Moon Pack Monday – Calvin


Calvin sucked down another honey latte. The sweet flavor almost made him gag but if this was going to work he needed more sugar in his system.

“Are you sure about this?”

Calvin nodded, not bothering to meet the bartender’s concerned expression. The guy had been staring at Calvin the entire time he’d been drinking almost pure sweetness.

“You’re human right?”

“Yep.” For now. Calvin’s vampire lover Alesandro mentioned it from time to time. Al didn’t push, that wasn’t his way. The vampire leader was too elegant for that. Al persuaded and cajoled, not threatened, at least not Calvin. Others weren’t so lucky when dealing with him.

“Now I’ll take the tequila.”

“What are you up to?” Al wrapped an arm around Calvin and tucked him under his arm.

“I heard from some of the donors that tequila and sugar give vampires a high. I thought I’d give it a shot.”

Al ducked his head and slid his nose along Calvin’s throat. “You have no need to work extra hard to keep me interested. Your blood is perfect.”

Calvin threw back his shot. The world spun a bit as the alcohol hit his system. He reached for the second shot. Al wrapped his hand around Calvin’s preventing him from drinking.


“You, my sweet baby, are not getting drunk.”

“Why not?”

“Because when I take advantage of you I want you to be completely aware.”

Cal tilted back his head to meet his lover’s eyes. “You can’t take advantage of the willing. I’m yours.”

“I know you are beloved. Which is why you don’t need to get drunk or sugar up. You go to my head by just being you.”

“I’m aging.” Cal couldn’t stop the plaintive tone in his voice.

Al’s tightened his grip around the back of Cal’s neck. “If it bothers you just say the word and we can fix that.”

“But if I’m not human will I lose my humanity?” Cal tossed back his shot while Al was distracted.

Al kissed Cal’s forehead. “You’ll be just as you are except you’ll want to bite me.”

“I want to bite you now.” Cal loved nipping along Al’s body leaving little bite marks. He smiled at Al adoring expression.

“You can do whatever you want. Let’s take this home and we can explore your bitey ways.”

Cal laughed. “Let’s do that.”

Al helped Cal off the stool, catching him when he stumbled. “Maybe I should’ve cut you off before the last shot.”

“Don’t worry I can still make you happy,” Cal vowed.

“I had no doubt, my sweet.” Al kept an arm around Cal. “Let’s go home.”

“Home. I like that word.” Cal smiled at his mate.

“Me too.” Al squeezed Cal’s waist. “Me too.”

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  1. It would be great to have a little short story that leads to Calvin becoming Vampire, almost as we did with Marking Mikel. These mixed species partnerships have so much to offer.

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