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Whoever said that porn is easy should be shot…then drawn…then quartered.

One older, sophisticated man with more money than the Donald. One younger guy who is clueless and poor. What could possibly go wrong?

Desperate for money because of a friend’s medical bills, Patrick found himself contemplating something that he never thought he would…doing gay porn. But, before he can even finish his audition, he’s shown the backdoor and kicked out.

Vance, the owner of the porn company, knows from the instant he sees Patrick that he and he alone should be the only one to ever touch the younger man. He tracks Patrick and offers him a job…off camera.

Patrick agrees, and the two men soon find themselves growing closer to each other. Will they be able to get through their insecurities, or will their story be over before it even began?

Read an excerpt below! For readers 18 and older only!

The blond entered the room like a frightened rabbit, his eyes racing all over to check out every detail. Vance smiled as the young man tripped over absolutely nothing.

“Poor thing. What are you doing here, little bunny?” Vance asked. He scooted to the edge of the seat as the young man stripped off his shirt.

“Oh yeah, honey, take it off,” he encouraged even though he knew the blond couldn’t hear him.

Boredom evaporated like the morning mist as pale, white flesh glowed under the studio lights.

“I bet you look amazing on camera,” Vance whispered.

In a roomful of other half naked males, the slim young man wouldn’t stand out, but in a studio in the right light, he glowed like a fine jewel.

The door opened behind him. His director Ross Franks entered.

“Here’s his paperwork. He’s barely twenty and doesn’t appear to be too adventurous, but that doesn’t usually matter with a sweet young thing like that. The subscribers will be soaking their pants over him,” Ross said with a grin.

For once, the thought of their audience gleeful over a new body didn’t fill Vance with the tingle of anticipated money. It made him queasy.

“Who are you matching him with?” Vance asked. He tried to keep his voice as disinterested as possible. He’d never live it down if Ross noticed his interest in one of his potential employees. The problem with owning a porn studio was the men were more than willing to sleep their way to the top.

In the past Vance had let a few of them try.

“I’m thinking Thor,” Ross said. “He’s a big guy, so he’d be a good contrast to Patrick there.”

“Maybe too big.” Vance tensed at the image of their biggest top hurting the fragile looking blond. Thor wouldn’t intentionally hurt the newbie. Despite his appearance, the large man didn’t have a mean bone in his body. However, the man might be too much for a young star’s first try.

“What about Lane? He’s always good with the young ones,” Ross proposed.

“True. Give him a five-minute interview. I want to see how Patrick interacts with other actors.” He didn’t really want to see Patrick with any of them, but it would be odd to not let him try.

“Will do, boss,” Ross patted him on the shoulder and walked away.

Vance stared at Patrick as he slid off his pants, folded them neatly, then set them on the chair by the door where he had placed his shirt.

With only a brief hesitation, the slim man pulled down his underwear, exposing a set of firm buns.

“Nice boy. Very nice,” Vance approved when Patrick turned sideways, giving Vance an excellent view of both cock and ass.

He bit back a growl of disapproval when Lane entered the room wearing nothing but a tiny pair of briefs. Poor Patrick didn’t harden at the sight of the big muscular jock. If anything, he looked even more nervous.

“Don’t stress honey, I don’t bite. At least not unless you like that,” Lane said in what he probably thought was a sexy manner, but it made Vance want to bash his head in.

He gritted his teeth against the violent urge he felt toward one of his top money makers. As Lane slid a hand down Patrick’s arm, Vance dreamily imagined ripping it from its socket.

Patrick remained still while Lane leaned forward to kiss him.

Vance hit the buzzer that he knew echoed in the room. He smiled when Lane jerked back from Patrick.

“That’s right, don’t you touch him.” Vance scowled.

Possessiveness burned through him. He didn’t like the idea of anyone touching the sweet boy in the other room.

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