One Last Hurrah, before Amber returns!

Hi everyone!

I’m going to do one last fun giveaway before Amber returns.


For a $25.00 Amazon Gift card, what would you do if you were stranded in a foreign country and didn’t speak the language?


I’ll post all the winners from during Amber’s trip on Friday! Good Luck!

97 thoughts on “One Last Hurrah, before Amber returns!

  1. Try and find some one who spoke American lol and ask them to direct me to the American Embassy. Then pray I can find a way home.

  2. Hope the battery in my mobile lasts because Google Translate would be getting a very big workout!

  3. If I was stranded in a foreign country and didn’t speak the language, I would probably panic then try and find a way, or a person who I could communicate with and ask for help (or just try and find a book shop and buy a dictionary in that language and try to get help that way (this is more probable as I am not really a people person. I CHICKEN OUT when asking for help from others)).

  4. I’d by a phrase book, and mangle the pronunciation until someone understood. Then they’d probably be insulted because they speak English and can’t believe how bad we are for not speaking other languages!

  5. Google Translate on my phone. 🙂

    Or if I’m with my dad I’m sure he’d use the international language of just shouting louder until someone finally understands or he gets into trouble.

  6. Google translate on my iPhone asking where the nearest bar is so that I could throw back a few drinks while I try to figure out how all this happened!!

  7. Phone a friend that knows the language. If the friend I reach doesn’t know it they will know someone who can translate for me. That or phone whatever amounts to customer service for my country’s embassy so they can translate for me and help me navigate to said embassy for further assistance.

  8. Freak out probably until i realise that my phone can speak it for me enough to help out 🙂

  9. Use my phone to find a translation program from english to whatever language I need and use that to get help finding the British embassy. Then try and figure out how to get home from there.

  10. I would pretend I was a mime so I would have an excuse for not talking and not butcher another language 😊

    1. Just so you know, I have done this before to the enjoyment of the locals I was pantomiming to..luckily they ended being able to speak English.

  11. Attempt to learn enough to get around. Honestly I would have a book or phone that would translate for me.

  12. have a panic attack, start crying and hope someone who speaks English is around to assist me

  13. I would get a note book and draw what I wanted iam not a good drawer so it would be interesting to see what happens

  14. I would hope to find someone that spoke English and if not hoped that my phone is working so I could look up translation of the language.

  15. I would hope and pray that someone was good at charades! Worst case scenario world be Google translate. ..

  16. I have been there and done that. I used sign language and then tried other languages that I am familiar with. Most people are nice enough to try and help you.

  17. Try to find a hospital. They normally have people who speak English, even in other countries.

  18. I would work with pictures and make a friend with whom I could exchange language lessons. I would start out with the basics hello, please, thank you and goodbye.

  19. Definitely see if there is an embassy nearby. If not, try to use my phone to find an embassy.

  20. I suppose most people in different countries can understand a little english so I’d ask for the nearest Police station or hospital or try and find one myself.

  21. Very boring and simple; I’d get a guidebook and/or app and teach myself the basics. Body language and hands usually help, too:-)

  22. Find a shop that sells English to Whatever Language that country speaks book. Hopefully I could learn a few phrases, enough to find someone who can speak English or help.

  23. It depends on te country I was in. If it was a friendly country say Ireland or France, I’d smile use hand gestures and try to get some help. If it was some place thT people weren’t friendly I’d find the nearest American Embassy or consulate

  24. Well, since you said I am stranded, I assume there is no easy way out; so I have to say I would look for a school. Surely someone there either speaks my language, one of the few languages I can mangle (ask for the bathroom in), or has access to a phone. Not to be a snob but I must have a/c at least a percentage of the day so I would not be in too primitive an area.

  25. Either mime stuff or see if anyone there can speak my and the native language and get them to translate for me. If all else fails find a police station as the cops always seem to be able to find interpreters.

  26. Hit the nearest bookstore or pop onto my Kindle and find a Guide Book with some basic interpretations. It would be scary, but if you’re pleasant, most people will be kind and help you.

  27. I would try to use my phone to translate while looking for a language book. Until then, I would use motions and try my best to talk to people who could help.

  28. As most everyone else, I’d try to find someone that speaks a little english at least and maybe with hand gestures try to find my country’s embassy

  29. I would have to say if there is cell phone connections then tried Google translator to find my way and if no internet then use pen, paper to draw and hand gestures..then trued to enjoy the place, scenery and people around..

  30. First, freak out because I was better at reading my high school Spanish than I ever was at understanding it being spoken by someone without an American accent so I’m not good with spoken languages. After that I’d have to be trying to find someone who understood enough English to get me to somewhere I could get help. I don’t have a phone that can do the translate or even search options so that would be the best I could do.

  31. Hand movements, drawings, sounds find someone who may understand some English. Freak out and if all else fails. Find a hot guy and use body language. 😀

  32. Do I have a phone? If I do, then google translate app for directions to a hotel with food or the US Embassy , if no phone body language for directions to a book store for books on the language.

  33. these days you can download translation apps on your phone or
    hone home and get family or friends find out where the nearest embassy or consulate is.

  34. Grab a pad and pen and draw pictures of what I needed. Use sign language as well. And enjoy the adventure.

  35. Gesture, if I had cell coverage – Good Translate, ask anyone spoke English, else pen & paper

  36. My phone translator would help and there are usually a few friendly locals. A local restaurant is a good place to start.

  37. There are not many places in the world that don’t speak english. If I were in a country that didn’t, I’d use hand language. I’ve known people who have made great friendships without knowing each other’s languages and they’ve worked great, giving each other lessons until they could communicate verbally. I don’t think I would have a problem.
    One example is when I went to Italy. My native language being spanish helped a great deal. I’d talk in spanish and they’d answer in italian. Worked every time. In France, I just spoke english and they answered back in english.
    taina1959 @

  38. If I could I’d use my phones translate app, if not I’d start looking for the consulate or a hotel. Usually someone there will get you to who you need to talk too.

  39. Well since I have lived in a couple of foreign countries, I always found hand signals work well. I did find speaking slowly and having them speak slowly helped a lot… Of Course my time was before internet existed so no googling!!!

  40. Being retired from the Navy, I’ve not been stranded, but have been in many places not speaking the languages. I have to say in almost all of those countries, so many of the people, even if they say they only speak very little English, speak enough for you to understand. It’s kind of embarrassing to know that they don’t get that when they come here. Since I don’t speak any other language I became quite good at mime, and they only laughed a little.

  41. Some 20 years ago I was in Greece with my backpack and wanted to travel around by bus and train and ship. Even reading the schedule was not possible as they have other numbers. But mostly people are very friendly and there is always a way to get by just keep your calm.

  42. Try another language – many people speak more than one. Failing that appeal to anyone nearby to see if they could help.

  43. Large hotel where someone would be able to help, use the app on my cell phone to translate and get to the Embassy.

  44. Check out large hotels to find someone who speaks English and smile, smile, smile as I ask for help.

  45. I would go to the Movie Theater or Cinema where an American movie was being shown and I’m sure I would find an American movie lover to help me,they usually speak broken English. Or even a music store.

  46. Been there, done that, got lost in Japan when I was 10, fortunately a friend found me so all ended well. So what I did then still works, smile ask if can speak english from store owner or hotel if nearby. The other alternative….if the smart phone/kindle works can go on line and look up number for local english speaking services/embassy etc….

  47. Find the nearest hunky guy and try to communicate thru mime and gestures as slowly as possible in order to spend as much time with him as I can.;)

  48. Look up an English teacher in the area and contact them in hopes of a basic translation of need to know words.

  49. A) Find a translator on my phone
    B) Ask until I found someone who spoke English
    C) Find and Embassy

    And do all of this while trying not to freak out!

  50. I’ll probably panic before I think of finding an app that can translate from English to the language I need and hoping for the best. That or flag down a cab and hope for the best.

  51. i would either buy a phrase book, use google translate on my phone or try and find someone who spoke english

  52. Find some kind of government building because that is where I’m more likely to find someone that speaks English and can lead me to the embassy.

  53. 1. Check to see if there were cameras following me.
    2. Check to see if I had my passport, phone, and money.
    3. Pray I am in a country where Americans are not considered fair game.
    4. Smile, and ask a friendly face for help to the nearest American embassy, military installation, or if all else fails, a ride to the airport.
    5. Phone Home:)

  54. Even in a foreign country… there HAS to be someone who speaks one of the two languages I speak. lol… so I would honestly just sorta look for anyone who might look like an English or Spanish speaking tourist and ask them for help in finding myself back… to where ever it is I need help getting to if I was lost. lol..

    Thanks for the fun!

  55. Smile, look helpless, and resort to sign language. Thumb, pinky and holding your hand to your ear is universal for begging for a phone. 😉

    Either that or looking for a hotel or policeman.

    People are usually nice and willing to help.

  56. If I have any stuff I would try using smartphone, tablet, etc to translate for me. If I have no stuff however, I’d try finding someone who speaks English.

  57. having travelled abroad, just look friendly and ask for help. even if the language isn’t the same, things like 9-1-1, fire, help, and lastly, and universally, tears work pretty well.

  58. Try to observe a little so that I could get the help that I needed. And most likely google translate on my iPad – which I bring almost everywhere. Most places have wifi after all.

  59. I would just go with the flow. I find someone who speaks english and pray that they are of the opposite sex and sexy. Ask them to give me a tour and have fun. Otherwise, I would be a stick in the mud!

  60. Gesture and point at things. Try to test my drawing skill. See if I can get a signal to download a dictionary/translation program to my phone (assuming I hadn’t done it already). Try to wake myself up from the dream. 😉

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