Blog Story – Part 9

These are a bit short because I’m catching up 🙂


“I’m glad we got that out of the way.” Vin ran a hand up and down Loren’s arm. Loren’s gaze snapped over to him.

Vin sucked in a breath at having Loren’s complete focus. That much attention aimed at him had his heart beating a bit faster. Loren sniffed. Could he smell Vin’s blood pumping faster through his veins?

The food arrived and Vin turned his attention to his food. He’d worry about Loren tasting him later. Eating was easier said then done. With each bite Loren watched his mouth as if waiting for Vin to say something.

“So what now?” Vin could feel the threads of fate binding him with Loren. A light glow of energy flowed around them revealing to anyone with sight that they were fated.

Loren took a bite of rare steak, his gaze never leaving Vin’s.

“You move in here to live with me.”

“What?” Vin’s mouth dropped open. “I can’t do that I’m at school.”

“What do you need school for? You don’t need to ever work again.” Loren’s displeased expression spiked Vin’s anger.

His magic flared out. Ice coated the floor. A light frost slid across the dining table and Vin’s breath puffed in front of him in a visible cloud.

“Pull it back buddy.” Jess wrapped a hand around Vin’s arm. “Don’t let him get to you.”

“He’s trying to take over my life.” Jess knew how hard Vin had worked to be free of control. His family would’ve locked him in a tower and used him for his magic if they could’ve gotten away with it. Vin had escaped them to go to school. When he graduated they expected him to join their world. Vin had other plans.

Anything but go home was pretty much it at this point.

“Vin, you can’t freeze my family!” Jess’s panicked tone snapped Vin back into the present.

Taking a deep breath he concentrated on warming the room. After a few minutes the ice vanished leaving behind wet patches on the floor. Vin evaporated those carefully. It would be a shame if the beautiful parquet flooring was damaged.

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