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  1. I have to go with cow brain. Dad didnt tell me what I was eating until after I swallowed, of course. It was kinda chewy :/

  2. Like SuzyQue, my strangest is brains with scrambled eggs. I’m pretty sure that having my grandmother make me eat that is what set me on the road to being a vegetarian. πŸ˜‰

  3. The strangest thing I’ve ever eaten had to be lionfish. I was scuba diving in Belize when I noticed the men spearfishing. When we got back on land I asked what they were gonna do with it and they said they were gonna eat it. It was awesome bit scary because they’re poisonous.

  4. I have eaten many strange things, or they are strange to most people. My first husband was a chef. So Escargot, frog legs, alligator, bison, black and white truffles, tongue, tripe, heart, liver, foie gras and many other things.

  5. I’ve eat a lot of stuff that many would consider strange, like innards of a cow and a chicken ( i.e. intestines, lungs, heart, tripe, feet) pig head, chicken feet and heads including brains, porcupine, snake, hare, buck, wild amaranth, snake…I drew the line at wild pig. Somehow it felt wrong to eat Pumba’s cousin…

  6. Cow’s tongue.
    Daughter has eaten ants. She said they tasted like pine tree but we were near the equator so it must have been a resin taste.

  7. When I was deployed we used to get these fried dumpling looking things served in a paper wrapping. I have no idea what was in them and I don’t want to know. The paper was reused feom any number of origins. It was good hot, the taste cold was so bad it was indescribable. Back then though, anything and everything could be drowned in hot sauce and chased down by alcohol and become palatable.

  8. Caviar and eel skin (not together). Although I like fish, I hate a real strong fishy taste. I have always encouraged my children to be adventurous and to at least try a new food before deciding if they do or do not like. So here is my five year old daughter who loves the color red holding crackers with red caviar on it. I really, really do not want to, but child watching…..so I do with “Baby Girl” watching. So wanted to spit it out. Yecky! I managed to swallow and keep a straight face. After I tried it, she tried it and decided that she did not like. My son (who loves octopus and sushi with eel skin) gave me eel skin to try….that I could not even swallow….just heaved until I spit out. Super Yecky! Every one laughed at the face I made. I have also eaten bear. That I did like!

  9. Cat food – when I was 5 years old! i thought it was very tasty at the time. Just like the beef you get in beef stew…

  10. Does fresh ground black pepper on vanilla ice cream count? Or maybe sugar on lettuce and tomatoes fits the bill.
    However those are both regularly in my diet so I guess something like tripe made from cow’s stomachs or pork brawn made from pigs heads is more what you mean. I have eaten both but didn’t like the tripe. My dad ate it poached in milk with onions and it was gopping.

  11. I am having calves liver for my tea if that counts… I saw Blue cheese ice cream on holiday in Dorset (UK) last year, but never got to try it sadly.

  12. Deer and rabbit, my cousin thought it was funny to wait until after I ate it… The Bambi and thumper jokes are still ongoing to this day!!

  13. Some of may think this is strange but have a Chedder cheese and Strawberry jelly sandwich. Or Maytag Blue Cheese and Grape Jelly on a Sandwich. Or Liverworst and Chow Chow on a Trisket. All are good but I get some strange looks when I talk about them.

  14. Squirrel, tripe, sea snails, donkey, horse, goat, dog(in Korea, it was a soup), jelly fish, rattle snake, alligator, wild boar, beef tongue, beef heart, eel, and probably a few others I haven’t thought of.

  15. Chapulines/Grasshoppers! They’re boiled, marinated with lemon, garlic, chile, salt and then sautΓ©ed. They taste delicious!

  16. Chicken liver is my all time favorite! But I’ve also eaten frog’s legs, rattlesnake, alligator, snails, calamari, and flavored crickets.

  17. Pozole, Menudo, Alligator, tried some snake over in AU, Escargot in Long Beach (reminded me of clams in texture), Ostrich, Octopus (haven’t run into a mexican style octopus dish I like yet but Asia is killing it), Frogs (yum), Shark, Goat (yum when not having red sauce forced onto it), Beef Liver (chicken liver turned out to be more bearable), Spam (was horrible thought I grabbed canned ham but it was spam and it was horrible don’t know how hawaiian or anyone else likes it), Whitefish (especially when they throw it in a Lau Lau) Beef Head/Cabeza, Tripa and Buche. There’s probably more.

  18. 1) Suckers from a large octopus.
    2) Paper cone filled with French fries, then covered in one inch of mayonnaise. You had to reach through the mayo to get the fries. Yuck!
    3) Seafood empanada in Chile. I do not know what all was in there, I just know that there was more than one type of tentacle, and something that looked kind of like a fish eye….
    4) First one that came to mind was a Welsh breakfast. Large plate swimming in a quarter inch of lard. Stewed tomatoes and mushrooms, eggs, fried toast, regular toast, bacon, potatoes, and sausage with pieces of fat so big it was nearly all of the sausage.

  19. Whilst on holiday in Cuba we had squid once (not for me) and goat’s meat on a couple of occassion ( that was okay, I could do that again).

    Trust you’re not missing Dragon (and Amber) too much?
    We’re checking in on them at UK Meet via FB … everyone is having a really good time

  20. Scrambled raw egg with soy and another ingredient I couldn’t identify. After the second helping of our Clients in Japan I told Sayuri that I won’t eat another one.

  21. When I was growing up I ate cooked balut, blood pudding, frog legs, chicken feet and head, snake…and a few others…

  22. My sister was on a trip with her Spanish class and they were served hamster.
    My father ate rattlesnake served by my grandfather.
    My stepfather ate horse.
    Me personally would be a dog biscuit thrown during a parade.

  23. Not sure what it was as I was stationed in Germany while in the Army and ordered something at a guesthaus not knowing the language yet. My meal arrived and it was moving across my plate, through limited German and their limited English I think it was a live snail….

  24. I’m asian so there’s been a lot of things I’ve eaten that would be considered weird by others. I guess the weirdest would be this type of fungus called winter worm summer grass.

  25. Mountain oysters. Don’t ask me what they are, but they once were on a sheep or a goat. They didn’t die when they gave them up.

  26. I’ve eaten Ostrich burgers, buffalo burgers and Alligator tail. I can’t stand lobster or crab legs. Even though I like fish.

  27. Well, when i was a kid my grandma always made blood pancakes, black pudding and innard meat cake. It was delicious !

  28. pancakes that looked like playdoh (due to way to much food colouring)
    I know it’s not really what you meant but it was the weirdest thing I’ve ever eaten as I’m not very adventurous with my food (I take the child’s approach, if it doesn’t look good I HATE it :P)

  29. Cultured earthworms! I was in high school, in the Philippines. Our whole class went to a local farm raising cultured earthworms imported from Japan. They were kind enough to grill some for us.

  30. As a junior in high school, I had to create an unusual dish; my older brother the year before made blue mashed potatoes; so obviously I had to outdo him. My after school job was at a local pizza hangout and my boss was also a friend of the family; which led me to my inspiration of an unusual pizza creation – escargot (snail) pizza. Needless to say mine was the most creative dish, if not the most appetizing one, though the guys in my class seemed to really enjoy eating it as for me, not so much.

  31. I am an EXTREMELY picky eater, but much better than I was when I was younger. I would say it is a toss up between fried calamari and muscles. I love them both!

  32. Labskaus, its a German Dish. ( Cooked Meat, cooked Potatoes, Beetroot and sometimes HerringFilet, are mixed and put through a Grinder, than heated again) Looks really awfull but does not taste bad. It is served with piccled cucumber and fried egg.

  33. Once when my siblings and I came home from school at lunchtime, we decided to see who could make and eat (in it’s entirety) the weirdest sandwich. I won because I made a pbj with pickles on it – I threw it up before returning to school. What I learned from this endeavor is that winning is definitely not everything.

  34. Hmm…would have to be the eel sushi or octopus sushi. I’m not a fan of the eel sauce but without the sauce, it’s decent. Octopus was a little rubbery, but ok. Not my favorite. πŸ™‚

  35. Haha… oh.. well, the strangest thing I’ve ever eaten has been octopus. haha… I gotta say… It’s MUCH tastier than I ever thought it would be. for reals.. I never thought I would eat it but I went out with my friends and they told me it was actually really, really good, so try it and… I did and .. yay! I wasn’t totally grossed out! lol

  36. I’m a country girl so I imagine I’ve eaten things that others would pale at. I grew up eating and still eat:bear,deer,elk,squirrel and the like,although the bear I don’t like. I’ve had shark,rattlesnake,ground hog and turtle.Take your pick! LOL

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