Tuesday Teaser!

An excerpt from my new tri-form mate series. (yeah I’ve barely started it.) LOL!


It took three weeks before Axel received his anticipated phone call, actually two phone calls—one from the bartender, then one from Deacon. The bartender’s call hedged out the bar owner’s by ten minutes.

Axel liked obedient men. He hoped his mate liked to play listen to the alpha. Luckily he’d never heard of a fated mate being a poor match so undoubtedly his sweet lion mate would fall right in line.

“I’ll be right there.” He told Deacon from his limo. He’d had the car readied when the bartender called and they were heading for the club. His betas rode opposite him.

“What do we do if his brothers intervene?” Judas asked.

“Why would they? We just tell them he’s my mate and they’ll understand.” All shifters knew about mates.

“What if they don’t believe us?”

“Why are you making problems?” Axel stared at his beta. They’d been friends since childhood and he’d never known Judas to be so negative.

“He’s just trying to anticipate what we should do under different scenarios,” Dale soothed. The tall beta had always been more of a peacemaker than a fighter. Although Axel had seen him take out his fair share of malcontents the betas first instinct is to work things out. Axel appreciated his cool thinking on most situations. This wasn’t one of them.

“There is only one possible outcome. We go, get my mate then leave.” Axel ended on a snarl letting the betas know the situation wasn’t open for debate.

The trio didn’t talk for the rest of the short trip to downtown.

Axel didn’t even give the bouncers a chance to question him. He marched up to the entrance. They jumped at his snarl. Sometimes it helped to be king of the shifters.

He strode up to the bartender who had spotted Dez first. “Where is he?”

The bartender pointed.

At first Axel wondered how the bartender thought he’d spot one lion in a sea of shifters but as soon as he noticed the motion of the dancers he knew why the bouncer merely pointed. The most gorgeous lion shifter he’d ever seen shimmied in the middle of the swirling dancers but where other people bumped and grinded like hyper hyenas, this man had Axel questioning gravity, the laws of physics and blessing Mother Nature.

“Wow,” Dale’s voice ended in a growl. “Please tell me he’s not your mate and I can take him home with me tonight.”

Axel pulled his eyes from the entrancing sight. “I thought you were straight.”

Dale didn’t change his line of vision. “Call me bi-curious. Hell for him I’m definitely bi-willing.”

“If you don’t stop drooling your lion is going to be bipedal. Now go and see if you can find his brothers and talk them down before they come after me for touching my mate. You too Jude.” Axel didn’t bother to see if his betas listened, they knew their jobs.

Pushing his way through the crowd Axel approached the shimmying lion shifter. The man did a great job imitating someone with no bones. How did his spine even flex that way? Axel’s lion wanted to investigate closer. He had to push the beast deep below the surface before it broke free and claimed its mate in the middle of the dance floor.

He must’ve sensed Axel’s approach or scented him because with his eyes closed there’s no way Dez saw Axel approaching. Less than three feet away the lion shifter froze. In a crowd with this many people Dez had an impressive sense of smell.

“Hello, little lion.”

Dez opened his eyes. “Mate.”

The words held little joy. Instead a world of caution glowed in the shifter’s golden eyes.

“Yes, I am your mate. Come back home with me and we can talk.”

Dez laughed. His eyes glowed with amusement. “Talk?” He stepped closer until Dez’s natural smell rolled across Axel. He fought to keep his eyes open and not close them to savor his mate’s fragrance.

“Okay, maybe more than talk.”

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