try to hurt him and you’ll discover how bonded we are,” Loren warned. He wouldn’t take any chances. He would kill them all if anyone touched his mate. Loren started to sit up only to be pulled back to Vin’s chest. His new mate cuddled him close but with a firm grip that it would take serious muscle to escape. With no wish to injure Vin he settled back down. He’d never been the submissive one in a relationship and he wouldn’t be starting now. When Vin woke up Loren would tell him how things were going to be. As leader of the vampires he had all the power not some young kid still in college who Loren doubted could buy beer on his own.

“Possessive little guy,” Mark mused. “You nephew wants to know what you did with his friend.”

Loren snorted. “What I did to him? Tell Jessie he can stay the night. I’ll have someone drop him off in the morning.”

Mark nodded towards the young man snuggled around Loren. “What about him?”

Loren slid his hand through Vin’s dark curls, smiling when they wrapped around his fingers, even the kid’s hair was possessive.


Loren blinked as he realized Mark was still talking. “Um…he’ll go if he wants to. He probably has classes too.”

“And how are you going to handle your mate among all those college kids?”

“I’ll be fine. I doubt he’s going to stray.” Loren stroked Vin’s hair. “He’s very connected to me.”

Usually when a man or woman caught his interest Loren became possessive sometimes too controlling until he tired of his lover or they escaped his hold. However this time he couldn’t even conceive of Vin betraying him.

Mark snorted. “So some young kid comes in snatches you from the council chambers has wild sex and wraps you around his little finger. I never thought I’d see the day you fell in love.”

Loren smirked. “I didn’t fall in love. I bonded.”

Wishy-washy love paraded in front of the world as the ultimate sensation held nothing to the commitment of a permanent bond. People fell in and out of love with the seasons, with the sight of a new partner, with boredom. Bonding lasted forever all the way into death.

“Maybe you should find out more about him before you declare him your forever mate.”

Loren slid his hand up and down Vin’s back. With a soft snort his mate scooted closer as if the inch between them was an insufferable distance to be overcome.

“He’s a snuggly little guy isn’t he?” Mark commented.

The lust in Mark’s eyes had Loren’s protective instincts flare and the possessiveness he’d discounted before flashed into being. “Leave. I won’t have you drooling over him while he sleeps.”

Mark rolled his eyes. “I was admiring, not drooling. I’m on duty for another hour. After that it’ll be Padriach.”



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