Amber is away at GRL, and there is no blog story today. So I’m going to giveaway an e-copy of a story that used to be a blog story, Dragon Groomer. As always if you already have the prize, I’m sure I can work out a future Amber ebook.

GRL is in San Diego this year, next year it will be somewhere else, where do you wish it was, and if you were to meet Amber at GRL, what is the one question you’d ask her about one of her books?



45 thoughts on “Contest!

  1. I’d love then to come to Phoenix, AZ.
    I would love to ask her about Jaynell’s Wolf and how she came up with the main character’s name.

  2. Memphis, TN. I would ask where she got the idea for Dragon shifters for the Moon Pack books.

  3. Cincinnati, OH. I guess I would asked out of all of the places Amber has written about which one does she see herself part of the most?

  4. I wish that it would be in Norway. And if I got to meet Amber I would very much like to ask about the book series Larson legacy. Will there be another book? Or several? I really liked the series and the characters so I would’ve probably asked something like that.

  5. St. Louis so I could go. 🙂 I’d ask if she ever considered expanding the Dragon Tamer as that’s still one of my favorite stories.

  6. Melbourne, Australia, I would love it if it came here. 🙂

    Will she turn the Matchmaker, Matchmaker book into a series. I love this book and think it would make a great series. It has loads of potential I think.

  7. Looooove the dragon books. It would be awesome if they had it in Chicago, Indiana or Michigan next year… Being from CA, I sure miss the great sights that Amber and RJ have been facebooking. **sigh**

  8. I would love it to be in the Greater Washington DC area! I never get to go to events like this, because travel is not very easy to plan for me. The alternative would be St Louis, as my best girl friend lives there and it would be an awesome excuse for us to get together. I would drag her along, even if she usually reads m/f romance. Our first f-2-f meeting was actually many, many years ago at Romantic Times in St Louis (we truly met online, I lived in The Netherlands at that time). It was wonderful meeting this lady in person and experiencing the convention for the first (and only) time!

    I would ask Amber about her thoughts on some of the secondary characters from her stand-alone books. Like the Cyren from Dragon Groomer, and also will the ‘mad’ Dragon Lord from the Dragon Mate books get his Story? Lots of questions come to mind…


  9. I have Dragon Groomer already (read it as the blog story too) so a future one would be great. Atlanta, GA (please, please, please… here’s hoping it will come here soon and NOT conflict with something) and I would like chat about future book stories and when they are coming.

  10. Boston is a wonderful place to be in the Autumn. I would ask about a follow-up book for Kres and Vohne – two of my favorite characters and a story I felt still had more to come.

  11. I would love it to be somewhere mid west. I live in Montana so I know not here but close would be great even Denver or Seattle. I would just like to ask what her favorite series is and how she picks what to write next.

  12. Any chance of a gatehring in Seattle??….Thats just down from Vancovuer BC. I would ask about the Dragon mate books…is there another one in the works?

  13. Portland, OR or Seattle, WA…even San Fran…aka still on the West Coast (not likely since it’s in San Diego now) but further north…I can hope, eh?

  14. I would like to see it in South Florida… I would like to ask how you get the inspiration for your books?

  15. Some place in Florida maybe Orlando as it is close to me. I can’t pick one question as I have so many.

  16. for a change it should be up here in canada 🙂

    and i would ask amber how MUCH of her writing is drawn from real life? (ie: has she ever herd a good one liner in RL that she had to use in a novel)

  17. I wish it was in San Francisco so I can just cross the bridge & go! But if o were to meet her I probably be to tongue tied to ask anything. Lol

  18. I wish it was in Colorado Springs, CO… If I could meet her, I’d ask her do to more dragon shifter stories.

  19. Minneapolis/St. Paul

    My questions would be “How do you keep all these story lines straight?”

  20. I would love it to be in Australia but on the Gold Coast or the Sunshine Coast
    So all her Aussie fan can meet her and ask her all the questions that we have about her story’s and how she comes up with them

  21. I wish it was in Louisville Ky. Do you ever have a character that doesn’t do what you want the to?

  22. Nashville Tennessee and I would ask about the Moon Pack. Why a werewolf pack with members
    of other paranormals.

  23. Philadelphia or Bethlehem, PA Either would be close enough I could actually attend. Yea or even Allentown they have a new convention center

  24. Denver CO….and when will we here more from Tam and company….probably would think of a better one, but then again I might just stutter in aw of her talent in real life…..lol.

  25. No preference as to site… I probably can’t get there anyways. *sigh*

    But I’d like to ask if she has a favored (book) kink that she hasn’t written into a story yet?

  26. I’ve never been to GRL but if I do get a chance to go, it would be great for it to be somewhere with awesome mountain views, such Albuquerque or Denver.

    I got to meet Amber at GRNW but didn’t have much time to chat, though I did get a dragon 😉

    Something I’ve always been envious of is someone’s ability to write entertaining book. I would ask how she manages to work on so many, and yet seem to have more coming.

  27. Come to New Orleans, you know you want to. This time of year the weather is wonderful. The days are cooler and the nights are cold (well to us, anyway).
    I read the Keys novel in one sitting, it was amazing. So my question is when can we expect another?

  28. I would love it if she came to Montana 🙂

    I would ask Amber if she was planning on writing any more M/F books as Mikela Chase.

  29. Boston would be great, or anywhere in New England!

    How does she keep all her characters straight (haha)? She writes so many amazing series, and has so many characters with continuing story lines, how does she not mix them up?

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