Moon Pack Monday – Ben


Thomas lit the candles.

Dillon rushed into the room. “He’s on his way.”

“Good. He’s been working long hours trying to get all of Anthony’s papers accounts ready for taxes.”

They worked together to get dinner on the table. The rattle of the doorknob had them straightening and stepping together to block the romantic table setting.

Ben entered their apartment then closed the door his attention on the paper in his hand.

“Hello gorgeous.” Thomas stepped forward to greet Ben.

“Um, good evening.” Ben dropped his paper on the side table. He glanced from Thomas to Dillon “What’s going on?”

“You’ve had a rough few weeks. We wanted to do something nice for you.” Thomas walked forward to join him. They were often at odds but when it came to Ben they were of one mind. Their slim, beautiful man deserved the best care.

Ben smiled. “That’s so sweet of you two.”

Dillon opened his mouth to object. Thomas elbowed him in the side.


I heard that.

I know.

Ben shook his head. “When will you two get along?”

Thomas shrugged. “We always agree on one thing.”

“What’s that?”

“You.” Dillon stepped forward to cup the back of Ben’s head between his hands. “We always agree on how to take care of you.”

Ben relaxed into Dillon’s kiss, opening his mouth wider. Dillon didn’t let the opportunity escape. He wrapped his arms around Ben, pulling him tighter against his body.

“Don’t hog him.”

Dillon gave Ben a final kiss before he pulled away. He spun Ben around and pushed him toward Thomas with a gentle shove.

“Mm, thank you.” Dillon kissed Thomas’s cheek before devouring Ben. Dillon enjoyed the sight of his two men in a passionate clench. He had resented Thomas in the beginning but sharing the same bed with someone every night had torn down those barriers. Now he loved Thomas as much as he adored Ben.

As a triad they were strong and Dillon didn’t let a day go by where he didn’t appreciate their love.

Thomas released Ben then smiled at Dillon. “Shall we let the pampering begin?”

“Yes.” Dillon took one of Ben’s arms in a light grip while Thomas took the other. “First a fine meal, then a massage and lastly we will show you our love by fucking you inot the mattress.”

Ben laughed. “You romantic fools.”

Thomas nodded. “Yep that’s us.”

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  1. Very sweet, I love these three. So happy Dillon and Thomas developed as much love for each other as they did for Ben.

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