Blog Story Part #8

Vin let Loren do whatever he wanted. He’d worry about mates later when things like words made sense again. Until then they could focus on touch and taste.

A voice clearing his throat had Vin breaking away and glaring at the intruder. He mentally wished mayhem on the idiot who thought talking could anyway be more important than Vin rubbing against Loren.

“What?” He snapped.

The intruder glared at Vin. Maybe he could turn him into a bunny. Bunnies were quiet, weren’t they? Vin raised his hand only to have Loren grab his wrist and tuck it behind his back.

He tried for an innocent look.

Strangely Loren’s expression didn’t change. As if he knew of Vin’s history of spelling first and asking questions later. “What?”

“Behave.” He finished his word with a kiss on the cheek so Vin didn’t take offense. He offered a smile in return.

“I always behave properly.” If Loren believed that Vin had a pile of manure to sell him.

“I wanted to tell you that dinner is ready. By the way I’m Mark.”

Vin ignored Mark. The man had interrupted them on purpose. “I am hungry,” he gave Loren an imploring expression.

“You’re probably still growing.” Mark smirked.

Damn Loren was strong. He kept Vin’s hand pinned behind his back. “You do know I don’t have to use my hands, don’t you?” Vin silently uttered a spell and Mark skidded down the hall on his ass.

Loren gave a strangled cough. “You aren’t being very nice to my lieutenant.”

“He needs to be nicer to me. I’m not a child to be scoffed at. I might be young but I’ve been sitting at the adult’s table for a few years now.”

Loren’s kiss derailed Vin’s senses. Anger flowed out of him. When Loren finally lifted his mouth Loren had forgotten what they’d been discussing. “Can we talk about our mating after I eat?”

His spell had taken up Vin’s personal energy. Without using any hand motion it took twice the energy. He’d be dipped in oil and feathered before he admitted any such thing.

“Certainly, my mate. “ Loren tucked Vin’s hand into the crook of his arm. “Come this way.”

Vin allowed Loren to escort him to the dining room where Jess already waited.

“Glad you two could make it. Mark.” Jess nodded to the third man with a cool expression.

Vin made a mental note to interrogate Jess about everyone in the place when they went back to school. He needed background and he needed it fast. Jess would be a good source of information.

“Sorry to keep you waiting,” Loren’s tone didn’t indicate anything but cool disapproval.

Jess shrugged off his uncle’s reproof. “You always have the best food.”

Vin knew from hanging around Jess that vampires could eat. Still, they needed blood.

“What does my blood taste like?” Curiosity pressed at him.

Loren grinned and his fangs dropped down like a creature from a monster movie. Vin’s shudder had more to do anticipation of another bite than any bit of fear.

“You taste like the best of everything.”

Damn, Loren knew what to say. Vin grinned. “Thanks.”

Jess groaned. “Please I’m trying to eat.”

“Keep it up and you won’t eat here any more.”

Vin flashed Jess a panicked look. He couldn’t do this alone!

“Sorry, Uncle.” Jess even tried to put some feeling into the words.

Vin relaxed in relief.

Loren cupped the back of Vin’s head, urging him to turn around. “You don’t need your friend here for back up. I’ll never do what you don’t want.”

“No, I knew that.” He sort of did. “I just find Jess soothing.”

Loren laughed. He released his grip on Vin which left him yearning for Loren’s touch. “I don’t think anyone has ever found Jess soothing in his life.”

Vin shrugged. “There’s a first time for everything.”

Loren narrowed his eyes as he snapped his napkin open before putting it on his lap. “As long as he knows who you belong to.”

Jess snorted. “Trust me uncle I’m no competition.”

“Good.” Loren’s cold smile sent a shiver down Vin’s spine. “I’d hate to upset my sister by killing you.”

Silence blanketed the table for two minutes. Vin counted.

Of course Jess was the one who spoke first. “I appreciate that.”

Vin had never heard him so subdued.

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  1. Poor Jess.
    ?: “dipped in oil and feathered”. Tar and feathered? Dipped in oil and fried?
    (Btw: if you don’t want this kind of feedback, just lmk and I’ll zip it) :X

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