Blog Story – Part 10

Silence met Vin’s melting. For several minutes no one spoke.

“You are far more powerful than I gave you credit for,” Vin said. His eyes were calm but watchful as if waiting to see Vin’s next trick.

“I have my moments. Sorry about the freezing, that comes out when I panic.” At least he hadn’t caught anything on fire this time.

“Better freezing than flame,” Jess whispered.

Vin nodded. He waited to see if Loren would comment further but he calmly continued his meal. “I am sorry if you think I am being overbearing. I can’t stand the thought of my mate being somewhere vulnerable.”

“I can understand that. But you have to know I’ve fought hard to be independent of my family. I’m not going to just move in so you can take care of me now. I can take care of myself.”

Loren set down his fork. “So it seems. However there is always someone tougher and I have powerful enemies.”

Vin had no rebuttal. He knew there were many beings out there some who were completely immune to magic no matter how powerful. It only took one ghoul to take him out. He raked his finger through his hair and slouched back in his seat. “I don’t see a compromise. I don’t want to leave my dorm.”

“I can keep an eye on him uncle,” Jess offered.

Vin smiled at Jess’s eagerness. He knew his friend didn’t want to have to find a new roommate.

“And who is going to watch over you? The reason I even met my mate was because he had to haul your ass out of trouble.”

Jess cleared his throat. “Um, true but come one Uncle Loren the entire reason I chose that school was to attend with Vin.”

Loren sat up straight. “Why?”

“Because he’s my best friend! You can’t claim him and take him away, he was mine first!” Jess threw his napkin on the table.

“You forget one little detail, my young nephew,” Loren purred.

“What?” Jess crossed his arms over his chest.

“Vin claimed me.”

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  1. Love these – will you eventually refine into a published novella or is this only a blog story to keep us all on our toes?

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