Moon Pack Monday – okay, okay it’s Tuesday but let’s pretend


Steven scanned the forest floor. His precarious perch on the tree didn’t help but he had to make sure Dare didn’t sneak up on him. His lover prowled around somewhere among the trees. Sneaking up on a tiger took extra effort and wolves weren’t meant to be in trees. Steven had a white-knuckled grip on the tree branch beside him.

A loud chuff floated up to him.

Steven smiled as the thrill of the hunt swept through him.

Dare knew Steven was in there somewhere but his ability to smell wasn’t as advanced as his other senses.

Steven held back a gasp as the large white tiger prowled beneath him. Biting his lip to hold in laugher Steven waited until the large feline had passed. Once Dare had walked a few yards away Steven slowly slid down the tree, careful where he put his feet. Almost to the bottom, two hands snatched him up and spun him around.

“Sneaky mate,” Dare’s deep voice thrummed through his him, their bodies close enough he felt the vibration to his toes. “I found you.”

“Oh, hi Dare.” He grinned up at his beautiful mate as Dare spun him around. Dare worked as a bartender and some nights Steven had to resist the temptation to sit at the bar and growl at all the men who wanted to flirt with his mate.

“I didn’t know canines climbed.” Dare grinned down at him.

“It was a bit tricky but I think I did pretty well.”

“Hmm, graceful as a cat.”

“Funny.” Steven poked Dare’s hard stomach. Then  kept his hand there to linger. Steven still had his clothes on for their trek through the woods while his mate’s hard body was exposed to the night air. “Are you cold?”

“Freezing, how about you warm me up?”

“Sure. Wait…didn’t you used to live in the snow?”

Dare nipped Steven’s bottom lip. “Do you want to talk or make love?”

Steven snorted. “As if there’s any choice between those two.”

“I didn’t think so.” Dare kissed Steven’s forehead then stepped back. “What did you want to talk about?”

It took a lot of force to take a tiger shifter down but Dare hadn’t been prepared for the attack. He fell beneath Steven’s pounce with a heavy thud.

“I think there’s a pinecone in my back,” Dare mused.

“Serves you right.” Steven had no sympathy and Dare’s mild tone didn’t indicate real pain.

“Cruel man.”

“Mmmhmm. But I’m about to make you feel much better.”

“Good.” Dare splayed out his arms. “I’m all yours.”

“You’re always all mine.” Just like he liked it. He’d been an idiot to resist his attraction to Dare. A wolf shifter would never have brought him the happiness his big-hearted tiger mate gave him. Dare’s joyous approach to life eased Steven out of his dark moods like sunshine dispersing the clouds.

His grip tightened on Dare’s thighs as he thought of how he’d almost cast it all aside. He slid down Dare’s body, kissing, licking and worshiping Dare’s body like he deserved.

Dare slid his big hands into Steven’s hair, not grabbing or pushing, just holding, bonding them further together.

Steven groaned around Dare’s erection as Dare’s flavor slid across Steven’s tongue. In this exact moment in time his life was perfect.

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