Moon Pack Moment (or it could be early Monday….)


Farro smiled at his son’s antics. Sammy ran around the baby dragons barking and hopping over their scaly forms.

“Good thing they like him,” Kylen said watching Sammy’s antics.

“It is. I used to worry about him having playmates but meeting up with the young dragons once a week does help.” Farro had worried a lot about his child. Wolf shifters weren’t exactly embraced in the fae kingdom. Kylen might be king but that didn’t change old prejudices overnight.

“I’m trying to recruit other wolf shifters to come here. Gabe might move here with his twins.”

“They don’t have kids,” Farro hated pointing out the flaw in Kylen’s plan.

Kylen laughed. “Can you imagine? They hover over Gabe like he’s a fragile flower. They’d go out of their mind with kids. Still, it would give Sammy another wolf to run with. He can’t exactly invite his school friends to come here and play.”

“True.” Farro sighed. Moving to another world had put a damper on Sammy creating any meaningful bonds with shifters his age.

“You should plan on going to the Moon Pack run during full moons. It wouldn’t be too difficult to open a portal to the pack lands so you and Sammy could run.” Kylen didn’t look directly at him when he made the offer. The trees had suddenly become fascinating.

“And you wouldn’t worry about us at all?”

Kylen dug his toe into the earth. “I might have to assign a few guards and the twins will be there.”

“Uh, huh.”

Kylen spun around to stand in front of Farro, his eyes wide with emotion Farro couldn’t name. “I just can’t stand the thought of you regretting coming to me. You gave up everything and I can barely spend a few hours a day with you and I see Sammy even less. I’m a horrible father.”

Farro’s mouth dropped open. “I had no idea you felt this way.”

“Please don’t leave me,” Kylen’s voice dropped to a low whisper. “I can take anything but that.”

“Shh.” Farro wrapped is arms around Kylen and held him close. “I’m not going anywhere.”

“But you don’t have a pack. You need a pack,” Kylen’s voice tinged in desperation broke Farro’s heart.

“You think I don’t have a pack?” Farro pulled back enough to stare into Kylen’s eyes. “A pack doesn’t have to be wolves. A pack is a group of people I feel close to. You think Dare is less pack because he’s not a wolf?”

“No.” Kylen toyed with Farro’s collar, still not meeting his eyes.

“My pack might include a few grumpy dragons, reluctant fae and the hottest king ever born but don’t make a mistake you are mine and I wouldn’t trade you for a hundred wolves.”

Kylen sighed, resting his head against Farro’s shoulder. “And a proper pack run?”

“I might take you up on visiting the Moon Pack once in a while but I don’t need to go monthly.”

“You let me know when and I’ll make sure you get there safely.”

“I know you will.” Farro kissed Kylen, trying to convey his love in that one embrace.

When they broke apart Kylen met Farro’s gaze. “I might be king to a kingdom but you are king of my heart.”

Farro raised an eyebrow at his mate. “How did you say that with a straight face?”

Kylen smiled. “It was kind of difficult but worth seeing your expression.”

Farro shook his head then squeezed Kylen tight. “Love you.”

“Love you too, pack mate,” Farro whispered.

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