Blog Story #14

Vin didn’t know who moved first. His need had his feet carrying him over to Loren. “You look tired.” He indulged his need to touch his mate’s face.

“I am tired. I haven’t done well with our separation.”

“Have you taken any blood?” The thought of Loren drinking from another had Vin gritting his teeth.

“I can’t take from anyone but you. I thought you knew that?”


“Jessie never mentioned…”

Vin thought over the many conversations he’d shared with his friend. “If he did I didn’t remember. I knew you preferred your mate’s blood but I didn’t know it was essential.”

“It is. I can get by on donors but my teeth won’t drop for just anyone any more.”

“Good. I wouldn’t want you sucking down anyone else.” Vin laughed. “That sounded dirtier than I planned.”

“It sounded perfect to me.” Loren dropped to his knees. “I’ve been dying to taste you. The feel of your skin parting beneath my teeth, sucking down your life essence, or holding your fragile trust in my hands. There’s nothing about you I haven’t missed.”

Vin stroked Loren’s hair. “What about my smart mouth?”

“It hides your vulnerable heart,” Loren countered as he unzipped Loren’s pants.

Vin didn’t bother to contradict his mate. If Loren wanted to think he was more sensitive than he was, he wouldn’t disillusion his passionate mate so early in their relationship. He’d let Loren learn over time that Vin could be an irritating bastard.

“May I have you?” Loren’s eyes glowed even in the bright sunlight.

“I thought you already did.” Hadn’t they just had that conversation where Vin agreed to belong to Loren. Of course what Loren considered belonging and Vin’s idea of what they consisted of might be different.

Loren didn’t comment instead he pulled Vin out and sucked him down greedily sucking on Vin’s length until his eyes lost focus and he had to clench his fists to resist the urge to grab Loren’s hair and control his actions. He doubted his alpha mate would appreciate that behavior.

It didn’t take long before Vin gave into the persuasion of Loren’s skillful mouth. He came with a shout, pouring his essence down Loren’s throat. After he finished Loren released him, letting him drop from between his lips. While Vin’s head spun, Loren tucked him back beneath the barrier of his zipper. “You are delicious.”

“I’m glad you approve.” Vin said with a husky laugh.

“I approve of a lot of things about my mate. I can’t wait to know you further.” Loren rose to his feet. “Now we will have spend hundreds of years getting to know each other.”

“Do you find it strange?” Vin couldn’t help asking.


“That we are fated mates. That something predestined us to belong together.” Vin might have been the one who recognize their connection first but that didn’t make it any less strange.

“No. I consider us lucky.” Loren licked his licks, his eyes gleaming. “And I hope you will consider yourself the same for the rest of our lives.”


7 thoughts on “Blog Story #14

  1. I think Vin is acting like he is suppose to. He’s a teenage who has been under someones control now he is someones mate who is controling also. He sees is “freedom” slipping away. He will come around and I can’t wait to see how these 2 come out!

  2. And I’m thinking that Vin is right to feel the way he has been. I’m hoping he stays strong and the two of them compromise with Loren learning a small bit of humility.

  3. Amber, Are we going to be able to grab this story as a complete book. Please, please say yes. It’s such a good story, and I love these two.

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