Moon Pack Monday – Vien



Vien paced back and forth. This was it. This was the first time he’d be alone with Gabe. Completely alone without his twin for support or encouragement. He hoped Viell didn’t come back to them having no mate. What if he ruined everything in the weekend he had alone with Gabe.

“Damn Vien, you’re giving me a headache with all your worrying, what’s wrong?” Anthony entered their apartment appearing beside Vien without benefit of the door.

Vien held back jumping at Anthony’s abrupt appearance. He’d come to be mostly used to the powerful fae blinking into sight at whim. Anthony’s magic rolled over Vien, a powerful wave of energy.

Vien braced himself until the magic dissipated. Anthony couldn’t help his magic surges and since they didn’t hurt, Vien simply waited them out. “I’m spending the weekend with Gabe.”

“Don’t you spend every weekend with your mate?”

“Not alone. Viell is always there. He makes things better.” His twin made sure Vien didn’t say anything to hurt Gabe’s feelings and pulled him back from being too intense.

Anthony squeezed Viell’s shoulder. “When is it going to sink in that Gabe loves you as much as he loves your brother?”

“I know he loves me.” Gabe told him all the time how much he loved them both.

“Then what’s the problem?”

“I don’t want to ruin anything. Gabe is perfect.”

“No one’s perfect.”

Viell brushed aside Anthony’s words. “He is. Gabe’s perfect for me. For us.”

“You don’t have to be afraid to lose his love. You have to just have to be yourself to be worthy of it.” Anthony vanished.

The apartment door swung open. Gabe entered, smiling when he caught sight of Viell. The universe narrowed to one man.

“Hey Viell, ready for our weekend?”

Vien might be off doing errands for their king but Viell got the better deal. He had an entire weekend to spend with his beloved. He smiled at his amazing mate. “I can’t wait. I made reservations at that bed and breakfast a few miles up the coast. I packed a bag while you were gone.”

“Sounds like fun.” Gabe set down his jacket then threw himself into Viell’s arms. Viell easily caught his beautiful shifter.

“It will be.” They could survive a weekend without Vien. Next weekend they could all do something together but this weekend he would show Gabe why fate put them together.

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  1. Loved the interlude but who is on the errand and who is with Gabe. Switching from Vien to Viell was confusing. Time to find “Getting Gabe” to remember which twin is which.

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